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PowerScore LSAT Preparation Can Change Your Future

Thinking about attending law school? Want to increase your salary by $30k, $40k, $50k or more coming out of law school? There’s a simple solution: Raise your LSAT score by taking a PowerScore LSAT Preparation course.

Studies show that the law school you attend has a direct and immediate impact on your starting salary after law school, and, to make matters even more critical, that starting salary differential carries through to subsequent years. And what is the primary factor in law school admissions decisions? Your LSAT score. Even a 5 point increase in your score (from, say, 155 to 160) can increase your starting salary by over $30,000, and gaining 5 points—and typically more—from proper LSAT preparation is commonplace. The question, then, is not whether you should study for the LSAT, but what method of studying will be most effective.

PowerScore has been preparing students for the LSAT for over 15 years. We are the publishers of the renowned LSAT Logic Games Bible and LSAT Bible Series, and we have helped countless students achieve their LSAT and law school goals. If you are taking the LSAT, PowerScore can help you prepare, whether your preference is self-study, an online or in-person course, or one-on-one tutoring. Regardless of approach, our methods have proven successful year after year; students have seen their scores improve by ten, fifteen, even twenty points or more, resulting in a tremendous increase in their potential salary. Read these comments to see what some of our students have had to say about their PowerScore experience.