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Flashback Friday: ATL Lawyer of the Year, 1974

1974: It was a very good year?

Ed. note: The following is an article written by Juggs in December 2010. Consider this the Hall of Fame for the ATL Lawyer Letter Bracket going on now.

1974 was a good year. The IRA bombed the Tower of London, President Nixon was forced to resign in scandal,gasoline shortages led to long lines at the pump, asmallpox epidemic ripped through India, and faminesavaged the continent of Africa. So yeah… great year, history!

But in the midst of all this human suffering, there werelulz to be had. All it took was a litigious Cleveland Browns fan and an attorney with balls big enough to set the Cuyahoga on fire (awesome metaphor!).

After the jump, a letter from the fan, Dale Cox, followed by the rejoinder from ATL’s Lawyer of the Year for 1974, one James N. Bailey…

Fan Letter

Okay. Alright. Got it, Dale O. Cox. You’re sick of the Dawg Pound getting fly like paper and getting high like planes. Noted. What say you, Cleveland Browns????

James Bailey pwnage

And boom goes the dynamite. A hearty congratulations to our Lawyer of the Year for 1974, Mr. James N. Bailey.

P.S. So that’s 1974. We welcome nominations for 2010′s Lawyer of the Year, over here.

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