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Arnold.JPG* Arnold Schwarzenegger gets his tank back, offers rides to children. [Houston Chronicle]
* The Morality of Trade: “Commerce is not a cuss word.” [Commerce Law]
* Did anybody remember that it’s a leap year? [PrawfsBlawg]
* Perhaps the shortest jury deliberation ever. [CNN]
* Virginia Supreme Court strikes down taxation without representation. So close, DC! []

Yoshino.jpgNYU School of Law announced today that it has hired Professor Kenji Yoshino as a tenured faculty member. He was a visiting professor at the school last year and again this spring.

Professor Yoshino graduated from Yale Law in 1996 and is influential in the fields of constitutional law, anti-discrimination law, and law and literature. It’s quite a score for NYU. Read the original email announcement, from Dean Ricky Revesz, after the jump.

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Love.jpgMarc J. Randazza fills us in on the Texas sex toy ban, just struck down by the Fifth Circuit. According to Marc, the arguments for outlawing the sale of toys for your pleasure-parts are thus:

(1) If the Texas dildo law is invalidated as an improper encroachment upon personal liberty, this will open the floodgates, and laws on bigamy and incest will be struck down too.

(2) Striking down the law “impermissibly overrides state lawmakers’ settled ‘authority to regulate commercial activity they deem harmful to the public’” (naturally citing a dissenting opinion from the 11th Circuit).

Marc slams the arguments for his own well-articulated reasons at the link. To us, the first argument is a slippery (heh) slope argument, which is usually a weak logical tactic. The second argument is stronger, although we’d like to see a list of reasons why sex toys are so harmful.
It is still illegal to sell sex toys in Alabama. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an Alabama case in 2007 on the subject, so the lower court’s ruling (upholding the ban) remains intact. This quote, from Alabama store owner Sherri Williams (the store’s name is “Pleasures”) sums up the passion of people across the Southland who find the ban ridiculous:

“My motto has been they are going to have to pry this vibrator from my cold, dead hand. I refuse to give up,” she said.

You go, girl. By contrast, guns are perfectly legal in both states.
Texas — Still Obsessed With Dildos [Legal Satyricon]

Listserv.gifFrom one of our tipsters:
Richard Rosenbaum, president of Greenburg Traurig, made the following group email faux pas. He used the company listserv to send two emails soliciting contributions for the McCain campaign, proving that law students aren’t the only bumbling souls who screw up listserv etiquette. From Rosenbaum’s first email:

“As we have said on a number of other occasions, our firm does not support any particular presidential candidates as a firm. We are a business catering to a wide range of clients and employing lawyers and staff with a wide variety of interests and preferences in the political arena…”

Blah blah blah, a bunch of politically correct qualifiers, then BANG! The money-grab:

“I have recently been named a National Co-Chair of Senator McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. As has previously been the case, over the next several months I will be working alongside several other leaders from the American business and legal communities to personally solicit contributions and other political support for Senator McCain’s presidential campaign.”

Now, of course, Rosenbaum goes on to say that participation is voluntary, etc. But is it really appropriate for a firm President to use group email to solicit campaign funds?
More, after the jump.

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IRS.jpgThe IRS is investigating the denomination Trinity United Church of Christ for hosting Barack Obama as a speaker in front of 10,000 people in June of 2007. Non-profit organizations are generally not allowed to endorse candidates, although politicos can speak at such organizations.
You can find the AP article here. More press and blog coverage is after the jump.
IRS Investigates Obama’s Denomination [AP]

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Blow Candy.jpgA candy company’s been under some scrutiny lately about their new drink mix, which they innocently named “Blow.” It comes in little clear packets and supposedly gives you lots and lots of energy. Athough it probably doesn’t work as well as that Adderall you have in your desk, it is likely much cheaper.
In any event, get your Blow now if you want it. The FDA is mighty displeased, and they’ve threatened legal action if the company doesn’t “rehab” its image. Hmm, what other drug-related words can we pack into this story?

Thank You Ma’am

Author Picture.jpgMy name is Sharon Eliza Nichols, and I’ll be co-blogging with David today. First, though, I thought I’d introduce myself.
I’m a curious little blonde girl with poor impulse control. I’m also a 1L at the University of Alabama School of Law. It’s my sincere desire to contribute to the world of legal sensationalism, and preferably not as the object of some politician’s philandering. Writing for ATL lets me do that, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.
I’m currently in law school, but I’ve had some unusual experiences. My father is a Southern Baptist pastor, so you can imagine the tension caused by the good preacher’s daughter writing a semi-irreverent blog. I started the Facebook group “I judge you when you use poor grammar,” which all of you should immediately join. Because the group became unexpectedly large, I’ve had some experience in entrepreneurship, charming the media, and writing for a large audience. I ruffle a separate set of feathers over at Thank You Ma’am.
I also love the beach, sun, bright colors, shiny objects and southern accents. Hate mail, grammatical corrections and marriage proposals should go to Ijudgeyouwhen at gmail dot com.
Let’s get it started in here, ATL-style. Cheers!

Marion Barry Roy Pearson Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpg* Who is this really protecting? Do women really need someone to tell us we can’t date this guy? Judging by an unscientific sample of good women dating assholes, kind of. [Feministing]
* Angelina’s lawyer self-deprecates; Angelina doesn’t disagree with his bone-headedness; even Jon Stewart is not immune to her charms. [Legal Profession Blog]
* ABC and Fox look the same to me right now. [BreitBart]
* If 22-year-old graduates with little (if any) teaching experience are fortunate enough to get a coveted, resume- and Ivy-worthy job with Teach for America, they will get health benefits — plus a free pass to say things like “I found my fellow teachers intelligent, caring and effective” and “I have no idea why so many low-income parents make sacrifices to send their kids to private schools” (to peers who did indeed survive public schools) — before bailing for law school. [Citizen-Times]
* And because I am grateful to live in the free world, I encourage everyone to voice his or her opinions whenever given the chance. Of course, these bloggers do so with full disclosure of their identities in the face of harsh political consequences, but we can’t help that we’re cowardly, coddled, self-obsessed risk-averse lawyers living in the U.S. [All Africa]

* Defense claimed that the dog was hardly a victim and that his barking translated roughly into “You looking at me?” [Rutland Herald]
* So You Think You Can Pretend to be a Cop and not get sued? What would be really funny is filming Sharon Osbourne in the courtroom if her son Jack goes to trial. [Reality TV World]
* Dumb workplace tricks. [Workplace Prof Blog]
* To LLM or not to LLM? Like that 3rd useless year wasn’t bad enough. [Law and Letters]
* If you’re like me and finding work a little eh as summer takes hold, check out the hilarious “Clark and Michael,” starring George-Michael from Arrested Development. And do not comment on how the hand-held camera is so over, cluelessness is getting tired, everyone’s ripping off The Office, etc. Also do not comment that this isn’t law-related, because Michael Cera as my weird, unofficial, underaged crush is kind of criminal. Actually, scrap that, I think he’s 19 now. Anyway, just enjoy. [Clark and Michael]

* Ethiopia is fast becoming the safety school of adopting families. As much red tape as you encounter, oh culturally aware saviors, it will not be as infuriating as this. [International Herald Tribune]
* Ironic grades are cool, but now that the hipster is good and buried, this is the time for the academic to stake her claim to a piece of our generation’s cultural zeitgeist. [Prawfs Blawg]
* Some money-grubbing entrepreneurs have cheated honest, quilt-making folk under the guise of art patronage. Allegedly. [Charlotte Observer]
* Memorial Day–not just for barbecues anymore. [Dumb Ass Daily]

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