Jim Telfer

jim telfer.jpegAs we mentioned when announcing the nominees, we received many more ERISA hotties than we were able to include in our contest (which ends tomorrow). We also received a number of excellent submissions after the close of nominations. As we explained to those who submitted belated nominations, we adopted a bright-line rule of no late submissions (because including them would require us to redo the poll, and we are lazy).
We would, however, like to single out one ERISA hottie who didn’t make the original slate of nominees, but who received a huge outpouring of after-the-fact support: Jim Telfer, an ERISA partner in the San Francisco office of Orrick. Here are some of the comments we received about him:

I’d like to nominate Jim as hottest ERISA lawyer in America. He’s hot on the inside and out–hilarious, brilliant, fascinating and hip.

I Vote for Jim because he is sexy!!!!!

Good teeth. Great hair.

Check him out–you’ll see. Quite simply the hottest ERISA attorney around.

We regret that we were unable to include the smokin’ hot Mr. Telfer in this year’s contest. But we hereby declare him an “honorary ERISA hottie,” based on the strength of these many testimonials.
We expect ATL’s ERISA Hotties Contest to become a long-running tradition. So, to all you fans of Mr. James Telfer, please keep on reading this site — and when next year rolls around, be sure to send in your (lengthy and timely) raves!
Jim Telfer bio [Orrick]