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As we’ve mentioned before, each week we’ll be highlighting an exciting job opportunity available through Lateral Link, ATL’s career partner.
Yes, we posted a Job of the Week on Tuesday. But that was actually supposed to have been the Job of the Week for last week, when we forgot to post one. So here’s the offering for this week:

Employer: American Capital

Position: Assistant GC Deal Origination (M&A) (years 2000-2002)

Position Description: Mid-level/senior transactional position to work with the Company’s Vice President and Associate General Counsel and business deal teams to originate ACAS buyouts and equity investment transactions. Conduct all phases of the investment process in-house (no outside corporate counsel involvement other than specialists), including completion of term sheets, legal due diligence, retention and supervision of outside specialist counsel, drafting and negotiation of acquisition documentation and closing.

More details, after the jump.

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chart stock market plunge Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.gif* Lawyer opinions solicited: Is this an effective ad for malpractice insurance? [Copyranter]
* Another ugly day for the stock market. [Volokh Conspiracy]
* On that subject: Is the vast family fortune of Rachel Kovner, ATL’s official It girl, in jeopardy — as recently rumored by our sibling site? Not exactly. But if Bruce Kovner’s legendary fund is up only 3 percent year-to-date, things could certainly be better. [DealBreaker]
* What? The iPhone is not God’s greatest gift to man? Bite your tongue! [Althouse]
* Ignoring a handslap will get you a benchslap. See page 15, footnote 7. [U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (PDF)]

As we’ve mentioned before, each week we’ll be highlighting an exciting job opportunity available through Lateral Link, ATL’s career partner.
Here’s the latest offering:

Employer: Vertis Communications

Position: Corporate Counsel

Position Description: Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Vertis Communications provides marketing services from conception through design, production, and distribution for more than 2,000 clients, including grocery stores, retail chains, newspapers, and ad agencies.

The company is seeking a broad-based corporate transactional attorney with experience reviewing, negotiating, drafting and editing non-standard customer contracts, vendor agreements, bank finance transactions, lending agreements, finance documents, and nondisclosure agreements.

More details, after the jump.

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Hogan Hartson LLP Above the Law blog.JPGWe discussed them back in this post, and wondered: What are they all about?
Well, now we have some answers.
But the mystery isn’t completely solved, since we know neither the identity nor the grievances of the ex-Hogan client who is so unhappy with the firm (or its fees) that they’re taking out (presumably expensive) radio ads to make a point. If you can enlighten us, please do so by email (subject line: “Hogan & Hartson”). Thanks.
Former Client Running Ads Against Hogan and Hartson [New York Personal Injury Law Blog]
Disgruntled Client Launches Toll-Free Number for Gripes About BigLaw Firm [Legal Times]
Earlier: Lawsuit of the Day: Have You Been Injured… By Hogan & Hartson?

Hogan Hartson LLP Above the Law blog.JPGIf so, call 1-800-759-8611. NOW!
No, this isn’t a joke. From a source:

I heard this radio advertisement running on 50,000 watt WABC radio in New York. I heard it twice on the morning of the 16th, about 6:30am and about one hour later, and once again (3rd time) I believe [on Wednesday]. It went something like this:

Did you hire a Hogan and Hartson senior partner for bet the company liltigation? Was your case handled by a junior lawyer instead of the senior partner you thought you were paying for? Call 800-759-8611.

I believe I have the number correct. What’s this all about?

We share our tipster’s curiosity. And yes, reader, you have the number correct. We called the number, got an answering machine message (which mentioned Hogan & Hartson), and left a message of our own, identifying ourselves as media types in search of comment (we haven’t heard back yet).
We don’t understand the nature of this lawsuit. If these plaintiffs’ lawyers think that hiring Rainmaking Partner X means that all work on your case will be done by Rainmaking Partner X, they need to get a clue. Tons of other lawyers will work on your case — but be billed out at much lower rates, of course.
(David Boies, Ted Olson, Marty Lipton… they have these people called associates, you see, who help them with stuff. Associates are kinda like Santa’s elves. They do all the work, even though you may not see them that much…)
But if the allegation is that clients of Hogan & Hartson were billed for hours supposedly worked by a senior partner, when the hours in question were actually worked by, say, a junior associate — well, that might be more interesting.
Does anyone know what the heck this might be about, or which plaintiffs’ firm is handling the matter? If so, please email us. Thanks.

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research AEI Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgWe’re going to be offline for a few hours. If anything big happens while we’re gone, and we don’t write about it immediately, now you know why. (Posts that we drafted earlier will be published while we’re gone.)
We’re going to attend this event, about the economics of internet advertising — which, of course, is what pays the bills around here. If you enjoy reading ATL, please support our advertisers.
Yes, the event is sponsored by AEI, a right-of-center think tank. But the topic isn’t terribly partisan.
American Constitution Society for Law and Policy ACS Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgAnd to atone for this visit to the premises of AEI, guess what? We’re going to spend the better part of two days later this month (July 27-28) covering the 2007 ACS National Convention, here in DC. If you’d like to attend, it’s not too late to register; you can do so by clicking here.
(If you’re planning to attend the ACS convention, look out for us — we’ll be easy to spot. We’ll be snapping photographs of the fabulous Judge Marsha Berzon, as if she were Angelina Jolie on the red carpet.)
Update (2:30 PM): We’re back. Today’s event was co-sponsored by the left-leaning Brookings Institution, so our conscience is clear.
The Economics of Internet Advertising: Implications for the Google-DoubleClick Merger [American Enterprise Institute]
Fifth Annual ACS National Convention: Toward a Just Future [American Constitution Society]

Following up on yesterday’s post about law firm advertising campaigns, here’s another interesting ad:
Mosh Pit Litigation Goldberg Weisman Cairo Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpg
Commentary after the jump.

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An interesting and odd observation about law firm ad campaigns, from Copyranter:

What The F**k is up with all the law firms using goofy animal symbolism? Dykema thinks it’s a giraffe amongst zebras. Zuckerman Spaeder says I’m a canary threatened by a lion.

Bingham McCutchen animal advertising advertisements Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpg

And Bingham McCutchen (above) was, first, a lion-chasing zebra (where does the Dykema giraffe fit into this equation?) and now, a baby-coddling grizzly bear. Hey, if any of you crows want to see an idea using puffins, drop me a line.

(All ads scanned from the Wall Street Journal, the bear ad from yesterday’s edition.)

A commenter at Copyranter offers some great suggested captions for the Bingham ad. To read them all, click here. Our personal favorite:

“Bear lawyers who accept babies as payment.”

What, no sharks or leeches? [copyranter]

Just because Lat isn’t here doesn’t mean we can’t continue talking about salaries. Today the Nationwide Pay Raise Watch goes to Sin City. The transformation of the Strip continues unabated, most notably with the Aladdin becoming Planet Hollywood and the demolition of Stardust in favor of Echelon. So how much of the house’s take is making it into the pockets of Vegas associates?
Our initial research puts Vegas in the $110,000 range. Is this accurate, and is it going up anytime soon? Let us know in the comments.

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