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LexisNexis® Digital Library


LexisNexis and OverDrive®, the digital library solutions provider chosen by 22,000+ libraries, schools and colleges worldwide, have joined forces to provide a library management solution that suits evolving legal research requirements mobility, simplified library management, and space and budget reductions.

Innovative new service offers legal professionals access to the largest collection of authoritative legal eBook content.

Reduce your library costs and extend the budget.
With LexisNexis® Digital Library, overhead and administrative costs for maintaining a print library are reduced dramatically. Adopt an easy-to-use platform that requires minimal staff resources so your organization can make the most out of your library budget. Plus, multi-year purchase options let your library lock in savings.

Empower your librarians.
Your firm’s librarians will have more time to conduct value-added research. They’ll have greater insight into what resources the staff actually uses so they can make adjustments to the collection quickly using a single website. Librarians can gain greater control, which can lead to better library utilization and increased strategic value to the firm.

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Increase anytime, anywhere productivity.
Give researchers around-the-clock access to the library wherever they need it on their device of choice. Combine the benefits of a physical book with online functionality—understand the big picture when investigating an unfamiliar topic, and streamline research with intelligent links to online research. Plus, researchers can carry several books on a single device without the added bulk.

Flexible and proven eBook lending solution, enabled by OverDrive.
Powering 22,000 library and school partners worldwide with more than 70 million checkouts since 2003, the OverDrive lending platform is time tested. With unrivaled device compatibility, 24/7 platform support, and no additional hardware required, you’ll leverage the experience of the world’s leading digital lending provider and gain peace of mind.

Take a tour and see how your law library can transition to digital content.

LexisNexis Digital Library websites and mobile apps work on all major devices. Additionally, because the new LexisNexis Digital Library is publisher agnostic, users can add titles from other publishers and centrally manage their library—eliminating the inefficiency of using multiple platforms or sites to manage an entire collection.

See for yourself
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