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* There’s a company with no revenue and no profit run out of Belize with a $6 billion market cap. And this lawyer might be the reason why. [Fortune]

* The discrimination claim brought by former professor Teresa Wagner against the University of Iowa College of Law must be retried. Congrats, Teresa! Celebrate with a round of shots. [Iowa Appeals]

* Chris Kluwe intends to sue the Minnesota Vikings. He has a good chance because the Vikings can’t beat anybody. [Sports Illustrated]

* Judge Judy is suing a lawyer over advertisements. [ABA Journal]

* A-Rod is being sued by his lawyer for $380,000 in unpaid bills. Life’s hard for multimillionaires when the income stream is temporarily suspended. [NY Daily News]

* Breaking up is hard to do. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to dissolve a law firm ethically if you follow this advice. Dewey know anyone who could have used this advice earlier? [Legal Talk Network]

* Indiana Tech law school is in desperation mode. Who would have seen this coming? [Third Tier Reality]

* The horrors of law school debt are becoming more obvious even to non-students. [Law School Lemmings]

* Jon Stewart chats with Dahlia Lithwick about the Supreme Court. Embed after the jump…. [The Daily Show]

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And he wants to be damn sure you know that.
Here’s a fun little video clip from The Daily Show. A quick intro, from the ATL reader who brought it to our attention:

On a recent episode of The Daily Show, they discussed a proposal, by local politicians in Arizona, to “incentivize” citizens to vote. Under the plan, any citizen who votes would receive a ticket for a lottery, with a grand prize of $1 million. The lottery would be open only to voters: if you don’t vote, you lose out on your chance to win the million bucks.

The Daily Show spoke with Jack Chin, a law professor from the University of Arizona, who argued that such an incentive would be illegal. He has an LLM from Yale (maybe you know him).

Given his East Coast pedigree, you’d think Chin would “play along,” i.e., have a clue as to how an interview with a Daily Show correspondent would go. But Chin was utterly clueless, and correspondent Dan Bakkedahl took this Yalie to town. By the end of the interview, Chin looked completely flustered, and he didn’t quite get that he was being made a mockery of.

We’re a bit surprised that a Yale-trained law prof wasn’t more down with how the Daily Show works. But we’re afraid our reader’s summary of the proceedings is basically accurate. Here’s the clip; you can judge for yourself:

Daily Show: Would You Vote For A Million Bucks? [YouTube]
Gabriel J. Chin bio [University of Arizona Rogers College of Law]