Grade Reform

  • Grade Reform, Law Schools

    Columbia: Are You Ready For Some Grade Reform?

    Earlier, we told you that Harvard and Stanford were replacing letter-grades in favor of a “we’re all winners” system. We then reported that the NYU Law School student newspaper published essentially an open letter, begging Columbia not to follow suit. As you might imagine, Columbia is totally unconcerned with NYU law students and their opinions. […]

    82 Comments / / Oct 14, 2008 at 3:29 PM
  • Grade Reform, Law Schools

    NYU Law Freaks Out Responds To Grade Reform

    Most everyone knows what an elevator speech is: it’s a short, pithy, memorable description of a company’s services. Lawyers have always built their reputations on their expertise, such that the creation of an elevator pitch should be one of the easiest things for an attorney to do; however, many lawyers still stumble over the basic question: “What do you do?”

  • Grade Reform, Law Schools

    Grade Reform Reaction Roundup

    Last week we told you that Harvard and Stanford law schools were enacting sweeping grade reform. Reactions came in from students and alumni from many top schools. One close friend emailed: If Harvard had this when we were in school, I’d be emailing you from DPW right now. Suffice it to say, the friend emailed […]

    69 Comments / / Sep 30, 2008 at 11:13 AM
  • Grade Reform, Law Schools

    Stanford Adopts ‘Retroactive’ Honors Policy:
    Students Complain In Real Time

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    How to Avoid the Seven Pitfalls of Current Ediscovery Software

    he litigation discovery process has never been as costly, complex and critical as it is today. With the experience of having reviewed nearly 100 million documents since 2014, Thomson Reuters and its Legal Managed Services team have identified the seven pitfalls most frequently experienced with current ediscovery solutions and what legal professionals should look out for when considering their ediscovery needs.


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    Want to learn how to score points on your bar exam essays even if you don’t know the law being tested?

    In just a couple of hours, you can learn how to approach your essays with much more confidence and be much better prepared to pass the bar exam. Professor Marino’s famous Essay Method has successfully helped thousands of bar takers and it can work for you, too! Click here to learn more about getting extra points on your […]

    kinney head

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    Hire Kinney–Or Work at Kinney?

    Getting to know those of us on Kinney Recruiting’s Asia team in 2016 presents a unique opportunity for two major constituencies: first, associates and future associates with an interest in (and realistic chances of) working in top US practices in Asia, especially those who aspire to become partner in a law firm; second, successful recruiters […]

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