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Taking a Second Bar This Winter? BARBRI AMP Will Get You Ready.

If you are planning to get licensed in another state, BARBRI can help you with special pricing for alumni of the BARBRI bar review course. Plus, new to BARBRI is BARBRI AMP, the revolutionary online learning platform! With BARBRI AMP, you’ll study less, learn more and retain that information longer. This summer students who completed all BARBRI AMP assignments scored 13 points higher on BARBRI’s simulated MBE than those who did not use BARBRI AMP. And who couldn’t use more points on the MBE? No other bar review course offers this type of interactive technology!

Plus, with our convenient, online lectures and proven materials you can study on your schedule – anytime, anywhere. Your experience combined with BARBRI’s expertise can make an additional law license a reality this summer. To learn more about BARBRI’s alumni course and special pricing, please contact the BARBRI office for the state in which you are interested in taking the bar exam. Everyone at BARBRI looks forward to helping you pass the bar exam – again.