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* Lehman to unload mortgage assets? [New York Times]
* Monster reaches $47.5 million settlement. [WSJ Law Blog]
* YouTube baby food poisoner arrested. [CNN]
* Two of Snoop’s groupies arrested. [MSNBC]
* Scientist about to be indicted in anthrax mailings case apparently committed suicide. [AP]

* Will work for laid-off Cadwalader attorneys be hard to find? [Am Law Daily]
* Legislation allowing FDA to regulate tobacco moves through House, heading towards veto. [Washington Post]
* Turkish court allows president and PM to remain in politics. [CNN]
* Former Thai PM’s wife found guilty of tax evasion, sentenced to three years. [New York Times]
* More litigation for Ed McMahon, this time $275K claimed by former counsel. [CNN]

* Martindale-Hubbell goes 21st century with LinkedIn partnership. [Am Law Daily]
* 82-year old Jerry Lewis cited for concealed firearm in an airport.
* Karadzic extradited to the Hague. [Washington Post]
* At U. Chicago, law professor Obama tested ideas in the classroom. [New York Times]
* Stevens indictment a set-back for GOP. [Washington Post; New York Times]
* Orrick reaches $2.8 million settlement with San Diego over pension fund shortfall. [Am Law Daily]

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts KKR.jpg* Law firms in on KKR offering. [Am Law Daily]
* PETA wants military to stop using animals in medical training. [CNN]
* Congress boldly agrees to ban toxins in toys. [Washington Post]
* Hamdan trial tests military commission system. [New York Times]
* Bush approves execution of Army private. [AP]
* L.A. city council considers limited ban on fast food. [MSNBC]
* L.A. lawyer Pierce O’Donnell indicted on political money laundering (and he responds). [LA Observed; Pierce O'Donnell Public Justice Blog]

Shia LaBeouf Shia LeBeouf Shia LaBoeuf.jpg* Conviction in Siemens bribery and corruption case. [Reuters]
* Another malpractice suit filed, this one against Thelen Reid. [The Recorder via Am Law Daily]
* Virginia jails must report foreign inmates to feds. [Washington Post]
* Shia LaBeouf arrested for DUI. [CNN]
* Mistrial motion in Barbie-Bratz dolls case, after juror booted for ethnic slurs. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Judge Charlies Brieant (S.D.N.Y.), RIP. [New York Times]

* Justice Department report details FBI objections to interrogation techniques used on terror suspects. [Legalities / ABC News; McClatchy]
* Jurors get a bit too much evidence in R. Kelly trial. [CNN]
* Officers in Sean Bell case face NYPD charges of misusing firearms. [New York Times]
* Florida woman gets seven years for enslavement. [CNN]
* Clinton takes Kentucky, but Obama grabs Oregon and the majority of pledged delegates. [MSNBC; New York Times]
* Should Obama promise Hillary a SCOTUS nomination? [Washington Post]

house home Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpg* Senate reaches agreement on housing relief bill. [New York Times]
* Polygamists question fairness of custody laws. [MSNBC]
* SCOTUS upholds child porn law. [Washington Post; SCOTUSblog]
* SCOTUS upholds tax exemptions for municipal bonds. [TaxProf Blog; WSJ Law Blog]
* AG Mukasey wins first SCOTUS argument in terror prosecution. [Washington Post]

Barack Obama small Senator Barack Hussein Obama Above the Law blog.JPG* Microsoft proposes a new collaboration with Yahoo. [New York Times; CNN]
* Obama administration would pursue more aggressive antitrust regulation. [Reuters]
(But Sen. Obama maintains a monopoly on 80,000 person rallies. See MSNBC.)
* Judge orders arrest of terror operative in Yemen. [Washington Post]
* Previews of the Obama, McCain, and Clinton Justice Departments. [WSJ
Law Blog
* National Museum of Crime and Punishment opens in DC. [MSNBC]
* Outside companies allow Facebook users to access their data through other sites — but Facebook isn’t happy about it. [Techcrunch via Washington Post]

Yahoo Microsoft Google Above the Law legal blog.jpg* Yahoo rejects Microsoft bid… What now? [New York Times; New York Times]

* FBI investigating weekend bombing at Federal Courthouse in San Diego; no injuries. [CNN]

* Drawn-out primary comes down to 30 cents a day… When will it end? [Washington Post]

* FBI and IRS to look deeper into the abyss that is the mortgage crisis. [New York Times]

* Will Ohio get two new super-lawyers? [YouTube: LeBron James and

Brady Quinn]

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Morning Docket: 04.09.08

Facebook logo MySpace Friendster Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpg* Feuding Harvard students near settlement over Facebook founding. [New York Times]
* Princess Di’s death deemed criminal; but was it also the butler on the witness stand with the perjury? [CNN]
* Call girls testify in DC Madam case. [Washington Post]
* Justice Scalia, “not a nut,” on CSPAN tonight. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Fourth Circuit hears “enemy combatant” case. [Washington

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