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Expert Witness: Impeccable or Impeachable? You need to know.


Be the Expert on Expert Witness Research – LexisNexis® Complimentary Recorded Webinar
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An expert witness can stand between you and your client’s success. Engage the best possible expert and strengthen your case. Challenge the opposing expert’s credibility or testimony successfully, and you can severely limit your opponent’s options.

Where do you turn for expert witness information?
Often, time- and resource- challenged attorneys turn to colleagues for expert witness information—but they can be just as busy as you and may not have the depth of information you need.

Of course there’s the Internet. You may be able to find some general information about an expert, but you are unlikely to turn up the relevant facts you need to assess, engage, disqualify or discredit an expert. Besides very little of the Web is vetted for accuracy or reliability.

When it comes to expert research, LexisNexis® offers you a choice
Have the time to do the research in-house?
Want instant results—without waiting for a report?
Do it yourself with LexisNexis® Expert Witness Profiles.

With just a few clicks, Expert Witness Profiles enables you to draw upon the one of the largest, most comprehensive collection of expert witness–bringing you revealing facts on more than 320,000. It’s never been easier to scour comprehensive expert witness research resources and uncover key litigation intelligence you can use to:
• Disqualify or discredit the opposing expert
• Uncover red flags and important trends
• Drive more effective case strategy
• Engage the best possible expert for your case

Simple-to-follow charts and graphs offer quick insight into an expert’s credibility, biases, behaviors and testimonial track record. Move beyond charts with links to details and documents—including full-text transcripts, Daubert challenges, cases, journals, news articles and much more.

Light on time? Not sure where to begin? Call on our team of specialists at LexisNexis® Expert Research On-Demand (formerly IDEX) and leave the research to us.

Within 24-72 hours of your request (rush service available), we’ll provide you with a comprehensive PDF report on your expert. No lexis.com subscription? No problem. You don’t need one.

Our LexisNexis Expert Research On-Demand may be your best option for sizing up experts’ credentials and credibility. There’s no larger reference bank when you’re looking to find the right experts or to prep your own before deposition or trail.

With LexisNexis Expert Research On-Demand, you can choose from a wide range of available services, including
• Testimonial history reports
• State license discipline searches challenges-to-exclude-expert searches
• Transcript procurement
• And much more.

Which expert witness resource is right for you?
Even if you are not actually conducting the research, just knowing what resources are available may help you to be better prepared in vetting your own experts and finding damaging information about the opposition’s.

To learn more about LexisNexis expert witness research resources—and to learn which option might be best for your specific situation—view our information-packed and free pre-recorded webinar:

Be the Expert on Expert Witness Research – Complimentary Recorded Webinar
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