Geoffrey Stone

Give a girl a Supreme Court beat and a best-selling book, and she gets her sassy on!
The fantabulous Jan Crawford Greenburg has taken on Geoff Stone, the former dean of the University of Chicago’s law school, in a tart blog post. Stone (along with Rosie O’Donnell) had declared himself troubled by the fact that the five Supremes in the majority in last week’s partial-birth abortion decision also happened to be the Court’s five Catholics.
Greenburg responds:

That’s not how they taught First Amendment law when I was at the University of Chicago. Nor did they tell us to jump to baseless conclusions without any evidence—such as suggesting religion drove those justices. Or that different religious views influenced the protestant and Jewish justices to vote against the law.
Why not speculate that the five justices in the majority happen to like baseball–and therefore are more inclined to appreciate rules? That’s no less relevant or “telling,” as Stone put it, than their religious views.

A current student of Stone’s alleges that Stone referred to Justice Brennan in class as “the only thinking Catholic I ever knew.” Can anyone confirm that?