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* Jury thinks that idiots from Kansas church doth protest too much at funeral; $10.9 million for father of killed Marine. [Baltimore Sun via How Appealing]
* Justice department fails in prosecution of its (former) own. [New York Times]
* Senate Judiciary to vote on Mukasey next Tuesday. [ Jurist]
* Execution back to Cali – I don’t think so. [Jurist]
* Some lateral benchslappery in Georgia. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

staph infection staphylococcus Above the Law blog.jpg* Family to sue NYC over staph death. [CNN]
* Nader sues DNC for trying to win 2004 Presidential election conspiring against him in 2004. [AP via Breitbart]
* Should law school be more like business school? [WSJ Law Blog]
* Georgia to $336,000 in child support! [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Yep, de facto moratorium. [New York Times]

* The war on punitive damages continues. [USA Today via How Appealing]
* Suspect from Burning Man burning to burn something else. [Reno Gazette-Journal]
* Senators want clarification from Mukasey on waterboarding. [Jurist]
* Lerach pleads guilty. [Los Angeles Times]
* Do we have a de facto moratorium on executions pending this term’s SCOTUS lethal injection case? We should find out today. [New York Times]

* Genarlow is school shopping. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution via How Appealing]
* She judges you when you use poor grammar; she has that in common with a lot of ATL readers. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Defendants in China now actually get to meet with their defense lawyers; better than Gitmo. [Jurist]
* Lawyer, Senator, President, woman. Hillary Clinton? No, not yet, but it looks like this Argentine woman is now all of those things. [BBC]
* Death sentence for fetus snatcher. [CNN]

Ginsburg2.jpgThe voting was closer than we expected it to be, but the result was no surprise: Deecy Gray and her new hubby, Judge Douglas Ginsburg (that distinguished chap on the right), beat out two sets of Stanford whippersnappers to win ATL’s Couple of the Month honors for September.
The full vote tally appears after the jump. A 42-glass champagne toast to the happy couple, and thanks to all the readers who voted!

double red triangle arrows Continue reading “Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: September’s Couple of the Month”

* Clarence Darrow? How cliche. Anywho, this guy is now a New Mexico Supreme Court justice. [Albuquerque Journal (free trial pass required) and New Mexico Business Weekly, via How Appealing]
* Step 1: Stop killing monks. [Jurist]
* Death for the death penalty? [New York Times]
* Latham lawyer DQ’ed in KPMG trial. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Thomas in the ATL. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Michael Vick middle finger Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpg* So how did Michael Mukasey do yesterday? Here’s a collection of some coverage. [How Appealing (linkwrap)]
* He totally should have mailed it to himself before faxing it to the Ravens. Also, not a joke, just a fact: the caption is over half of this 37-page opinion. [U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (PDF) via How Appealing]
* How many businesses was Vick opening? Yet another bank sues him over a business loan. [Fulton County Daily Report]
* Speaking of Vick getting sued, he got sued by a South Carolina inmate again, and it’s not Jonathan Lee Riches. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Can’t we all just agree that a little less process is due in this case? [CNN]
* SCOTUS stays Virginia execution. [CNN]

* Our right to play fantasy sports (or more accurately, companies’ rights to use players names in offering fantasy leagues) trumps the players’ rights of publicity; so sayeth the Eighth Circuit. [Bloomberg via How Appealing]
* No more porn on Facebook. [AP via Reno Gazette-Journal]
* Georgia’s not waiting on SCOTUS; set to execute inmate Friday. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Qaddafi with a vote on the Security Council? Oh how times have changed. [New York Times]
* Mukasey should breeze through. [Jurist]

oj simpson mug shot Above the Law no pun intended.jpg* O.J. freshly squeezed by a second co-defendant. [AP via Athens Banner-Herald]
* Law professors get appointed to do everything. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Nevada holds off on an execution, waiting on SCOTUS. [Reno Gazette-Journal]
* Weiss pleads not guilty. [Jurist]
* iPoison. [PC World]

* Three-ring circus set up for Gitmo trials. [Los Angeles Times via How Appealing]
* Meanwhile, others at Gitmo may get new hearings. [New York Times]
* More ruminations on Genarlow Wilson; the Georgia Supreme Court is expected to rule soon. [Atlanta Journal-Constituion]
* House threatening to offend Turkishness. [New York Times]
* GlaxoSmithKline v. U.S. Patent Office. [WSJ Law Blog]

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