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* The NYT’s official statement on L’Affaire Berenson. [Starkman & Associates]
* A slew of law school hypotheticals about sex with and between minors, triggered by Carl Stanley McGee, our Lawyer of the Day. [PrawfsBlawg]
* Second runner-up for Lawyer of the Day? And a punitive damages award of $33 million. Ouch. [How Appealing]
* Man saves dog; law student saves man. Congratulations to GW’s Jason Coates, our Law Student of the Day! [GW Hatchet]
* “Derek Jeter has romanced Mariah Carey, squired Jessica Biel, sweet-talked Scarlett Johansson — and now he’s made it to first base with the state taxman.” [TaxProf Blog]
* Wow, this is wild. Has Gary Crossen, a former federal prosecutor and partner at Foley Hoag, read too many John Grisham novels? [WSJ Law Blog]
* Speaking of white-collar criminal defense lawyers, more business may be headed their way, courtesy of Andrew Cuomo. [DealBreaker]
* You’ve got… male? [Reuters]
* Are you a Disgruntled Republican? Join the club — or buy a mug. [Zazzle]

Harvard Law Review small Andrew Crespo Above the Law blog.jpgLast year, we ran a popular series of posts on the Harvard Law Review (click here and scroll down, to the posts marked with a mushroom cloud over Gannett House). The gist of the coverage, as described by one of our sources, was that the Review’s new, left-leaning leadership “is running the journal into the ground with a cabal of radical ideologues, making the outgoing editors nervous about the future reputation of the journal.”
We got some flak for our HLR coverage. But in view of what the Review is publishing these days, as discussed extensively in the blogosphere last week — see, e.g., the Volokh Conspiracy and PrawfsBlawg — we can’t help gloating. Just a little.
Harvard Law Review on Punitive Damages and the 14th Amendment [Volokh Conspiracy]
Cruel and Unusual? On the Harvard Law Review’s Case Comment on Philip Morris [PrawfsBlawg]
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of the Harvard Law Review

Mary Kate Olsen Above the Law blog.jpg* A PSA for Blackberry Pearl users on the T-Mobile network. Also, Theresa sounds deliciously evil. [PrawfsBlawg]
* “Senator Obama, we knew Jack Kennedy, and you, Senator, are–well, dude, you were two-years-old….” [What About Clients?]
* “Lessons from Mary-Kategate: Why Lawyers Should Not Engage in Media Relations.” And we agree wholeheartedly with this statement: “the ability to get under powerful people’s skin. If ever there was a talent valued among tabloid journalists, that’s got to be it.” [Starkman & Associates]
* DLA Piper to launch an in-house version of Facebook. But can you play Scrabulous on it? [Legal Blog Watch]
* It’s hard out here in a courtroom for a pimp, proceeding pro se. [11Alive.com]
* Oregon Supreme Court puts kibosh on unkindest cut. [Blogonaut]
* Blawg Review #144, with a Lord of the Rings theme. [Cyberlaw Central via Blawg Review]

Victoria Dawson professor legal writing Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgA legal writing teacher who can’t spell? From the St. Petersburg Times (gavel bang: Paul Caron):

In 2004, the woman who would become legal writing director at Florida A&M University’s law school posted a working paper online so legal scholars nationwide could see her work.

The subject was heady: environmental dispute resolution.

But Victoria Dawson’s paper was so riddled with grammatical errors and mangled writing that some FAMU law students are now using it to help build a case that Dawson is not qualified to teach and was hired primarily on the strength of her personal ties.

Here’s an excerpt from Dawson’s magnum opus:

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Laura Appleman Usha Rodrigues Rose Villazor.JPG
Some proof that Wednesday night’s law blogger party at Cloud wasn’t a total sausagefest.
Left to right: Laura I. Appleman, of Willamette; Usha Rodrigues, of the University of Georgia; and Rose Cuison Villazor, of SMU.
Trivia: Laura Appleman, a transplanted New Yorker, lives with her husband in Salem, Oregon (but makes regular trips up to Portland, which she enjoys). Usha Rodrigues’s first name is pronounced OO-shuh, and she’s the former editor-in-chief of the Virginia Law Review. Rose Villazor is Filipino-American (and so is her husband, who’s also a lawyer).
This is a continuation of our earlier photo post, Legal Bloggers + Law Professors = One Bitchin’ Party. You can access that post, which includes some background about the festivities, by clicking here.
Our remaining party photos, plus trivia, appear after the jump.

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Cloud Law Blogger Blawg Party Concurring Opinions Prawfsblawg.JPG

Last night, in Washington, DC, the coolest place to be was Cloud. This restaurant, bar and lounge, located on Dupont Circle, hosted a fantastic party of law professors and legal bloggers. Morton’s after the Oscars ain’t got nothing on this scene.
The festivities were co-sponsored by two fiercely competitive legal academic blogs: Concurring Opinions and PrawfsBlawg. Because of the big AALS annual meeting here in D.C., many law professors — and leading legal bloggers — were in attendance.
(Note to Dan Markel: In the preceding paragraph, we listed Concurring Opinions before PrawfsBlawg based solely on alphabetical order. We realize, of course, that PrawfsBlawg existed well before Concurring Opinions. And that, like, half of Concurring Opinions traffic comes from Google searches for nude photos of Jennifer Aniston. So we intend no disrespect to PrawfsBlawg.)
We took several pictures of legal geniuses lubricating their intellectual gears with alcoholic beverages. The first batch of our photographs appears after the jump.

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John G Roberts Chief Justice John Roberts Above the Law ATL ATL.JPGWe’d pay a king’s ransom for an update of the music video for “Miami.” Instead of showing Will Smith frolicking with bikini-clad beauties, the new version would feature Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito, shaking their bon-bons with surgically-enhanced sirens.
If this sounds unlikely, consider: Winter is still weeks away, but Supreme Court justices are already flocking to Miami.
Late last month, Justice Samuel A. Alito paid a visit, to swear in his former clerk, Alex Acosta, as U.S. Attorney. And just last night, Chief Justice John G. Roberts made an appearance, addressing an audience of 3,000 at the University of Miami. He also participated in an interview with Jan Crawford Greenburg of ABC News.
Accounts of the Chief’s visit are available from the Miami Herald, ABC News, and our pals at PrawfsBlawg (here and here). We’ve read ‘em all, so you don’t have to — although we do commend them to you, since they’re quite interesting.
Chief Justice Roberts spoke at length about how judges should not rule based on their “personal policy preferences,” and he expressed support for the separation of powers. Quelle surprise.
But he did share some more fun tidbits as well. Highlights from the write-ups, along with our commentary, after the jump.

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dan markel and wendi adelson.jpg–Ah, so Goulston & Storrs is going to China.* [WSJ Law Blog]
–Our Legal Eagle Wedding Watch is already generating controversy — see this post (and the comments). But Dan Markel — at right, with Wendi Adelson, his lovely wife — isn’t impartial when it comes to the NYT wedding pages.** [PrawfsBlawg]
–Yes, ATL will weigh in at some point on the controversy over diversity, Supreme Court clerks, and the relatively small number of women in this Term’s group of SCOTUS clerks. [Slate and Concurring Opinions, via SCOTUSblog]
But not on the Friday before Labor Day. Enjoy the holiday, everyone!
* We can make this lame, insensitive, politically incorrect pun, ’cause we’re Asian ourselves. And it’s hard out here for an Asian male. We’re the one demographic group that’s never en vogue — unlike, say, Asian women, or African-American men. So please, allow us the small pleasures.
** Disclosure: We went to college with Dan, worked on the school newspaper with him, and are friends with him. Hell, we’re pals with like three-quarters of the people we link to, write about, etc. The law: it’s a small world after all.
So please assume that everything you read here is potentially tainted with some kind of undisclosed conflict. Actual mileage may vary. Personal-injury lawyers in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are. Thank you.