Altman Weil

Salary Cuts.jpgHave you noticed that whenever there is a story about the long-term future of associate salaries, there is always a quote from somebody at Altman Weil, the law firm consultancy? And have you noticed that their quotes are often advocating deep cuts in associate pay?
The latest example of this curious phenomenon appears in the Fulton County Daily Report:

Altman Weil’s Oct. 27 program, called “Leverage, Lockstep and the Changing Associate Model,” was for law firm clients.
Altman’s James D. Cotterman, who advises firms on compensation, said associate pay did not drop enough in the recent round of cuts at the nation’s big law firms, which included Atlanta’s largest firms.
Cutting pay from $160,000 to $145,000 was only “about half of what was needed,” said Cotterman. The starting salary at big firms in New York, Washington and Los Angeles was $160,000 before the pay reductions that started last spring.
Cotterman said a $15,000 cut does not make a significant difference in “changing the value equation to clients.”
“They probably should have set pay back a decade, to 1998. That’s what I was expecting,” he said. “This story may not be over yet.”

I don’t see James D. Cotterman advocating that profits per partner go back to 1998 levels. I wonder why?

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