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    Morning Docket: 07.01.13

    * Who is the real John Roberts? Will he forever be known as health care reform’s savior, or the man who disregarded precedent to gut minority voting rights? Hell if we know, so we’ll let you be the judge. [Opinionator / New York Times]

    * The man may be a mystery, but one thing’s for sure when it comes to Chief Justice Roberts: it’s fair to say that at this point, he’d sincerely appreciate it if his colleagues would kindly STFU during oral argument. [Big Story / Associated Press]

    * Elena Kagan, a justice who was never a judge, is now being praised for her ability to put the law into terms that non-lawyers can understand. That’s a score for law professors everywhere. [New York Times]

    * In terms of the Voting Rights Act, while the chances of the current Congress enacting a universal voting law are approximately nil, there are other effective avenues that could be taken. [New York Times]

    * On Friday, the Ninth Circuit lifted the stay on gay marriages in California, and less than 24 hours later, Prop 8 supporters filed an emergency motion with SCOTUS to stop all of the weddings. Lovely. [NPR]

    * Meanwhile, ex-judge Vaughn Walker thinks Justice Scalia’s having joined the high court’s majority on standing telegraphed the fact that he didn’t have votes to uphold Prop 8 as constitutional. [NPR]

    * Rubber stamp this: Judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court are so upset that they’re being made out as government patsies that they’re talking to the press about it. [Washington Post]

    * Whether you think Chevron is “suing [Patton Boggs] lawyers for litigating” or for promoting fraud that “shocks the conscience,” here’s a summary of what’s going on in an epic case. [Washington Post]

    * Got a high-profile criminal defense firm? Look out, because you may have captured Biglaw’s eye. Take, for example, Stillman & Friedman, which will be merging with Ballard Spahr. [New York Times]

    * Apparently being in your mid-50s is a “good time to [retire]” for law deans who pull in six figures. Ken Randall, outgoing dean of Alabama Law, says he’s “really ready for the next challenge.” []

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    Morning Docket 09.29.09

    * Doo-doo diligence? Proskauer Rose and Holland & Knight have both been hit with legal malpractice suits. [Miami Herald via ABA Journal] * Sometimes ignoring something does make it better. [Ars Technica] * From the inane adventures in social networking file: Poll on whether Obama should be killed leads to Facebook suspension and Secret Service […]

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  • Ballard Spahr, Lawyer Advertising, Pictures, Weirdness

    Ballard Spahr Does Body Shots

    Ballard Spahr has revamped its website. It’s clean, it’s fresh, and it has lots of stock photos and little comment pop-ups. One ATL reader urged us to take a closer look: You guys have to check out the new Ballard Spahr website, it is hysterical. Click on any attorney, there are two pictures, face and […]

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  • Ballard Spahr, Biglaw, Canceled Summer Programs - 2010, Summer Associates, Thompson Hine

    Ballard Spahr And Thompson Hine Cancel Their 2010 Summer Programs (Update: Squire Sanders, Too)

    Just last week, Ballard Spahr was sending around inspirational messages to its associates. Today, the firm has decided to cancel its 2010 Summer Program. Thompson Hine has also decided to cancel its 2010 Summer Program. If nothing else the move should give Rogue Associate an opportunity to comment. It’s one thing to cancel your entire […]

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    A Message of Inspiration From Ballard Spahr

    Here at Above the Law, we appreciate and encourage openness from law firms. Law firms don’t have to make quarterly reports to the SEC. But partners, associates, staff, and prospective law students should have as much information as possible about the firms they work for. So we honestly applaud Arthur Makadon, chairman of Ballard Spahr. […]

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  • Ballard Spahr, Lawyer of the Day, Layoffs

    Former Ballard Spahr Attorney Becomes Alleged Drug Mule

    The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a former Ballard Spahr attorney has been charged for allegedly smuggling drugs into a jail: A Philadelphia lawyer was arrested Friday night and charged with trying to take heroin into the Delaware County jail. Randall J. Sommovilla, 61, of the 900 block of South 11th Street, was charged with possession […]

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  • Ballard Spahr, Layoffs, Salary Cuts

    Salary Cut Watch: Ballard Spahr Makes Personal Decision About Personnel

    More evidence of deflation in the legal market comes from Philadelphia. Last week, Ballard Spahr decided to cut associate salaries. Tipsters report that the average cut is 14%, but each individual salary cut is based on class year and other factors. According to one source: Ballard Spahr cut associate salaries firmwide between approximately $19,000 and […]

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  • Ballard Spahr, Start Dates, Summer Associates

    Nationwide Start Date Watch: Ballard Spahr Offers $45K Plus For a Year Off

    Above the Law has been able to confirm that Ballard Spahr has officially pushed back start dates for its incoming first year associates. A tipster summarizes the details: On Friday Ballard Spahr told its incoming class that it is delaying start dates until September 2010. There will be a $45,000 stipend offered…. The firm claims […]

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