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A new day in transcript management has arrived!


Are you tired of paying too much for transcript management software and not having the functionality that matters to you? Well, now you don’t have to.

We have added the advanced searching capabilities and SQL support you’ve been asking for.

LexisNexis® is excited to announce the release of

TextMap 6!

Delivering more value and greater accessibility.

TextMap 6 Transcript Management Software helps time-crunched litigation teams uncover key testimony faster… settle cases more favorably … and save money while doing it.

If you’ve seen TextMap in the past, it is time to take another look as we’ve made significant enhancements without hitting your bottom line.

For starters, TextMap now features full SQL database support for those firms who need the power and flexibility to allow multiple people work on the same files at the same time. Users can share case information more securely—and collaborate more effectively—even remotely.

And with the newly enhanced Full Text Searching of transcripts, you can easily pinpoint key testimony and hard-to-find evidence in seconds. Users can perform a Full Text Query on any words, names, phrases, etc. in the transcripts. Searches include: Unlimited full text search, Proximity searching, Wildcard searching, Boolean, Synonym “like” searching, Antonym “unlike” searching, Numeric searching (>,<,=). Additionally, you can quickly search for any word and instantly view the relevant question and answer. You can even share your most effective searches with other team members. TextMap 6 also lets you create groups of transcripts for quick access and more targeted searching and reporting. And with Overlapping Annotations—a TextMap exclusive—you can easily distinguish designations of deposition testimony. We’ve also made TextMap’s industry leading reporting capabilities even better. Effortlessly create a wide variety of polished, completely customizable PDF reports that you can send directly from TextMap. Save time searching, summarizing and annotating transcripts. Quickly and easily link exhibits—at no additional charge. Even work with video and real-time transcript feeds. TextMap 6 has all the features you count on most--all at a fraction of the cost of comparable transcript management tools with the support you’ve come to expect from LexisNexis. Take a look for yourself and see all that TextMap 6 has to offer you and your firm by visiting

Go ahead. Give Text Map a try on your next case as making the switch from other transcript management software packages has never been easier.