southern appeal steve dillard.jpegLast month, shortly before Christmas, one of our favorite legal blogs — Southern Appeal — breathed its last.
Here is Steve Dillard’s farewell post. Steve, your contributions to the blogosphere will be missed.
We’ll be removing SA from our blogroll. On that subject, with a new year upon us, we’d like to do a periodic update of our link listing. If you’d like to be considered for inclusion in our blogroll — or if you’re already on it, but would like to be removed (perhaps you aren’t blogging much these days) — please email us (subject line: Blogroll).
If you have a blogroll of your own, and ATL isn’t on it already, please consider adding our site to your list. Thanks!
SA: The Curtain Closes [Southern Appeal]

2007 happy new year dessert.jpgWelcome to 2007! Don’t forget to date your checks, memos, and other documents with the correct year.
If you were out of the office last week — and aren’t a federal government employee, with the day off to mourn President Ford — welcome back to work. We hope you had a good holiday and enjoyed your week off.
We’re resuming our normal publication schedule today. After we dig ourselves out from underneath an avalanche of spam, and get ourselves caffeinated, we’ll be back to our usual antics. So check back soon!
National Day of Mourning for President Gerald R. Ford [White House]
IRS Opts Out of Today’s Day of Mourning for President Ford [TaxProf Blog]

stack of bills cash money.jpgLaw firm bonus season is over, at least in terms of announcements (even though some firms won’t dole out the cash until next year). We’d like to use this quiet week to do some final follow-up and housekeeping on the bonus front.
Please email us, at tips AT abovethelaw DOT com, with any of the following:

(1) any significant New York bonus announcements that we missed;

(2) any bonus announcement memo that we’re missing — e.g., the Proskauer memo (if there was one) — because we like to archive these for posterity; and

(3) any non-New York bonus news you’d like to pass along (since we realize we’ve been neglecting legal markets outside NYC).

You can see what we have and haven’t covered by clicking here, and scrolling down through our past bonus coverage. Or you can search the entire site for the name of the firm in question.
Also, if you haven’t done so already, please take our Biglaw bonus poll. We’ll keep the voting open until at least January 2.
Re: Low Bonus? No Bonus? Anyone hear of this? [Infirmation / Greedy NY]

AboveTheLaw will be on a reduced publishing schedule this week. Check in for our once-a-day news wrap-up. Your fearless leader, the wonderful and prolific David Lat, will be back full-time on January 2nd.
Happy Holidays from everyone at Dead Horse Media.
Elizabeth Spiers

stack of bills cash money.jpgLike many of you, we have to do a little holiday traveling. So we’ll be away from the computer for a bit.
We’ve prepared some content to be published while we’re gone, so do keep checking in. But if some breaking legal news emerges and we’re slow in responding, now you know why.
Here’s an open comment thread in which you can post any new bonus announcements (or sound off on any other topic of your choosing). At this point, nothing exciting is expected on the bonus front. But if more shops announce later today, even if just to say that they’re matching, please note that here. Thanks.

stack of bills cash money.jpgA source at at Weil, Gotshal & Manges just forwarded us this email, which made the rounds at 4:46 PM Eastern time:

As you know, announcements regarding year-end associate bonuses have been made by a few large New York firms. Many of our peer firms have yet to make an announcement. As has been our practice, we will not finalize year-end associate bonuses until early January. However, we wanted to let you know before year-end that the Firm’s 2006 U.S. associate bonuses will not be less than 2005 U.S. associate bonuses. U.S. associate bonuses will be paid on January 26, 2007.

Best wishes for a happy holiday.

Perhaps this is good news, insofar as it leaves the door open — even if just barely — to above-market bonuses.
We have to run; we’ll be back later tonight. Hence the open thread. If any major announcements come down the pike while we’re gone, you know what to do. Thanks.
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of bonuses (scroll down)

stack of bills cash money.jpgWe’re stepping away from our computer briefly. Normally we’d just do so, without comment; but this is bonus season. So if Simpson, Skadden, or some other Biglaw firm makes an announcement while we’re gone, please post it in the comments, with a link to your source. We don’t want to be accused of the capital crime of not having bonus information up immediately (even if that information isn’t verified).
In the meantime, if you’re looking for amusement, read this post by “sandra” at Greedy NY, then the various responses. Hilarious stuff. Is “sandra” for real, or is she a prankster or troll?
Word on the street is that Whachtell [sic] raised the boni bar? [Infirmation / Greedy NY]

stack of bills cash money.jpgAs you can see from the time of our first post of the day, we’ve been in front of our computer for about twelve hours. Our eyes hurt. And we’re hungry.
We need to stand up. Maybe we’ll be really daring and leave our apartment.
Hence this open comment thread. Some of the biggest Biglaws — Cravath, Sullivan & Cromwell, Paul Weiss — have already announced their bonuses. But if Skadden comes along and blows the top off the bonus market while we’re gone, please post it in the comments (along with a link to your source).
We’ll follow up when we return. Thanks.
P.S. We realize this is unlikely. First, Skadden will probably do what everybody else has done, and match the market bonuses (as set last week by Milbank). Second, based on the buzz over at Greedy NY, it seems that a Skadden announcement will probably come tomorrow.
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of bonuses (scroll down)

stack of bills cash money.jpgAs was the case last night, we must take leave of our computer for a little while. (Our plans involve members of the Elect, so this is an excused absence.)
There has been some bonus news today (Paul Weiss), even if not as much as yesterday (Cravath and Cadwalader). But the day isn’t over yet, and more news might break later this afternoon or evening.
Same drill as before. If any interesting bonus news surfaces while we’re gone, please mention it in the comments to this post (and include a link to your source — e.g., Infirmation, Greedy Associates,
We’ll look into any such tips after we return. Thank you in advance for your help.
Finally, if you’re looking for amusement or distraction while we’re gone, check out our comprehensive collection of fun or interesting links, gathered from all around the blawgosphere. After clicking through and reading all of these posts, you’ll be completely caught up on two weeks’ worth of legal blogging!
Earlier: Supplemental Non-Sequiturs: 12.12.06

stack of bills cash money.jpgWe have a dinner to attend, so we’re stepping away from the computer for a few hours.
There has been quite a bit of bonus news today, including announcements from Cravath and Cadwalader. And it’s possible that more news might emerge tonight (although we think it’s unlikely, given that it’s after the close of business on the East Coast).
But if any interesting bonus news happens to come in while we’re gone, please mention it in the comments to this post (and provide a link to your source, if any). We will investigate when we return.
And feel free to offer any other bonus-related rumors or rants. Thanks!

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