stack of bills cash money.jpgAs you can see from the time of our first post of the day, we’ve been in front of our computer for about twelve hours. Our eyes hurt. And we’re hungry.
We need to stand up. Maybe we’ll be really daring and leave our apartment.
Hence this open comment thread. Some of the biggest Biglaws — Cravath, Sullivan & Cromwell, Paul Weiss — have already announced their bonuses. But if Skadden comes along and blows the top off the bonus market while we’re gone, please post it in the comments (along with a link to your source).
We’ll follow up when we return. Thanks.
P.S. We realize this is unlikely. First, Skadden will probably do what everybody else has done, and match the market bonuses (as set last week by Milbank). Second, based on the buzz over at Greedy NY, it seems that a Skadden announcement will probably come tomorrow.
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stack of bills cash money.jpgAs was the case last night, we must take leave of our computer for a little while. (Our plans involve members of the Elect, so this is an excused absence.)
There has been some bonus news today (Paul Weiss), even if not as much as yesterday (Cravath and Cadwalader). But the day isn’t over yet, and more news might break later this afternoon or evening.
Same drill as before. If any interesting bonus news surfaces while we’re gone, please mention it in the comments to this post (and include a link to your source — e.g., Infirmation, Greedy Associates,
We’ll look into any such tips after we return. Thank you in advance for your help.
Finally, if you’re looking for amusement or distraction while we’re gone, check out our comprehensive collection of fun or interesting links, gathered from all around the blawgosphere. After clicking through and reading all of these posts, you’ll be completely caught up on two weeks’ worth of legal blogging!
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stack of bills cash money.jpgWe have a dinner to attend, so we’re stepping away from the computer for a few hours.
There has been quite a bit of bonus news today, including announcements from Cravath and Cadwalader. And it’s possible that more news might emerge tonight (although we think it’s unlikely, given that it’s after the close of business on the East Coast).
But if any interesting bonus news happens to come in while we’re gone, please mention it in the comments to this post (and provide a link to your source, if any). We will investigate when we return.
And feel free to offer any other bonus-related rumors or rants. Thanks!

Christmas tree.jpg* The holiday season is here, and you know what that means: year-end bonuses for law firm associates. On Friday, Milbank Tweed made the first big bonus announcement. And this time it wasn’t fake.
* They talk a lot about “due process” over at Yale Law School. But questions have been raised concerning the process by which Linda Greenhouse, SCOTUS reporter for the New York Times, was selected over Justice Samuel Alito for the school’s prestigious Award of Merit.
* If Greenhouse benefited from preferential treatment from YLS Dean Harold Koh, it wouldn’t have been the first time.
* Justices Antonin Scalia and Stephen Breyer: not just geniuses, but also an inspired comedic duo.
* Speaking of great legal minds, Professor Noah Feldman is leaving NYU for Harvard Law School.
* And speaking of NYU Law School, if you haven’t already voted in the 3L hotties contest, there’s still some time left. Polls close tomorrow at 3PM (Eastern time).
* Finally, we have a new little sibling. Please extend a warm welcome to Supermogul: The View From the Top.

Stephen Breyer Stephen G Breyer Above the Law Legal Tabloid Legal Blog.JPGIt’s only a matter of time before Justice Stephen Breyer takes out — or maybe grants himself? — a temporary restraining order against us. We are just following the poor man around.
We were present when Jeffrey Toobin interviewed Justice Breyer, at the New Yorker Festival. We caught SGB again on Tuesday night, when he debated Justice Scalia. And now we’re off to see him again, for the third time in as many months.
We’re heading across town to Georgetown Law, to attend A Conversation with Justice Breyer and Harvard Law Professor Fried. And we have high hopes for this star-studded extravaganza.
Justice Breyer’s intellectual sparring partner is Professor Charles Fried, one of the country’s leading conservative legal minds. In case you’re not familiar with his breathtaking resume, the highlights include service as the U.S. Solicitor General, from 1985 to 1989, and on the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, from 1995 to 1999. Now he’s just slumming it, as the Beneficial Professor of Law of Harvard Law School.
(Great title! Better than being the Superfluous Professor of Law — which, sadly enough, is a title for which there is much competition.)
Oh, and the moderator is a star too: the phenomenally brilliant Professor Neal Katyal, a former law clerk to Justice Breyer, who successfully argued the historic case of Hamdan v. Rumsfeld before the Supreme Court. Professor Katyal is one of the few young legal minds who can be mentioned in the same breath as Professor Noah Feldman — which is high praise.
In light of his celebrity — he even appeared on The Colbert Report, and was hilarious — we crowned Professor Katyal the Paris Hilton of Legal Academia. As we explained to the Paris Hilton of the Federal Judiciary, any comparison to Paris is meant only as a compliment. (Even Camille Paglia still likes her, despite the recent overexposure.)
We shall return. And we’ll bring you a full report of the exciting proceedings. Ciao!
A Conversation with Justice Breyer and Harvard Law Professor Fried [Georgetown Law]

New York University Law School NYU Law School Above the Law.JPGThe polls remain open in our latest hotties contest: NYU Law School third-year students. You can vote on the men by clicking here, and the women by clicking here.
A quick administrative announcement: voting will end on Monday, December 11, at 3 PM (Eastern time). If you’d like to do some campaigning, for yourself or for a friend, make good use of the weekend.
What are the current standings? The men’s race is very close: Michael Okoye leads with 20.9 percent of the vote, but Marcos Arellano is right behind him, with 20.0 percent. Okoye may be benefitting from an internet campaign, as well as a testimonial from his college roommate.
The women’s race, in contrast, isn’t looking terribly exciting. Apparently gentlemen prefer blondes: Noa Clark currently leads, with a third of all ballots. Rachael McCracken is running second, but with only half as many votes (17.4 percent to 33.3 percent).
Over three full days of voting, however, a lot can change. Consider the words of Justice Stephen Breyer, from his recent debate with Justice Antonin Scalia:

We don’t need activist judges; we need activist citizens. The Constitution sets up a democratic system, and it expects you to participate. And if you don’t participate, it doesn’t work.

So please, perform your civic duty. Vote for your favorite NYU 3L hottie by clicking here and here. Justice Breyer is counting on you!
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Above the Law Hotties: NYU Law School Third-Years (Male)

Supermogul Logo Dead Horse Media.gifHey, guess what? Above the Law is no longer the most junior member of the Conference Dead Horse Media family of websites. Today marks the launch of
It’s nice not being the most junior member. Just ask Justice Breyer, who was delighted when Justice Alito arrived at the Court. As the most junior justice, Justice Alito took over from Justice Breyer the duty of answering the door — and fetching the coffee — when the justices are meeting in private conference.
So now that Supermogul is around, maybe ATL won’t have to fetch the coffee? Uh, think again. We’re probably still on coffee duty — because we’re the lawyers, and they’re the clients. is a business site for C-level (CEO/CFO/COO/etc.) executives and senior-level managers. Check it out here.
Welcome to Supermogul [Supermogul]
Dead Horse Media Introduces [DealBreaker]

We’ll be stepping away shortly to attend what should be a fantastic event: A Conversation on the Constitution: Perspectives from Active Liberty and A Matter of Interpretation. It’s being sponsored by the American Constitution Society and the Federalist Society, and we’re attending as a guest of the ACS (whom we thank for the gracious invitation).
Two Supreme Court heavyweights will be stepping into the ring. In the liberal corner: Justice Stephen G. Breyer, author of Active Liberty. In the conservative corner: Justice Antonin Scalia, author of A Matter of Interpretation. The referee: Jan Crawford Greenburg, of ABC News (who recently interviewed Chief Justice Roberts).
So if our posting is sporadic over the next few hours, it’s because we’re watching Justice Scalia and Justice Breyer trade benchslaps. Check back soon, either later today or tomorrow, for our full report on the jurisprudential battle to the death proceedings. Hasta luego!

To those of you who have just returned from the Thanksgiving holiday, hoping that a venti coffee with an extra shot of espresso will bring you out of your food coma: Welcome Back. We hope you had a delightful holiday.
The sight (or mere thought) of turkey probably makes you nauseous at this point. But if that’s not the case, here is a picture of the Thanksgiving turkey that our mother prepared this year:
turkey Thanksgiving turkey Above the Law.jpg
Maybe you weren’t at your computer on Black Friday, choosing instead to fuel the economy with your consumption. But we were, diligently churning out posts for a non-existent audience. If a blog post is published and nobody is around to read it, does it make a sound? (Scroll down the page to see what you missed.)
Like you, right now we’re engaged in some post-holiday catch-up (with news, email, etc.). If you have any funny, law-related Thanksgiving stories — yeah, we know, a tall order — please share them with us.
Hey, What Are You Doing Here? [ATL]
Thanksgiving turkey, white background [stock.xchng]

pumpkin pie.jpgWhy are you in front of your computer? To quote our big brother:

The rest of America is either sleeping off their Thanksgiving hangovers or pushing their way into a mall to grab those holiday shopping discounts. But you’re rubbing the sleep out of your eyes while staring at a glowing screen. Well, you’re not alone. We’re here with you too today. And we’ll do our best to keep you entertained, and maybe even informed.

Yup, that’s right. For all of your poor saps who are at your computers working away, we’re here to keep you company (even if other usually industrious bloggers, like Howard Bashman and Peter Lattman, have cruelly abandoned you).
In the comments to this post, feel free to start up an open thread explaining why you’re in the office today (and bitching about it). Also, here are a few random Thanksgiving posts to be grateful for:
What Tax Profs Are Thankful For [TaxProf Blog]
Looking back on the Thanksgiving squirrel [Althouse]
Thanksgiving, Thursday(s), and… Gettysburg? [PrawfsBlawg]
Thanksgiving for Law Reviews? [PrawfsBlawg]
(Feel free to email us with more Thanksgiving-related links, and we’ll add them to this list when we update it later today.)

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