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Students – Prepare for the All-Important First Year

Since 1998, Law Preview has taught thousands of law students what to expect and how to truly excel in law school. During our week-long, intensive summer prep courses, our distinguished faculty of law school professors provide substantive overviews for each core first-year course so Law Preview students don’t have to read cases in a vacuum like their uninitiated classmates. In addition, we teach how to brief cases, outline for each class, study effectively and manage your time — all proven academic strategies that are critical to earning great grades during the first year of law school. Perhaps most importantly, students learn our unique exam-taking methods and practice them on real law school exams.

Law Preview students learn proven success tactics to help them excel because 1L grades matter most. We build better law students and have the results to prove it — in a recent survey of Law Preview students from 2005-11, the median class rank after the 1L year was the top 16%.

Law Preview students are able to make early connections with BigLaw recruiters. Our alums regularly finish at the very top of their respective law school classes and go on to work at many of the world’s largest law firms. Today, many of the world’s most prestigious law firms fund scholarships for students to attend the Law Preview class.

Despite the very real challenges facing students in today’s difficult legal hiring market, the competition among law firms for top talent remains fierce. Working closely with law firm recruiters, we created “First Look,” a first-of its-kind service that helps match law students with the top law firms that are interested in recruiting them.

First Look is a free service exclusively for Law Preview alums. This pre-OCI (on-campus interviews) database provides every Law Preview student with an exclusive, early opportunity to connect with recruiters at our sponsoring firms months before the formal on-campus interview process begins. So Law Preview students can leverage our network of top legal employers and enjoy a significant head start in their search for meaningful employment. To learn more, visit