Lateral Link Laterallink Lateralink legal job search Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.JPGToday we’re pleased to announce our new ATL Career Partner: Lateral Link.

If you’re a well-credentialed lawyer looking for a new career opportunity, they can provide you with the information and assistance that you need. Check out their website by clicking here.

A few brief highlights:

1. If you obtain a position through Lateral Link, they will pay you a placement bonus of $10,000. We’re not aware of other legal search firms that employ this model.

2. The firm was founded by three Harvard Law School alums who previously worked at leading Biglaw shops. As recipients of daily, unsolicited “cold calls” — yeah, you know how annoying those can be — they started Lateral Link to create a more efficient, less irritating job search and placement process.

3. Lateral Link’s web-based model does away with cold calls from headhunters and recruiters. Instead, Lateral Link provides attorneys with up-to-date information through emails or their website, designed to match each attorney’s online profile.

4. Did we mention the $10,000 bonus?

More about Lateral Link, after the jump.
Lateral Link [official website]

(Disclosure: In case it isn’t amply clear from the rest of this post, a commercial relationship exists between Above the Law and Lateral Link. So don’t say that we didn’t adequately disclose — like, say, these people. Thanks.)

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* These ads are as unfunny as the Jon Stewart skit, and both are a waste of Jack Chin’s legal credentials. [Arizona Daily Star]
* I doubt books are in any danger. Remember the Rocket? [Out of the Jungle]
* You are probably safe calling her hot and/or making phallic jokes, but please don’t make any tenuous analogies between a sex crime victim accused of “asking for it” and a beautiful and athletic object of lust. I kind of think we should be more worried about other over-exposed (but less blessed) girls like Tara Reid. [Sports Law Blog]
* This is how I want to bill my hours; I’d feel like a veritable Miss America…on To Catch a Predator. [Madisonian]
* Here’s another survival guide for summer campers associates. (Other examples were previously linked to here.) [Daily Business Review]

100 dollar bill Above the Law Above the Law law firm salary legal blog legal tabloid Above the Law.JPGPlease treat this post as a weekend open thread for discussion of associate pay raises, clerkship bonuses, or anything else that strikes your fancy.
There are a million things we want (and need) to write about. But we have a fairly full weekend planned, in terms of non-ATL-related activities. So you might not hear from us until Monday — unless Alberto Gonzales resigns, or New York firms raise to $200K (neither of which is happening anytime soon).
In recent weeks, current and future Biglaw associates have expressed gratitude to Above the Law for helping to increase their compensation. Even though we know ATL has a few influential readers — managing partners, hiring partners, and recruitment coordinators at top firms (we’ll keep them nameless) — we think our influence is exaggerated.
Nevertheless, some of you do believe that ATL deserves some credit for putting more dollars in your pocket. And some of you have asked us, in emails and in comments, what you can do to give back to this site.
All we ask is that you keep on reading Above the Law (and encourage everyone you know to read it as well). But if you’d like to do more, some suggestions appear after the jump.

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Anonymous Lawyer Above the Law blog.JPGHey, guess what, ATL readers? Here’s your chance to win free stuff!
Happy news: Anonymous Lawyer — Jeremy Blachman’s very funny novel about law firm life, based on his wildly popular blog — is now out in paperback. Hooray!
To learn more about the book, check out the hilarious website for Anonymous Law Firm LLP. Or read our review, from the New York Observer.
To celebrate this occasion, guess what? Thanks to the generosity of the publisher, Picador, we are giving away five copies of the paperback Anonymous Lawyer to lucky ATL readers. Exciting!
Here’s how to participate. Send a blank email to anonymouslawyergiveaway AT gmail DOT com (or just click here). We will pick five winners, at random, and notify them by email.
Good luck!
Anonymous Law Firm LLP [official website]
Anonymous Lawyer []
Way Better Than Briefs: Legal Minds Turn To Blogs [New York Observer]

* Like an aging babyboomer, L&O might be spending its golden years with its progeny… at TNT. Loyal fans, you will always find L&O-related news here. (And when I say “here”, I mean in Non-Sequiturs, because Lat does what he wants.) [Los Angeles Times]
* Oops, they f**ked up. (And when I say “they”, I mean both Ashley’s parents and the hospital.) [WFSB]
* JDs (or passing the bar) not required. [Sports Law Blog]
* Victory for teachers, held not legally required to baselessly bolster students’ self-esteem with good grades on such challenging homework as posters, book reports and “leaf projects.” [Charleston Daily Mail]
* Suggestion for replacement billboard: “At least our controversial billboard lasted longer than Britney Spears’ first marriage.” [ABC News]

dna-molecule.jpg* Legal “loophole” with dangerous consequences. [CNN]
* In defense of the defense. [
* DNA exonerates man after 25 years in prison. [MSNBC]
* Dick Butkus files suit over rights to name top college linebacker. [AP via SI]
* Law firms are paying more for advertisement exposure. [ABA Journal e-report]

* Coke sues film makers for showing Jesus drinking a Coke and saying, “My God, what a testimonial.” [BLT]
* Dean Ken Starr visits HLS for a reenactment of Dred Scott arguments. [
* Howard K. Stern hires Lin Wood in Anna Nicole Smith case. [CNN]
* AG Gonzales avoids e-mail altogether… Should you? [ABA Journal]
* Or just get a secret e-mail server. [Wonkette]

survey reader survey study Above the Law blog.jpgThanks to everyone who took the Above the Law reader survey (now closed). We appreciate your taking the time to tell us — and our advertisers — a little bit about yourselves. Special thanks to those of you who offered us comments and feedback on ATL.
The survey results are similar to those from the one we conducted about six months ago. Here are the highlights:
Gender: 64 percent male.
Median age: 29.
Education 72 percent of you have a JD, and 99 percent are college grads. You’re a smart bunch.
Average annual household income: $118,000. This figure is about 20 percent higher than it was six months ago ($99,000). Our thanks to Simpson Thacher.
Occupation: 50 percent of Above the Law readers are lawyers or judges; 14 percent are law clerks; 19 percent are students.
Consumer habits: ATL readers are an appealing group demographically:
• 32% have taken a flight for business in the past 30 days
• 47% have taken a flight for leisure in the past 30 days
• 54% have gone to the movies in the past 30 days
• 55% have managed their investments online
• 41% have used the internet to research cars over the past 6 months
If you’d like more information about advertising on ATL, please click here. Thanks!
Earlier: Some Interrogatories from Your Friends at ATL
ATL Readers: ‘Handsome, Clever, and Rich’

Mean Girls Harvard LLM Above the Law.jpgLast week we wrote a little bit about internecine warfare going on within the Harvard LLM community. It’s a silly and trivial story — which is, of course, ATL’s stock in trade. So we intend to keep following it.
Today we’re happy to bring you an update. This email went around over the weekend:

From: [xxxx]
Date: 3/24/2007 5:12:01 AM
To: [LLM community]

Dear Fellow LL.M.s,

We would like to bring to your attention, an untoward incidence that augurs badly for the general reputation of the LL.M class. We fear, someone on this forum (God forbid) might be trying to cause antagonism between the diverse members of our community. Following our International Party, the advertisement flyers of this most successful event, were, apparently for the sake of ridicule, sent to a contemptible website — the one for which Dean Kagan cautioned restraint.

Alas, the writer has confused his “contemptible website[s].” The site that was the subject of Dean Kagan’s recent message is the site discussed in this Washington Post article. That site is not ATL (even if, one could argue, there isn’t much of a difference at the end of the day).
More from our irate LLM, after the jump.

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* Officers face sanctions in Pat Tillman death in Afghanistan. [CNN; Sportsline]
* Australian at Gitmo pleads guilty to terror charges. [
New York Times]
* Is Coke suing itself… for taste infringement? []
* DOJ’s Monica Goodling to plead the 5th. [CNN]
* Border protection agent gets jail time for taking bribes. [MSNBC]

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