seersucker suit.jpgThe results of our summer fashion polls are in (see our original posts here and here), and the message is loud and clear: ATL readers don’t like arms. You gave emphatic thumbs-down to spaghetti-strap tops for women and short-sleeved dress shirts for men.
The latter was the object of much mockery: “i feel like telling the guys who are wearing them to go back to the appliance store and sell some more ovens,” said one commenter.
More discussion and poll results, after the jump.

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One of the biggest legal and political stories today is the congressional testimony of Sara Taylor, former White House political director. Taylor declined to answer a number of questions, based on executive privilege.
We’ll leave substantive discussion of the Taylor testimony to others, and focus instead on matters of style. From a tipster:

“Check out this photo essay. I don’t mean to sound catty, but shouldn’t she have used Monica Goodling’s stylist?”

Sara Taylor Testimony Senate Judiciary Committee Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.JPG
We agree wholeheartedly. Screw executive privilege — what about stylist’s privilege?
We comment on some of the Sara Taylor photos, after the jump.

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Nina Totenberg NPR Georgetown Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgThe interesting anecdotes about NPR’s Nina Totenberg, the grande dame of the Supreme Court press corps, continue to fill our inbox. And just as in the case of Peter Barta, it’s fascinating to see how little stories can come together, like pieces of a puzzle, to give you a more complete portrait of a person.
Anyway, here’s the latest gossip about Ms. Nina, from a former neighbor:

True story. Nina Totenberg used to live [a few] blocks away from me on Capitol Hill.

A few years back, she put her house on the market and had an open house. The house was perfectly fine — nothing particularly grand or tacky.

The one thing that stuck out, however, was that she left her nylons hanging to dry in the bathroom. Classy.

Très, très Britney. Not unlike loudly chewing gum during a Supreme Court argument.
Earlier: Prior ATL coverage of Nina Totenberg (scroll down)

Phillip Pilie Phillip R Pilie Philip Pilie Philip R Pilie Phil Pilie Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgMany of you are studying for bar exams at the end of this month. You read ATL while procrastinating — and perhaps you feel guilty about it.
But you shouldn’t. There are far worse ways to procrastinate.
Like using the internet to set up trysts with underage females — who turn out to be undercover detectives. This email was forwarded to us yesterday:

From: [UGA Law grad]
Date: Jul 10, 2007 1:32 PM
Subject: Another great moment for UGA Law!
To: [Various other UGA Law alumni]

Philip Pilie… a graduating 3L this past May. See these links.

More background, from a tipster:

Guy in question was studying for the Louisiana Bar Exam before he got picked up [for computer-aided solicitation for sexual purposes and attempted indecent behavior with a juvenile].

He was a Georgia Law ’07 grad, with a job lined up at Baker Donelson (a big firm for the city) in New Orleans. All of that is obviously not going to happen now.

Kicker is this: If you Google his online handle, it comes up with forum posts for a bunch of fashion sites. In one he gives lengthy fashion advice…

Read more about the Prada Predator, after the jump.

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Legal Aid Society New York Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgIn the discussion about Peter Barta, the Legal Aid lawyer who allegedly made secret videotapes of his female colleagues getting dressed in the office, one question keeps coming up, again and again.
This comment is representative:

“[C]an someone explain why people are getting dressed/undressed at the Legal Aid office in the first place?”

We were curious ourselves. So we undertook an ATL investigation, contacting a few sources with firsthand knowledge.
If you’re curious, the results of our investigation appear after the jump.

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Muslim woman Islamic woman hijab burqa burka Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgWhile we’re on the subject of reluctant jurors, check out this news story:

A female Muslim juror has been arrested in Britain after allegedly listening to an MP3 player under her hijab headscarf during a murder trial, police said Monday.

The woman in her early 20s was spotted by a fellow juror listening to music as she was meant to be helping try the case of a pensioner accused of bludgeoning his wife to death after 50 years of marriage.

The judge in the case thought that something might be up:

Judge Roger Chapple, presiding, said that he thought he could hear “tinny music” in the courtroom at Blackfriars Crown Court in Central London, but dismissed it as a figment of his imagination until another juror sent him a note.

We’re surprised this juror tuned out during a MURDER trial. What would she have done if the case were truly boring — whipped out a laptop and started watching movies?
British juror arrested after listening to music under hijab [AFP]
Muslim juror ‘listened to iPod under hijab’ [Times of London]

Last week, Laurie Lin posted a set of delightful summer fashion polls. Check them out here (menswear) and here (womenswear).
We’ll close these polls sometime soon — maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. Please feel free to vote, if you haven’t done so already. Thanks!
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Summer Fashion Poll: Menswear

U Conn 2 University of Connecticut Bullets Bubbly pimps hos.jpg* That’s one way to have “smaller government”. [CNN]
* Maybe the jury can pick a day to wear their “pimps ‘n hos” jumpsuits. [New York Times via How Appealing]
* Corzine signs New Jersey greenhouse gas legislation. [Jurist]
* So where was Hillary on Friday night? [AP]

woman in tank top.jpg
capri pants.jpg
Yesterday we promised a summer fashion poll for the ladies.
Summertime attire is particularly hard for women, because we have to balance the hot temperatures outside with the often frigid indoor environments necessitated by the (entirely correct, we think) male aversion to short-sleeved dress shirts.
Here you go, girls:

seersucker suit.jpg
dress shirt.jpg
The sultry July weather has us pondering the extreme measures people take to beat the heat. We thought we’d do a poll to find out where ATL readers stand on a few burning summer fashion questions.
What’s acceptable at your workplace (and in your closet)?
These questions are for the gentlmen; we’ll have some questions for the ladies tomorrow.

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