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Your Best Path Forward

Brian Belowich never really thought of leaving BigLaw to start his own practice. Over his fourteen-year career, his litigation practice was thriving and his clients were happy – but Brian still felt like something was missing.

He didn’t realize what it was until his daughter’s soccer game brought him back in touch with an old friend (who just happened to work at NexFirm). That’s when he decided to seriously consider the possibility of going out on his own.

“NexFirm put together a comprehensive business plan and guided us through the launch process,” Brian recalled. The findings were clear; the risks of going out on his own were actually lower than staying put. The rest was just details.

On May 1, 2013, with the help of NexFirm, Brian and his longtime friend and colleague, Dan Walsh, formed Belowich & Walsh LLP, a law firm specializing in complex commercial litigation, real estate and construction litigation, arbitration and appeals.

Six short months later, Belowich & Walsh LLP is thriving. “We can focus on serving our clients and building our practice, while NexFirm handles the rest,” said Dan. “They have been a tremendous resource.”

Leaving BigLaw and starting your own firm could be the best path for your career, but you will never know until you consider the possibilities. NexFirm will help you construct a launch plan full of financial forecasts and operational strategy, at not charge. If it is the right move for you, NexFirm is ready to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. If not, you will have learned a lot.

Contact NexFirm today at 212-292-1000 and explore your career options.