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Ace Your E-discovery Strategy With Applied Discovery

Choosing your e-discovery technology providers can easily become a nightmare. Dozens of companies offer dozens of different solutions, and after awhile some might start to seem indistinguishable.

But technology alone will not solve your e-discovery needs. Law firms and companies need to know how to use technology efficiently and effectively to fit their unique legal needs.

Applied Discovery is a 12-year veteran of the e-discovery industry. The company’s crack team of attorneys and salespeople offer a unique combination of strategy and project management expertise. The staff personally guides clients through the murky e-discovery waters, from start to finish. And with their strong legal backgrounds, they can successfully defend e-discovery procedures in court.

Why would you delegate millions of dollars of work to an IT staff without legal knowledge, when Applied Discovery has experienced staff who focus on you — the client — and what your organization needs.

“We are a partnership provider, not a technology vendor,” says Jon Resnick, Applied Discovery’s Worldwide Vice President Field Operations and Marketing. “We don’t just look to discover your data.”

Some vendors just install software and assist with occasional tech support. Not Applied Discovery.

For its work to provide top value while reducing costs, the company was named the Association of Corporate Counsel’s exclusive alliance partner for 2011.

For a peek at all Applied Discovery has to offer, check out Resnick’s blog, as well as the Online Law Library.

Applied Discovery is a proud sponsor of the 2011 Legal Technology Leadership Summit. Thought leaders and decision makers will be attending the summit in September to learn about and discuss the ever-changing impact of technology on the legal world.

“We are very pleased to be attending the 11th Annual E-discovery Summit,” Resnick says. “As one of the original category founders of e-discovery, Applied Discovery has always been committed to participating in key industry gatherings.”

For more information on partnering your firm or organization with Applied Discovery, contact Jon Resnick at or go to the company website.