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* Didn’t they just execute somebody with an electric chair? And this is what gets them in trouble with the Constitution? [Jurist]
* Mel Weiss to be indicted. [New York Times]
* Oh, Al Sharpton, you’re incorrigible. [CNN]
* Judge withdraws jury instruction in Spector case; has he set up an easy appeal if there’s a conviction? [CNN]

* O.J.’s really just pulling all of these stunts so that he can make it up to the Goldmans. [CNN]
* Jury hung for the moment in Spector trial; judge might send them back in to consider manslaughter instead. [BBC]
* To catch a predator-catcher. [Athens Banner-Herald]
* She needs to undergo some tests for crazy. [CNN]
* I say once you get old enough to play with it, it’s your call. [WSJ Law Blog]

* I sense a lucrative products liability niche practice area. [CNN]
* Both New Yorks sue Vioxx. [Jurist]
* ACLU takes a wide stance in favor of Larry Craig. [CNN]
* California can’t sue the car companies for breaking the planet. [New York Times]
* Lerach to plead guilty in Milberg Weiss case. [WSJ Law Blog]

* GM workers take break from, um, not working. [New York Times]
* Jena 6 charges thrown out because not filed in juvenile court. [CNN]
* O.J. gets squeezed for alleged Vegas robbery. [AP via Athens Banner-Herald]
* Mukasey it is. [New York Times]

* Patriot Act struck down in part. [New York Times]
* Bush announces two nominations to the Fourth Circuit. [How Appealing; WSJ Law Blog]
* Jury has Spector case. [BBC]
* Georgians will need photo ID to vote; no word on whether ID will be required to service the Diebold machines. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* God’s law. [Chicago Tribune via How Appealing]
* Suspended sentence? Yes, suspended sentence. [Jurist]

* Um, let me get this straight: a U.S. judge is holding a hearing about whether France will comply with the Geneva Conventions? [BBC]
* Don’t be fooled by the arbitration award that she got; she’s still Jenny from the block. [AP via Fulton County Daily Report]
* Haditha officers sanctioned, but not criminals. [CNN]
* The Law Blog follows through on its whip count promise with a quiz. [WSJ Law Blog]
* And here are the answers (60 lawyers, if you want to cut to the chase). [WSJ Law Blog]

* It wasn’t me. [Legal Blog Watch]
* Well, I’m a pretty famous celebrity, so I got that going for me… [CNN]
* Divorce for Shaq. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Look what you’ve done, Specter. [CNN]
* Should we file RICO charges against Tom Cruise? [Jurist]

* God, are we really still talking about Chertoff for AG? [WSJ Law Blog]
* Nifong gets a day in jail for contempt. [CNN]
* North Korea is still with the terrorists. [New York Times]
* Apparently the Law Blog is doing a Senate JD whip count later, and for now they’ve got some other stuff about JDs in the Senate. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Closeted congressmen, watch out. [Washington Post]

* Nifong pleads not guilty to contempt. [CNN]
* Debarge beats his woman to the Rhythm of the Night. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Texas just keeps on killing people didn’t kill this one (our bad; we saw Texas and execution and assumed). [New York Times]
* Can’t get enough funny Larry Craig stuff? Here you go! [YouTube]
* Does every affirmative action have an equal and opposite reaction? [WSJ Law Blog]

The Associated Press (via the Washington Post) reported Tuesday that the short list to replace Alberto Gonzales as AG is the following five names:

Ted Olson
George J. Terwilliger, III
Sen. Orrin Hatch
Larry D. Thompson
Paul D. Clement

Ted Olson seems like a solid, non-controversial choice. Terwilliger would definitely be the most fun name to have as AG. Senator Hatch is an interesting choice, but I’m not sure he’s interested. We took a class from Thompson in Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Procedure at UGA Law, and we liked him well enough. Clement is a logical choice I suppose as the current acting AG.
Here’s hoping that it is one of these guys, and not one of the crazy names being thrown around on Monday, like Michael Chertoff. Let’s try to go with somebody with a history of, I dunno….competence.

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