yale law school.jpgTurnout has been great in our three Law School Dean Hotties contests. In the women’s race — currently led by Asha Rangappa and Leah Jackson, with 39 and 31 percent of the vote, respectively — almost 7,000 votes have been cast. (Thanks, Fark!)
Things have also been busy on the men’s side. In the main contest, in which over 1,000 votes have been cast, Dean Evan Caminker of the University of Michigan enjoys a commanding lead (40 percent). The B-bracket race is the closest of all three contests: Walter Dickey (29 percent) has a small lead over Bryant Garth (26 percent). But pretty much all five contestants are in the running.
Now it’s time for us to announce when the polls will close. Voting will conclude on Wednesday, October 18, at 3 PM (Eastern time). This means that two more full days remain in which the candidates (and their supporters) can campaign.
As in our ERISA Hotties Contest, we will gladly accept and disseminate any campaign messages from the candidates. Just send them to us by email, and we will publish them in ATL. Thanks, and good luck!

yale law school.jpg* Our Law School Dean hotties contest is now underway. Vote on the women here, the men here, and the alternate male candidates here.
* Do you know anyone who is currently clerking for Justice Alito? If so, we’d like to hear from you.
* If you’re in law for the money, we recommend Korean transactional practice, at a big firm. You’ll probably make more than you would as a solo practioner or small firm lawyer.
* If money is your top priority, then don’t bother with the law; go work for Goldman Sachs . Partners there take home an average of $7 million a year. And still find time to beat up on small businessmen.
* ATL readers: Not as rich as Goldman Sachs partners. But pretty damn smart.
* Creative ways to get yourself criminally charged: (1) walk around your office buck naked; or (2) walk out of a restaurant without paying (after concluding that your seafood pasta dish was short on the seafood).
* But protesting while topless, that’s okay.
* Lori Alvino and Matthew McGill: We are not worthy. The happy couple tied the knot earlier this month. Their wedding guests included two sitting Supreme Court justices, the chief judge of the D.C. Circuit, and two SCOTUS short-listers. (Yes, we’ve categorized this under Nauseating Things.)
* Some dispatches from the New Yorker Festival: Justice Breyer, with Jeffrey Toobin; legendary criminal defense lawyer Gerald Shargel, along with other experts on the Mafia; and some guy named Jon Stewart.
* There’s a new kid on the ATL block: Meet Stella Q. Welcome, Stella!

ballot box.pngIn case you haven’t checked in here lately, we’d like to inform you that our Law School Dean hotties contests are well underway. There are three separate races going on:

1. Female nominees: Vote on them by clicking here.

2. Male nominees: Vote on them by clicking here.

3. Male nominees (B-bracket / alternates): Vote on them by clicking here.

Please note one change in the third poll, the “B bracket” of male nominees. We’ve added Saul Levmore, Dean of the University of Chicago Law School, as a choice.
Dean Levmore was supposed to have been included in the original poll, but was accidentally omitted. Unfortunately, because of the way that Pollhost operates, adding Dean Levmore required us to redo the entire poll — and discard the votes already cast.
Thankfully, relatively few ballots had been cast in that poll (unlike the other two races, in which hundreds of votes have been recorded, and where the nominee lists are absolutely final). But if you were one of the few people who voted in the original version of the “male alternates” race, we apologize for the inconvenience of making you vote again.
We haven’t figured out when we’ll end the contest, but we’ll keep the polls open at least through the weekend. So if you have particular deans that you’re rooting for, there’s ample time for a “get out the vote” operation. Good luck!

yale law school 2.JPGEarlier today, we announced the nominated men for our Law School Dean Hotties Contest. As we mentioned, because we limited ourselves to seven nominees, a number of worthy contenders had to be excluded on the male side.
But hey, guess what? Because there were a number of them, we’re going to share with you the nominated men who didn’t make the final cut — and allow you to vote on who’s the hottest among them. Think of it as “LSD Hotties: The B Bracket.”
Check ‘em out, and cast your ballot, after the jump.
(Teaser: Guess what? Forty percent of them are named Walter!)

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yale law school.jpgAbove the Law’s super-exciting Law School Dean Hotties Contest is in full swing. Yesterday we announced the female nominees (click here to vote). Today, it’s the men’s turn.

The nomination rules can be reviewed here. You were free to nominate deans other than THE dean of the law school, such as deputy, assistant, or associate deans. But the nominee had to be a current dean; no former deans allowed.

Please note this slate of nominees is final. Pollhost, which is administering this poll, does not permit us to add entrants or edit a poll after the voting has commenced. If your favorite dean didn’t make the cut, we apologize. We had many male nominees, and tough decisions had to be made. (Our goal was a slate of seven nominees, just as we have on the women’s side.)

You can scrutinize the photos and testimonials for the male nominees, and vote for America’s Hottest Law School Dean, after the jump.

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yale law school.jpgSorry it took us so long. Without further ado, we proudly present the female nominees in our first annual Law School Dean Hotties Contest.
To review the nomination rules, click here. As we explained, you were free to nominate deans other than THE dean of the law school — e.g., deputy, assistant, or associate deans. They just needed to have “dean” somewhere in their title.
This contest has only seven contestants. But we believe that what the field may lack in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality.
Take a look at the photos and testimonials for the female finalists — and cast your vote for America’s Hottest Female Law School Deanafter the jump.

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We’ve received some inquiries about the fate of our previously announced Law School Dean Hotties Contest. In case you’re wondering: No, you didn’t miss the nominees. We’ve been meaning to announce them for the longest time. It’s just that we’ve just been insanely busy, on the road a lot, and sleep-deprived. And putting together hottie nomination posts, with their many photos and testimonials, is quite time-consuming. (Yeah, we know, cry us a river.)

But we will announce the nominees soon. So check back later today or tomorrow, to find out the contenders for the title of America’s hottest law school dean.

Last month we promoted our Law School Dean Hotties Contest by posting a photo of a young, shirtless Howard Dean. Dean, deans — geddit?

In the course of reviewing the LSD hottie nominations, we noticed a striking resemblance between the young Howard Dean and one of your nominated hotties, Deputy Dean Jed Rubenfeld of Yale Law School. Check it out below….

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While we were in Portland, Oregon, for the law clerk reunion in celebration of Ninth Circuit Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain’s 20th anniversary on the bench, we took oodles and oodles of pictures. We shared two of them with you yesterday.
We’ll be publishing more photographs from the reunion in the near future. Unfortunately, it’s taking us hours — literally — to review, resize, and upload dozens and dozens of pics (another reason why we’d love some help around here).
For the time being, here’s a (slightly fuzzy) photo, along with some Supreme Court clerk hiring news:
Marah Stith and AJ Bellia.JPG
The hottie on the left, with the beautifully toned arms (even more buff in person), is current O’Scannlain clerk Marah Stith. The motorcycle-riding Marah has just been hired by Justice Clarence Thomas for an October Term 2009 clerkship. Congratulations, Marah!
The boyishly cute gentleman on her right: Notre Dame Law School professor AJ Bellia, also one of the Elect. Professor Bellia clerked at all three levels of the Article III judiciary, for Judge William Skretny (W.D.N.Y.), Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain (9th Circuit), and Justice Antonin Scalia (OT 1997).
Professor Bellia is married to another legal academic superstar: fellow Notre Dame law prof (and member of the Elect) Patricia Bellia (nee Patricia Small). After graduating from Yale Law School, where she was editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal, she clerked for Judge José Cabranes of the Second Circuit, followed by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (OT 1996).
Here is their NYT wedding announcement (of course). The Bellias, in addition to being brilliant and well-loved by the ND student body, have two adorable daughters: Katherine and Molly.
Katherine is only three years old (almost four), and Molly is not even a year old. But given the impressive pedigrees of their parents — A.J. and Tricia Bellia, the Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf of the legal academy — we expect Katherine and Molly to go on to greatness.
Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Alito: Do either of you have clerkship openings for OT 2026 and OT 2029?

jessie liu jessie k liu kathryn haun kathryn r haun.JPGLast week we wrote about the A-team of legal talent that Assistant Attorney General Kenneth L. Wainstein is assembling over at the Justice Department’s new National Security Division. Wainstein’s top hires include several members of the Elect, including high-flying legal eagles Brett Gerry (Silberman/Kennedy) and John Demers (O’Scannlain/Scalia).
A press release issued this morning announces Kenneth Wainstein’s other front office hires. And they include two brilliant and beautiful women (whom we have had the pleasure of meeting): Kathryn Haun (left), counsel to the AAG, and Jessie Liu (right), deputy chief of staff.
Those who followed UTR’s Superhotties of the Federal Judiciary contest — which, by the way, we will be reinstituting here at ATL — may recall Haun. She’s the blonde hottie who was photographed wrapping her arms around her former boss, Ninth Circuit judge Alex Kozinski (click here, scroll down). Back then we compared Haun to Naomi Watts; but upon further reflection, we’re thinking Cybill Shepherd.
Don’t let Haun’s dazzling beauty — a beauty that has ensnared multiple male members of the Elect — distract you from her accomplishments. Haun is one of the Elect herself, having clerked for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. She was also an associate at Sidley & Austin, and most recently was an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia (a post she is being detailed from to come to the NSD).
Liu, who will be Ken Wainstein’s deputy chief of staff, is similarly high-powered. Her gleaming resume includes Harvard College, Yale Law School, a clerkship with Chief Judge Carolyn Dineen King (5th Cir.), and a stint at Jenner & Block. Most recently, Liu was an assistant U.S. attorney in the District of Columbia, where she acquired a wealth of trial experience.
The luminous Liu and her disturbingly brilliant husband, law professor Michael Abramowicz — see NYT wedding announcement here — have two children. Great job, great husband, great kids. Who says you can’t have it all?*
Congratulations to Katie Haun, Jessie Liu, and Ken Wainstein’s entire team at the NSD!
* But please don’t hate Liu for her charmed life; she’s also one of the nicest and most wonderful human beings you’ll ever meet.
Kenneth L. Wainstein Sworn in As First Assistant Attorney General for National Security Division [DOJ press release]
Earlier: Congratulations to Ken Wainstein!

phil alito matt thiessen philip alito matthew thiessen.JPGActually, no. But Matthew Thiessen, lead singer of the Christian pop-punk band Relient K, bears a striking resemblance to Philip Alito, Justice Samuel A. Alito’s handsome college-age son.
Check out the photo montage at right. The two pictures on the left are of Phil Alito; the two pics on the right are of Matt Thiessen. Both are pale and pretty boys, with light- to reddish-brown hair, and delicate facial features.
If you STILL question the resemblance, we refer you to the music video for Relient K’s hit single, “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been” (see below). It’s a delightful song. And in the video, Thiessen — who was surely subjected to a makeover by a stylist — looks especially Alito-licious. Enjoy!

Relient K [official website]
The Alito Children: In Their Own Words [UTR]

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