About the ATL Career Center

The ATL Career Center is a comprehensive source for JDs at every stage of their careers, pre-law to partners. In addition to data-rich information on firms and schools, the Career Center offers advice and insight for lawyers in the full specturm of legal careers, including clerkships, solo practice, in-house, public interest, and more.

Breaking Media’s Director of Research is Brian Dalton. Brian, a former associate at a New York law firm, has a JD from Fordham and MA from Middlebury College.

Top Schools, Top Firm Employers, and Top Practice by Headcount data is provided by Leopard Solutions. Leopard Solutions is a leading provider of attorney data to legal recruiters, law firms and law schools. We track attorneys in over 1500 law firms around the country and document their practice area, specialties, honors, languages, advanced degrees and more. We provide an overview of each firm as well as detailed information on individual attorneys. This data can be used to track trends, movements, growth and more.

LST Score and Total Investment data is provided by Law School Transparency (LST). LST is a legal education policy organization dedicated to improving consumer information concerning the value of legal education and to reforming the current law school model. LST provides a clearinghouse of employment data reconciled from the ABA, US News, NALP and individual law schools.