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Outsourcing By Lawyers, For Lawyers

In litigation, you probably spend an inordinate amount of time on tedious, repetitive document review tasks. Seems like a waste of high-value resources, doesn’t it?

Enter Pangea3, the most experienced provider of high quality outsourced corporate, litigation, compliance and IP solutions. Pangea3, a Thomson Reuters business, only employs full-time attorneys—now over 700 working from state of the art facilities in India and the United States. When you go to bed, hundreds of talented Pangea3 attorneys are just waking up, ready to tackle your client’s problem—one of the benefits of a 24-hour workflow.

As the gold standard among legal employers, Pangea3 recruits at the best Indian law schools, and has its pick of top Indian talent. Similarly, since it opened its suburban Dallas facility, competition for full-time U.S. positions has been fierce. Regardless of location, all candidates are hired after a rigorous interview process. Since employees are given full benefits, a transparent career track and the opportunity to do work that directly touches some of the biggest corporations and law firms in the world, Pangea3 doesn’t just attract talent, the company retains it.

Regardless of where the work is done, Pangea3 knows how to solve the problems BigLaw associates face because it was founded and is managed by experienced attorneys from Am Law 100 firms. This legal DNA enables Pangea3 to effortlessly integrate its attorneys and intelligent processes into your team to make your job easier and more predictable.

Since its founding, Pangea3 has applied a documented and repeatable process and utilized the most cutting-edge technologies, to complete work in the most efficient way possible.

This year, Pangea3 is a proud sponsor of the 2011 Legal Technology Leadership Summit. Like the intelligent processes Pangea3 uses to improve clients’ efficiency, extend their capacity and provide cost and timeline certainty, technology is a tool that should be used to make attorneys’ lives easier. Thought leaders and decision-makers will attend the summit to discuss the ever-changing impact of technology on the legal world.

“We’re excited to partner with the Electronic Discovery Institute, ASDFED and Above the Law for the Leadership Technology Summit to help intelligent lawyers examine and improve their workflow through the use of technology,” says Greg McPolin, Pangea3 Vice President and Managing Director, Global Litigation Solutions.

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