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Has a Big Hurdle to Trying Cloud-Based Practice Management Finally Been Jumped?


When the LexisNexis Cloud Technology Survey results were reported earlier this year, it showed that attorneys were starting to peer less skeptically into the future, and slowly but surely leaning more toward all the benefits the law cloud has to offer.

In short, the myriad advantages of managing matters, calendars, clients, documents and more anytime, anywhere are becoming harder to discount, even for those who’d rather ignore the cloud in hopes that it’ll simply go away.

Because let’s face it, plenty of attorneys are perhaps a bit too comfortable with their “system” of practice management, which may or may not include neon highlighters, sticky notes, dog-eared file folders, and a word processing program that was last updated when the term “raise the roof” was still de rigueur.

Why the First Step is Always the Hardest

Despite the compelling benefits of on-the-go lawyering, especially for independent attorneys, there’s one obstacle that prevents many attorneys from even considering it: getting started.

Understandably, many attorneys have little patience to deal with sign-up hassles, especially if it means taking time they don’t have to enter their firm’s data into a product they may or may not eventually use.

It’s been a real Catch-22, even for those who really want to take advantage of helpful legal tech, but keep putting it further down on their to do list because of perceived commitment issues.

How to See the Law Cloud in Action, Hassle Free

The folks at LexisNexis Firm Manager® seem to have solved the problem.

They have a brand-spanking-new self-guided tour that lets anyone with a few spare minutes see exactly how Firm Manager helps independent attorneys like you master the business and law side of running your own practice.

This free, self-guided Firm Manager tour walks you through its features, but also lets you check out how the product works at your own pace, so you can go off on your own and explore different sections at any time.

Bottom line: You get a real-life experience of what it’s like to actually use the product, without having to sign up for a trial or spend time going through tutorials just to see how it works.

In a few clicks, you’ll see firsthand how Firm Manager can help you:

  • Run your practice from anywhere
  • Make more money with less work
  • Enjoy unlimited online storage
  • Share even your most sensitive documents
  • Get control of your calendar
  • Stay on top of tasks once and for all
  • And more

While it’s not a 100% version of the actual product, it’s robust enough to give a snapshot of how it operates, with seamless, working examples of clients, tasks, matter management, calendaring, and more.

And the tour itself is fast enough that you can even do it in between phone calls.

See How Easy Online Practice Management Can Be

Above the Law readers: learn just how simple, fast and effective running your independent law practice from the cloud can really be.

Try the new LexisNexis Firm Manager® self-guided tour now!