erisa beauty queen.jpgLess than an hour remains for voting in our ERISA Hotties Contest. And it looks like things are going to be super-close!
On the women’s side, Jennifer Stojak has just edged ahead of Sarah Downie, who had been leading for the entire time until now. Right now they’re separated by fewer than 10 votes.
On the men’s side, Professor Bruce Wolk, who has also led the field since voting started, remains ahead of Jordan Backman — but just barely. Professor Wolk has 33 percent of the vote; Jordan is right behind him, with 31 percent.
Yes, we know: some of you are encountering difficulties in voting, which we regret. But before you email us about them, please read this post, A Note on the Voting, which explains why they are (probably) not within our control.
Thanks! Check back soon for the official results.
(And don’t forget to vote for Legal Eagle Wedding Watch’s “Couple of the Month,” which you can do by clicking here.)

erisa beauty queen.jpgOnly a few hours are left for you to vote in our ERISA Hotties Contest. Per our prior announcement, the voting will end at 1 p.m. today. Click here to vote on the men, and here to vote on the women (if you haven’t done so already).
A number of you have emailed us to report that when you try to vote, you receive an “You’ve already voted’ message, even if it’s the first time you’ve tried voting. Unfortunately, this is a technical issue, and one that lies beyond our control — it’s controlled by Pollhost, which is administering this poll. We made an inquiry to Pollhost about this problem, and we received this explanation:

Users are restricted from voting more than once a combination of IP address and cookies. Sometimes a single office shares an IP address and a user is upset when their co-workers are unable to vote. The way this works is the best possible means available.Pollhost

We regret the inability of the polling software to distinguish between different computers within certain officers. But, as noted, there’s nothing we can do about it…
As we stressed last week, all results are final. Whether we’re talking about ERISA hotties or presidential candidates, this truth should be kept in mind: Our voting system may be imperfect; but it’s the only one we’ve got.
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jim telfer.jpegAs we mentioned when announcing the nominees, we received many more ERISA hotties than we were able to include in our contest (which ends tomorrow). We also received a number of excellent submissions after the close of nominations. As we explained to those who submitted belated nominations, we adopted a bright-line rule of no late submissions (because including them would require us to redo the poll, and we are lazy).
We would, however, like to single out one ERISA hottie who didn’t make the original slate of nominees, but who received a huge outpouring of after-the-fact support: Jim Telfer, an ERISA partner in the San Francisco office of Orrick. Here are some of the comments we received about him:

I’d like to nominate Jim as hottest ERISA lawyer in America. He’s hot on the inside and out–hilarious, brilliant, fascinating and hip.

I Vote for Jim because he is sexy!!!!!

Good teeth. Great hair.

Check him out–you’ll see. Quite simply the hottest ERISA attorney around.

We regret that we were unable to include the smokin’ hot Mr. Telfer in this year’s contest. But we hereby declare him an “honorary ERISA hottie,” based on the strength of these many testimonials.
We expect ATL’s ERISA Hotties Contest to become a long-running tradition. So, to all you fans of Mr. James Telfer, please keep on reading this site — and when next year rolls around, be sure to send in your (lengthy and timely) raves!
Jim Telfer bio [Orrick]

erisa beauty queen.jpgJust 24 hours remain in our ERISA Hotties Contest. As we previously announced, we’re closing the polls tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time. So if you haven’t done so already, you need to get out there and vote. Click here to vote on the men, and here to vote on the women.
Since our last report, the races have tightened further. Sarah Downie still leads the women’s field, with 25 percent of the vote; but Jennifer Stojak, at 23 percent, is nipping at her Manolo-clad heels. Meanwhile, on the men’s side, Jordan Backman is gaining fast on Professor Bruce Wolk — 28 percent to 30 percent.
All this goes to show that it ain’t over ’til it’s over. We expect both races to come down to the wire. So candidates, you need to make a last-minute push, locating voters with fresh IP addresses who haven’t already cast their ballots.
A message to the field: No litigation, please. All results will be final. Good luck!

erisa beauty queen.jpgThe polls in our ERISA Hotties Contest will remain open throughout the weekend. In fact, as we previously mentioned, they’ll stay open until Tuesday. Click here to vote on the men, and here to vote on the women (if you haven’t done so already).
With a few more days of voting, there’s ample time for laggards to catch up — if they campaign hard enough. Right now, the women’s race is very competitive: Sarah Downie has 29 percent of the vote, but Jennifer Stojak isn’t far behind, with 23 percent. Heather Meade is running third, with 11 percent. At this early stage, the percentage margins aren’t large in absolute numbers: Downie and Stojak are separated by under 20 votes.
Meanwhile, on the men’s side, Professor Bruce A. Wolk has driven his Camry — vanity plate “ERISA 74″ — out to an early lead (31 percent). But the good professor’s lead is much narrower than it once was, and Jordan Backman, at 24 percent, is within striking distance. Michael Maricco and Malcolm Slee are running third and fourth, with 13 and 12 percent of the vote, respectively.
We’ve heard back from more of the nominees (a number of them off-the-record, sadly). But Sarah Downie and Jennifer Stojak were willing to comment on the record. Check out their statements, after the jump.

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erisa lawyers.jpegOur ERISA Hotties Contest is definitely steaming up the windows at pension law offices around the country. Our email inbox is overflowing with ERISA erotica. Apparently, many of you want to engage in some “prohibited transactions” with our bevy of ERISA beauties…
(If you haven’t done so already, you can vote on the ERISA women here, and the ERISA men here. Knock yourselves out!)
We’ve received some emails asking about when the voting will close. The polls will close on Tuesday, September 12, at 1 PM (Eastern time). We’ve chosen this date to allow the candidates some time to campaign (e.g., through blast emails to the entire firm, telephone calls to internet-savvy grandmothers, etc.). We’ve chosen this time to allow West Coast readers to vote one last time when they get into the office that morning.
As we did with the men, we contacted all of the female contestants for comment. We haven’t heard back from them yet, but we’ll let you know if and when we do.
We did hear back from one more of the male candidates, however: the hunky Jordan Backman, currently in second place (but gaining fast on Professor Wolk). Jordan’s gracious, Oscar-ready statement appears after the jump.

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erisa lawyers.jpegWith apologies for the delay, here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: announcement of the female nominees in our first annual ERISA Lawyer Hotties Contest. (You can review and vote upon the male nominees here.)
We originally planned on having ten women as finalists. But as we did with the men, due to the strength of the field, we decided to go up to a dozen.
(You know what that means… pictorial calendars!!! A commenter suggests the proceeds could go to charity. How about the woefully underfunded PBGC?)
As we did with the men, we picked our twelve female finalists based on (1) their photographs and (2) reader testimonials about them. We apologize to all of you who took the time to nominate an ERISA attorney who doesn’t appear here. Given the large field of ERISA babes, making the final cut wasn’t easy.
Review the pictures and testimonials for the female finalists — and cast your vote for America’s Hottest Female ERISA Lawyerafter the jump.

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erisa lawyers.jpegOur ERISA Hotties Contest is in full swing (at least on the male side; female nominees coming soon). To review the field and cast your vote, click here.
Last night, like the responsible journalists that we are, we contacted all of the nominated male hotties for comment:

Dear ERISA lawyer:

Congratulations. You have been selected as a finalist in Above the Law’s first annual “ERISA Hottie Contest,” our quest to find the most attractive pension-and-employee-benefit attorneys in the United States. You can check out the contest here:

If you would like to comment on this honor, or if you have a “campaign message” you would like to disseminate, please let us know, and we will communicate it to the public. If you have no comment, that’s fine as well. But please be advised that we cannot accept requests to be withdrawn from the competition.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration. Good luck!

Best regards,
David Lat

We’re still waiting to hear back from most of the competitors, but we’ve already received responses from two of them: Michael Maricco and Professor Bruce A. Wolk. Check out what they had to say, after the jump.

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erisa lawyers.jpegThis was absolutely agonizing; but after hours of deliberation, we managed to do it. We reviewed the male side of the field in our ERISA Lawyer Hotties Contest, then painstakingly winnowed it down to twelve deserving finalists. (Yes, we previously said we’d have ten finalists. But picking even a dozen, from so many worthy competitors, was nearly impossible.)

Our decisions were based on (1) photographs of the nominees, and (2) reader testimonials about them. In order to make the final cut, a nominee needed an appealing picture and a strong testimonial. We also gave priority to attorneys who work primarily on pension and employee benefit law, as opposed to ones whose practice involves the field only tangentially.

The female finalists will follow tomorrow. For now, check out the pictures and testimonials for the male finalists — and cast your vote for America’s Hottest Male ERISA Lawyer — after the jump (click on the “continue reading” link).

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erisa lawyers.jpegApologies for the slow-ish pace of posting today. We’ve been a little distracted, having spent most of the morning scrutinizing photographs of ERISA attorneys. (Hey, it’s a living — and it sure beats document review.)
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who submitted an ERISA hottie nomination. Even if weren’t able to respond to your email personally, due to the sheer volume of what we received, please know that we appreciate the time you took to select and rave about your favorite ERISA lawyer.
We’d also like to apologize to those of you who went to the trouble of nominating an ERISA hottie, but don’t see your nominee listed when the polls open. Our poll is limited to ten men and ten women. Because we received well over twenty nominations, we had to make some tough choices. Please don’t take it personally — such judgments are highly subjective. De gustibus non disputandum est.
Here’s where the contest currently stands. The nominations period is now closed. We accepted a few nominations that straggled in after yesterday’s 5 p.m. deadline, but we won’t accept any further submissions. The slates of nominees will appear shortly, either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. So check back soon!
Update: You can vote on the male nominees here, and the female nominees here. Enjoy!
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