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Jessica Cutler Washingtonienne Abovethelaw Above the Law blog.jpgFormer Capitol Hill staffer/sex blogger/author/bankrupt babe Jessica Cutler has taken a husband. According to the Washington Post:

Jessica Cutler, 30, the Hill aide turned “Washingtonienne” sex blogger turned author, to Manhattan lawyer Charles Rubio, 28. … The couple plan to wed at New York City Hall on an early December weekday, followed by a happy-hour reception. (Not pregnant, in case you’re wondering.) How’d they meet? “Randomly in a bar,” Cutler told us. “I wish I had a more romantic story to tell you!”

Isn’t that always the way? You write stories about the exciting escapades of others while you yourself marry a lawyer you met in a bar. Yawn.

The lucky man after the jump.

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We were pretty lazy in our recent discussion of the upcoming trial in Steinbuch v. Cutler. And even our former colleagues at Wonkette were kind of phoning it in.*
But not everyone is so unmotivated. Over at Eat the Press, Melissa Lafsky — of Opinionistas fame — has penned an excellent analysis of this case and controversy. It’s exactly the sort of informed yet accessible account that would one expect from a lawyer-turned-writer, and we recommend it highly.
* We can hardly blame the Wonketteers for tiring of L’Affaire Washingtonienne. Wonkette has been covering that blogospheric sex scandal since since blogging was in its infancy.
(And yes, we think blogging has moved beyond the infant stage. But we concede that it’s not yet potty-trained.)
Sex, Bloggers & Privacy: Let The Lawsuits Begin [Eat the Press / Huffington Post]

Robert Steinbuch Jessica Cutler Washingtonienne sex playboy.jpgSince we’re feeling lazy and under the weather, we’re not going to do anything more than provide you with a bunch of links (collected below). Also, we don’t get want to get sued by the famously litigious* Professor Steinbuch.
Happy Reading!
* Please note that our characterization of Robert Steinbuch as “famously litigious” is merely a statement of our personal opinion. Furthermore, we believe it to be a fair comment on a matter of public interest, with ample factual support.
It is factually supported by Steinbuch’s filing of multiple lawsuits against his ex-lover, Jessica Cutler, in multiple jurisdictions, both state and federal. It is further supported by Steinbuch’s decision to add former Wonkette editor Ana Marie Cox as a defendant, even though she merely linked to (and commented upon) Cutler’s salacious blog.
Old Sex Blog Scandal Soon To Bore Judge, Too [Wonkette]
Former IRS Attorney Proceeds to Trial in $20M Suit v. Former Girlfriend for Revealing Details of Their Sex Life on Blog [TaxProf Blog]
Senate Sex Blog Suit Heads Toward X-rated Trial [CNN]
Steamy D.C. Sex Blog Scandal Heads to Court [Associated Press via MSNBC]
Robert Steinbuch bio [UALR Law]