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Autonomy eDiscovery Solutions Help Legal Professionals Meet Evolving Enterprise Challenges

Walking the line of tightening legal and regulatory demands while trying to rein in eDiscovery costs is no easy task. It’s turning information governance into a critical business function. In fact, businesses are legally required to know what information they have, where it is, and the actual meaning of the content. This becomes even more critical when litigation looms and information one day is evidence the next.

Fortunately, a host of solutions exist to help meet these needs—systems that can amass and organize content. But what organizations really need goes a step farther, and only Autonomy—the leader in Meaning Based Computing—understands the meaning held within your content. Unique among all vendors, Autonomy’s Meaning Based Governance (MBG) solutions understand the context and concepts held within any type of human-friendly information: documents, email, audio, video and social media interactions, regardless of format, repository type or language.

Autonomy is the first and only vendor to offer a comprehensive information governance solution for email management, document management, archiving, records management, compliance, legal hold, early case assessment, review and litigation—all on a single meaning-based platform. Powered by its Intelligent Data Operating Layer, Autonomy collects and indexes information in 1,000-plus content formats, 400 repositories, and 150- plus languages. Then Autonomy stores it in its proprietary structure, which is optimized for fast processing and intelligent search and retrieval.

George Tziahanas, Global Head for Autonomy’s Legal and Compliance Solutions, said, “Autonomy addresses the entire spectrum of the EDRM model to facilitate eDiscovery that complies with the FRCP, along with compliance, archiving, and operational information processing—all within a single solution.”

Autonomy’s seamless, end-to-end eDiscovery platform helps organizations ensure a systemized, repeatable and defensible process for managing ESI, while creating an auditable record of all human interaction with the data should the organization’s processes and procedures ever be challenged.

These capabilities transform eDiscovery from a slow, reactive, manual and costly process into one that is fast, proactive, automated and cost efficient. Some customers have saved as much as 60 percent over traditional eDiscovery costs by using Autonomy solutions to rapidly understand and identify key issues, assess case merits, identify unknown patterns or custodians and organize millions of files into prioritized collections for review.

Autonomy solutions are available in a range of flexible deployment options including on- premise, cloud-based, or hybrid deployments. Autonomy MBG solutions also support secure “anywhere access” from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Founded in 1996, Autonomy is widely recognized by leading industry analysts including Gartner, Forrester Research, IDC and Ovum. Autonomy clients include 86 of the Fortune 100, major government agencies, 75 percent of the Global 100 Law Firms and 76 percent of the AmLaw 100.

The company is a proud sponsor of the 2011 Legal Technology Leadership Summit. Thought leaders and decision-makers will be attending the summit in September to learn about and discuss the ever-changing impact of technology on the legal world.

For more information on Autonomy, go to the company website.