James Oliphant

BLT bacon lettuce tomato Legal Times law blog Above the Law.jpgWe must confess: we’ve never been huge fans of the bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich. And we don’t like dogs. In America, these are felonies.
But we’ve finally found a BLT we can enjoy. Say hello to The BLT: The Blog of the Legal Times!
From Jim Oliphant’s inaugural post:

Hey look, it’s a blog.

Not exactly revolutionary at this point is it? So why would Legal Times do it, other than, of course, to slavishly follow journalistic convention.

That’s the cynical reason. The real reason is the opportunity this medium affords us, one that despite the wretched excess of blogs polluting the net remains very real, particularly in the areas this publication watches.

Check out that droll opening line, sans exclamation point. Admire the meta-ness of it all: blogging about their decision to start a blog.
The Legal Timesfolk are off to an excellent start as bloggers. Check out these two juicy posts (picked up by How Appealing):

1. Seller is Relocating, about how Justice Alito has put his New Jersey home up for sale (we’ll probably do a Lawyerly Lairs post on it); and

2. The Chief and Microsoft, about the rare oral argument “oopsie” from Ted Olson.

Delicious. We’ve added BLT to the ATL blogroll, and we expect to visit early and often.
The BLT is Served [The BLT: The Blog of the Legal Times]