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Unclear on the Benefits of Cloud Computing? Set a Clear Vision.


Cloud computing: Even the terminology evokes the murky, the blurry, the imprecise.

De-mystify hosted cloud computing with a quick & easy read from the small law firm group within Thomson Reuters, Getting Ahead in the Cloud: Why Small Law Firms Find Their Niche in Hosted Cloud Software. It defines cloud-based technology, describes what to look for in a practice management solution, and even details specific security features needed to meet the legal industry requirements for managing your clients’ private information.

To boot, Getting Ahead in the Cloud clearly lays out the key areas where the needs of a solo or small practice intersect with the unique features of Web-based solutions. Consider:
• Data security reduces the risk of malpractice
• Independence provided by a completely mobile solution
• Cost-savings by eliminating hardware and tech support
• And much more

In the end, this article reveals how cloud computing lifts the burden of managing data and technology off of the shoulders of a small firm attorney, letting you focus your attention on the practice of law. Download the complimentary Thomson Reuters article for a clear vision of what cloud computing means to small law firms.