• Dinesh D'Souza

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    Morning Docket: 09.24.14

    * The United States is launching air strikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but some have been compelled to wonder whether it’s legal under international law. Of course it’s legal, under the Rule of ‘MERICA, F*CK YEAH! [BBC]

    * Dewey know whether this failed firm’s former COO can get out of paying $9.3M to its bankruptcy trustee? Dewey know whether we’ll ever be able to stop using this pun? Sadly, the answer to both questions is no. [WSJ Law Blog]

    * Marc Dreier of the defunct Dreier LLP has been ordered to testify in person in his firm’s bankruptcy case in Manhattan, but he’d rather stay in the comforts of his prison home in Minnesota. Aww. [Bloomberg]

    * Dinesh D’Souza won’t have to do hard prison time for his campaign-finance violations. Instead, he’ll be spending eight months in a “community confinement center,” which sounds just peachy. [New York Times]

    * Northwestern Law is launching a campaign to fundraise $150M to be spent on an endless supply of Chick-fil-A sandwiches financial aid for students and curriculum improvements. [National Law Journal]

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    Morning Docket: 05.23.12

    * When Dewey need to hire our own lawyers? Now would be good. As D&L leaders mull bankruptcy options, more than 50 former partners are expected to hire Mark Zauderer to defend them against potential clawback claims. [New York Law Journal]

    * Day three of jury deliberations in the John Edwards campaign finance trial came and went without a verdict. The former presidential candidate must be wishing that he hadn’t came and went, because then there wouldn’t be a trial at all. [ABC News]

    * Yet another law firm is walking away scot-free from the Dreier drama without losing a single dime. Ruskin Moscou Faltischek was able to get Fortress Investment Group’s case tossed on appeal. [Thomson Reuters News & Insight]

    * A Facebook investor has sued NASDAQ, claiming that the stock exchange bungled the social networking site’s IPO. With FB’s stock price dropping as we speak, he’s seeking class-action status. Like. [Bloomberg]

    * Nafissatou Diallo amended her civil suit against Dominique Strauss-Kahn to include a claim alleging his “animus towards women.” Really, she just wants to introduce evidence of DSK’s sordid sexual past. [Reuters]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 02.27.12

    * Wow. David Brock, head of the liberal watchdog group Media Matters, “paid a former domestic partner $850,000 after being threatened with damaging information involving the organization’s donors and the IRS,” according to allegations in a lawsuit. [Instapundit] * Is the Supreme Court going to gut affirmative action in the Fisher case? Not necessarily, according […]

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    Lawsuit of the Day: A Gallery of Rogues

    The lawsuit captioned Dreier LLP v. Judith Regan was filed back in March 2008, months before Ponzi schemer Marc Dreier’s eponymous law firm went bust. But it’s back in the headlines as of today, thanks to some juicy documents unearthed by the New York Times. The documents in question — affidavits that were supposed to […]

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    ATL Lawyer of the Year: The Nominees

    Thanks to everyone who submitted possible nominees for our Lawyer of the Year award. We reviewed your 160+ comments and developed a slate of ten worthy candidates. Before we reveal them, we’ll talk about a few folks we passed over. A number of you suggested Mike Leach, the lawyer turned football coach who was recently […]

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    Morning Docket 12.22.09

    * The decade’s 25 biggest legal stories. [National Law Journal] * A former Fried Frank litigation associate, Julie Kamps, who previously filed a employment discrimination claim, is now filing a lawsuit against the firm, alleging sexual harassment by a female partner and discrimination because she is gay. She’s suing for $50 million and partnership. If […]

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  • Dreier

    Marc Dreier: Now This is a Sense of Entitlement

    Vanity Fair has a detailed article on Marc Dreier. It’s TLDR fascinating. The magazine has a great quote from Dreier explaining how his life felt after he got divorced and split from his longtime business partner: All this sent Dreier into an emotional tailspin. “I was very distraught,” he says. “I was very disappointed in […]

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    Marc Dreier Gets 20 Years

    The long (inter)national Marc Dreier nightmare is almost at an end. He’s been sentenced to 20 years for defrauding his clients and investors. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog reports: Prosecutors had asked for a 145-year sentence, which harked back to the 150-year sentence U.S. District Judge Denny Chin readily handed down to Bernie Madoff, […]

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  • Bernie Madoff, Dreier, Jed Rakoff, Sentencing Law, White-Collar Crime

    Is Marc Dreier Almost As Bad as Bernie Madoff?

    The federal government seems to think so, based on the sentence they’re seeking. We’re kind of proud that one of our own, a lawyer, can rank up there with one of the greatest swindlers of all time. And what does Marc Dreier think he deserves? No more than 12 1/2 years, according to his sentencing […]

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  • Dreier, White-Collar Crime

    What’s Going On with Marc Dreier?

    Find out over at our sister site, Dealbreaker, which has the latest news. Dreier Sheets [Dealbreaker] Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of Marc Dreier

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    Morning Docket 05.12.09

    * Marc Dreier pleaded guilty yesterday. “He has disgraced the honorable profession of law,” said Judge Jed S. Rakoff. [New York Times] * Dreier’s $400 million swindle obviously supported quite a lavish lifestyle. Check out his 2500+ sq. ft. Southampton beach house to be auctioned off next month. [David R. Maltz & Co.] * The […]

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    Morning Docket 04.28.09

    * Marc Dreier will plead guilty on May 11. Defense attorney Gerald Shargel said he “wants to enter the plea to demonstrate his acceptance of responsibility and his profound remorse.” Or maybe it’s just because he ran out of money to pay Shargel. [Forbes] * Forget the office attire debate over suit vs. blazer and […]

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  • Dreier

    Marc Dreier: An Update

    Quite some time has passed since our last discussion of Marc Dreier, the once highflying, now disgraced Manhattan litigator. We’d like to belatedly draw your attention to three items. First, an article from the New York Post: Disgraced attorney Marc Dreier could be on the hook for $1.5 million to the white-shoe lawyers who took […]

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    Morning Docket 3.25.09

    * A U.S. District Judge in Virginia, Rebecca Beach Smith, will soon decide whether preserved Titanic artifacts must remain available to the public. [The San Francisco Chronicle] * Adam Liptak gives us a lively look into the Supreme Court discussion about the highly critical Hillary documentary. [The New York Times] * Obama’s lawyers were in […]

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    Morning Docket 3.23.09

    * The vultures are circling around Dreier LLP’s Park Avenue office–an auctioneer’s website reads “everything must be sold,” but Dreier’s indictment last week says he must forfeit the firm’s assets–the prosecutors and bankruptcy trustee will have to fight it out. [The National Law Journal] * “U.K. regulatory lawyers advising clients on the financial crisis and […]

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    Morning Docket 02.24.09

    * SCOTUS will look at the separation of church and state when they decide whether “a cross to honor fallen soldiers can stand in a national preserve in California.” [The Los Angeles Times] * Lawyers say Madoff must have had help with his Ponzi scheme. [Bloomberg] * Attorney General Eric Holder visited Guantanamo yesterday to […]

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  • Dreier

    Penthouse Arrest For EVERYONE!

    [Ed. note: This is a cross-post from one of our sister sites, Dealbreaker, which we thought you might appreciate because of its focus on an ATL celebrity: the recently indicted, high-profile litigator, Marc Dreier.] Clearly, major fraud defendants have the best racket going- unless you just can’t live without the Deli down the street. First […]

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