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* It took SCOTUS more than four hours to write one sentence. But oh, to be a fly on the wall last night when they decided to deny a stay of execution for Troy Davis. [New York Times]

* AT&T wants to take the DOJ’s antitrust case to trial. This must be some sort of a joke, but the only punchline I can think of is the company’s crappy wireless network. [Bloomberg]

* Court-clogger or pocket-stuffer: Andrew Cuomo is debating signing a bill that could put more money into the hands of class action attorneys. [Thomson Reuters News & Insight]

* GW Law ex-adjunct Richard Lieberman was disbarred this week. What is with all of these lawyers who try to seduce minors online? Such a weird casualty of this profession. [National Law Journal]

* Because Chanel No. 399 just doesn’t sound as classy as Chanel No. 5, the company has filed a massive trademark infringement lawsuit against nearly 400 defendants. [ABC News]

* Memo to our readers: You know our exploding car thing was just a caption contest, right? We weren’t anticipating a real life lawyer car bombing. [Forbes]

* Quentin Tarantino is suing his neighbor, Alan Ball, over the “pterodactyl-like screams” of his macaws. How high do you have to be to know what a pterodactyl sounds like? My guess: very. [The Telegraph]

* Connecticut, please don’t let Komirsarjevsky dictate the terms of his guilty plea. Many would sentence this guy to the death penalty quicker than they could pronounce his name. [CNN Justice]

* Textual harassment isn’t as sexy as it sounds, but is definitely applicable to our commentariat. Don’t let nasty comments come back to bite you in your anonymous e-butts. [Naples Daily News]

* A creative argument for wrongful death, but really, the only criminal behavior that’s invited by having a tip jar at Starbucks is the insinuation that the barista actually deserves a tip. [Huffington Post]

* ICE’s Operation Predator helped to nab GW Law professor Richard Lieberman on child sexual exploitation charges. Google’s cached pages > GW Law’s IT department. [Washington Post]

* Football’s greatest might be making bigger plays in the courtroom this year than on the field, but with David Boies on the NFL’s defensive line, it might be a complete shutout. [New York Times]

* A thief made off with a wallet from a “fancy law firm” in Florida. What kind of a “fancy law firm” lets randoms roam its halls? There’s a $1,000 reward if you can identify her, so get to work! [WTSP 10 News]

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