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If you have the full email, please send it our way. We’re curious about this contest, so any additional information would be most welcome. You know where to reach us.
NYU Law Students: Hot or Not? [Gawker]
Who Are the Most Attractive 3Ls at NYU? [Geocities]

asha rangappa 2 asha rangapa asha ranggappa asha ranggapa.JPGSome happy news from New Haven, Connecticut. Seriously.

It’s about Asha Rangappa, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Yale Law School — and here at ATL, better known as the winner of our recent Hottest Law School Deans contest. Check out this memo, from YLS Dean Harold Koh:

To: Yale Law School Community
From: Harold Hongju Koh

If you have not already heard the wonderful news, I am delighted to report that Asha Rangappa and Andrew Dodd’s new baby boy, Paras Nikhil Dodd arrived on November 21, 2006! (He was instantly named “America’s Hottest Law Baby.”)

Baby Paras weighed in at 8 pounds even, 22 inches long and is wonderfully healthy. The whole family is now home from the hospital and doing well–tired but happy. If you’d like to send congratulations, their home address is [redacted -- America's hottest law school dean must be kept safe from unhinged admirers].

Please note that the baby’s name is “Paras” with an “a.”

We don’t think we’re flattering ourselves in construing the reference to “America’s Hottest Law Baby” as a shout-out to ATL. How cool!

(This shout-out does raise the possibility that Dean Koh has read Above the Law. If so, Dean Koh, we hope you weren’t upset about this post. Or this one, with comments. Everything we do around here is all in good fun.)

Become the Chief Justice of the United States!
John Marshall statute lap.JPG
(Query: Where were the Supreme Court police officers when this fun photo was taken?)

alex kozinski and justin at depaul
Two hotties for the price of one: Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski, the #1 Superhottie of the Federal Judiciary; and our super-cute correspondent, Justin, a student at the DePaul University College of Law.
West Coast folk, don’t say we neglect you here at Above the Law. Earlier today, we wrote about some Ninth Circuit benchslappery. And now we bring you a delicious judicial sightation, of an Article III celebrity from sun-kissed California: Judge Alex Kozinski, the hottest federal judge in all the land.
Earlier this week, Judge Kozinski visited DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, where he was a guest lecturer in Professor Roberta Kwall’s Copyright/Trademark class. One of the students in that class, Justin (pictured above), provided us with a witty and insightful report about the proceedings.
Justin describes how Judge Kozinski conducted the class (brilliantly), mentions the jurist’s weakness for a certain carbonated beverage, and provides the backstory behind the photograph above. It’s a fun and interesting read, not to be missed.
Check out Justin’s full write-up, after the jump. You won’t be sorry!

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evan caminker 4 evan h caminker dean caminker.JPGasha rangappa 2 asha rangapa asha ranggappa asha ranggapa.JPG* This week we crowned America’s hottest law school deans: Evan Caminker, of Michigan, and Asha Rangappa, of Yale. When contacted by ATL, both of them issued gracious statements.
* So there’s no contest for you to vote in over the weekend. But please participate in our informal reader poll, seeking to ascertain your Favorite Supreme Court Justice.
* Speaking of the justices, don’t they have more important things to fight over than grammar? And who knew that bright-line Nino could be so nuanced?
* A theme for this past week: Celebrities’ legal woes. E.g., Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Wesley Snipes, Madonna, and Anna Nicole Smith.
* Another theme: Getting off. E.g., Junior Gotti, Nathan Hecht, and the Duke lacrosse team (but from “innocent sexual activity”).
* Second Circuit Judge John M. Walker hits a New Haven police officer in a traffic accident. The matter is under investigation.
* Global warming practice groups — are they heating up? Or are they the next “Y2K” practice groups?
* Eh, what do you care? You can’t get a Biglaw job anyway — they’re all going to Canadians.
* Team ATL has a new recruit — and he’s proud to be an American. Meet B Clerker.
* If you hate kids, then stop reading here. But if you like ‘em, then click here, scroll down, and read about the amusing antics of attorney spawn.

evan caminker evan h caminker 4.JPGWe have contacted the two winners of our hottest law school dean contest, Asha Rangappa of Yale and Evan Caminker of Michigan, to obtain comment from them on their victories.
We haven’t heard back yet from Dean Rangappa. But Dean Caminker provided us with this short and sweet statement, via email:

It was a team effort; everyone gave 110% and just wouldn’t quit.

Brevity is the soul of wit. And Dean Caminker is gracious as well as gorgeous.
Congrats again, Dean Caminker!
Earlier: Prior coverage of Law School Dean Hotties (scroll down)

Our Law School Dean hotties contests are over, and the winners have been crowned. As one of you suggested, we’ve contacted hotties Asha Rangappa and Evan Caminker for comment. We’ll report back to you after we hear from them.
We previously expressed our personal approval of your choices for hot dean. But this bit of photographic evidence, which we unfortunately did not receive earlier, raises a colorable claim that Dean Hiram Chodosh, of the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah, was robbed:
hiram chodosh dean chodosh shirtless.JPG
Now, Dean Evan Caminker is pretty sizzling, and he won in a landslide; so maybe the ultimate result of the contest wouldn’t have changed. But if this shirtless photo of Hiram Chodosh had been posted earlier, we suspect he would have received way more than 7 percent of the vote. HOTT!!!
Hiram Chodosh bio [University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law]
Earlier: Prior coverage of Law School Dean Hotties (scroll down)

evan caminker 4 evan h caminker dean caminker.JPGasha rangappa 2 asha rangapa asha ranggappa asha ranggapa.JPGSeven gorgeous women. Seven mouthwatering men. But only two law school administrators could emerge victorious.
Voter turnout was tremendous. Harsh words were exchanged by partisans of the candidates. But in the end, cooler heads — and hotter bodies — prevailed.
With almost 10,000 votes recorded in both contests, congratulations to the two hottest law school deans in America:




For what it’s worth, we support the choices of the electorate. Asha Rangappa and Evan H. Caminker are worthy winners. Both are as hot as a fire in a crowded theater. YOWZA!
And both, it should be noted, are influential figures within legal academia. Rangappa, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Yale Law School, handpicks the legal leaders — and law professors — of tomorrow. Caminker, Dean of the University of Michigan Law School, heads one of the nation’s top law schools — as well as one of its top public educational institutions, in which hot-button issues like affirmative action are regularly raised.
walter dickey 3 walter j dickey.JPGIn addition, congratulations to WALTER DICKEY, who prevailed in the B-bracket of male hotties. Any man confident enough to wear a short-sleeved dress shirt is a hottie in our book.
(Yes, we know: The New York Times claims that short-sleeved dress shirts, previously associated in the popular imagination with Dilbert, are back in style. We respectfully dissent.)
For those of you who seek to challenge the hottie contest results in court, the final tallies are available for inspection. The complete women’s results are here, the men’s results are here, and the B-bracket men’s results are here. In our view, a challenge would be hard to mount; all the candidates won by comfortable margins.
Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this contest: the folks who nominated hot law school deans; the hot law school deans themselves; and, of course, all the readers and voters who participated so enthusiastically (perhaps too enthusiastically, at times).
Like it or not, this isn’t the last legal hotties contest we’ll be having here at Above the Law. Have an idea for a future competition? Please share it with us, by email (subject line: “Hotties Contest Idea”). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Earlier: Prior coverage of Law School Dean Hotties (scroll down)

Leah Jackson dean leah jackson baylor.jpgOnly a few hours remain for voting in our Law School Dean Hotties contests. Click here to vote on the women, click here to vote on the men, and click here to vote on the male alternates.
One of the female candidates, Associate Dean Leah Jackson of Baylor Law School, has commented on the contest. When contacted by the Baylor school newspaper, the Baylor Lariat, she offered these thoughts:

“I was truly shocked to show up on such a list,” Jackson said via e-mail Tuesday.

Jackson noted that the contest was “a cute little piece,” but said she would “enjoy it more if the comments focused on how bright, accomplished and respected each of the women on the page are.”

Similar sentiments have been voiced by some commenters over at Feministing (a blog name that, truth be told, makes us uncomfortable every time we read it).
We take issue with these comments. Obviously a number of reader testimonials focused on the looks of the nominees — because this is, after all, a beauty contest. But many other comments focused on other attributes. Here are just a few examples:

“[Leah Jackson] teaches Tax: Federal Income Taxation, Corporate Taxation, and Partnership Taxation. And what’s more sexy than tax law?”

“How could any contest for hot law school deans NOT include Elena Kagan, Dean of Harvard Law School? Any woman who can climb to the top of an institution as stodgy and male-dominated as HLS is a hottie per se.”

“[Elena Kagan is] (1) among the Elect (clerked on the Supreme Court for Justice Marshall), (2) former Associate Counsel to President Clinton, and (3) a one-time nominee to the D.C. Circuit — which, as we all know, is the sexiest court in the country (even more sexy than the SCOTUS). How can you say no to all that?”

“Not only is Dean Toni Massaro brilliant, attractive, and self-assured, she’s also a cancer survivor AND a lesbian. It’s easy to make Advanced Con Law sexy, but how many Deans could get 3rd year students out of bed every morning for an 8 am class and have a packed classroom?”

“One couldn’t ask for a better dean than Toni Massaro. In addition to her fantastic fundraising, she brought Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to be the Distinguished Jurist in Residence here. She also convinced Iranian Nobel Prize winner Shirin Ebadi to come aboard as a Distinguished Visiting Faculty in Human Rights.”

“[Maureen O'Rourke's] fiery exterior is complemented by her brilliant intellect. She graduated at the top of her college class and with Honors in all her classes at Yale Law School. Dean O’Rourke has it all.”

“I write to nominate Asha Rangappa in your beautiful law school dean contest. First, she’s a genius: Princeton, Yale Law, a Fulbright, a First Circuit clerk. Second, she’s totally badass: from 2002 to 2005, she worked in the FBI as a Special Agent, focusing on counterintelligence investigations in New York City. How cool is that?”

“Dean Mary Jo Wiggins is hot inside and out. By far, she is one of my favorite people at USD Law. She is beautiful, elegant, and carries herself with dignity and class. She is brilliant and accomplished (see here and here), yet she’s never condescending or arrogant (unlike certain other professors).”

If these comments are sexist, then call us sexist.*
It seems to us that feminists in the 21st century — as opposed to, say, the 1970’s — should not object to being praised for their brains AND their beauty. Being recognized for one’s accomplishments AND attractiveness are not mutually exclusive.
To be a feminist in good standing, you don’t need to look like the late Andrea Dworkin. There is nothing wrong with looking like, say, Gloria Steinem. And feminists who happen to look more like Steinem than Dworkin shouldn’t have to apologize or feel guilty for doing so.
* Did a certain number of Fark readers have sexist comments to offer, both on Fark and ATL? Sure. But what do you expect from a bunch of acne-ridden adolescents who spend all day playing video games in their parents’ basements?
Assistant Dean More Than Pretty Face [Baylor Lariat]
Female Law School Dean ‘Hotties’ Contest [Feministing]
Take the Bait? Or Not? [Feminist Law Professors]

You may be wondering how the number of votes tallied in our Law School Dean hotties contest, on the women’s side, went from about 1,000 to over 7,000 — basically over the weekend. The answer, in a word: Fark.
fark law school dean hottest.JPG
Fark is a hugely popular website, started by a fellow named Drew Curtis, that collects weird news and humor. It can be very funny, as long as you don’t mind juvenile jokes, and a little — or a lot of — vulgarity.
(Yes, Fark is even more juvenile and vulgar than ATL. Think of it as the xoxohth message board, but without the ambition.)
Anyway, Fark linked to the Law School Hotties contest, and the rest is history.
Fark has a large and active community of commenters. A number of them had some, er, interesting things to say about the candidates.
Check out some selected excerpts from their comments, after the jump.

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