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Starting a Law Firm: It’s your turn.

Andres Benach, Thomas Ragland, and Jennifer Cook had built one of the most productive and highly regarded immigration practices in the country. Their focus on complex matters established them at the top of the field, but they felt that finding a platform that would allow them to also handle routine immigration matters, and to build a practice tailored to their particular strengths and ideals, would allow them to take their practice to the next level. Finding a way to capitalize on this opportunity was monetarily important, but more importantly would take their careers in a more rewarding direction.

They decided to launch their own firm, and began to assemble a task list that quickly grew long and unmanageable. Many of the things they hoped to accomplish – putting together a business plan, establishing an IT platform, selecting an HR and benefits program, and engineering a finance and accounting system – were daunting and beyond their comfort zone. They decided to seek some help.

“We didn’t appreciate all that needed to be done before we found NexFirm,” said Andres Benach. “After they constructed a business plan for us and helped us to determine our operational structure, we were able to focus on the things that would make our firm a success.”

Among the points of discussion was a major business model change that would allow them to add to their focus the handling of routine matters. Thomas Ragland explains, “We built a platform that would allow us to service all types of immigration matters, from the straightforward to the highly complex. The genesis of this was a desire to grow our practice; the result has been a better experience for our clients and a more rewarding mission for our attorneys and staff.” Part of this expanded marketing strategy is Lifted Lamp, the immigration law blog created by the partners shortly after their 2012 launch. Lifted Lamp is already a preeminent voice for “DREAMers” on-line, and it is quickly becoming a productive case generation tool. “We wouldn’t have been able to do this as part of a big firm, and it’s one of the great services that Benach Ragland offers. Plus, I love to do it,” explained Andres Benach.

Just nine months along, Benach Ragland LLP has established itself as a nationally recognized immigration firm. The new platform has created a more financially rewarding practice, but more importantly it has produced a vehicle to practice law the way the partners want. “I smile on the way to work,” added Jen Cook.

If you are an in-house or Biglaw attorney, starting a firm might be the best career path for you. Contact NexFirm and we will give you the tools to decide. 646-666-8989 or www.nexfirm.com.