* This Term, both wings of the Court will be making originalist arguments because “slaveholders from 200 years ago said so” is the most compelling argument in our legal toolbox. [Constitutional Accountability Center]

* Yale Law grad Ronan Farrow, supposedly Woody Allen’s son, might really be Frank Sinatra’s son. Looking at him that… makes sense. [Vanity Fair]

* Looks like the FTC is finally going after patent trolls. Or would be if we still had a government. [Ars Technica]

* Based on the look and address, the Law Librarians blog appears to have left the Law Professor Blogs Network. It must have been too loud in there for the librarians. [Law Librarians]

* So… you’re saying lots of trial judges out there don’t understand hearsay? [The Legal Watchdog]

* Avast! Russia is going after Greenpeace (probably illegally) for piracy. [The Volokh Conspiracy]

* A reminder that the federal government shut down is the result of state laws, so maybe you should vote in those off-year local elections. [PrawfsBlawg]

This educational video, which explains the hearsay exceptions set forth in Federal Rule of Evidence 803, is awesome. It boasts great production values: the music, the colors, and, of course, the Legos.
Our favorite part is when the little Lego woman pukes out a copious stream of dark green vomit. How did they do that?
Check out the video for yourself:

(Gavel bang: TJ’s Double Play.)
Hearsay Exception [YouTube]
Hearsay: The Musical Number! [TJ's Double Play]