Judge Advocate General

JAG poster.JPGIf you hire them, they will come.
The National Law Journal reports that applications for the Judge Advocate General’s Corps are way, way up:

The U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force report a surge in applicants for Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps jobs in recent years, according to recruiters and military attorneys.

That trend accelerated in 2008, and several branches report that they are on track to hit record numbers of applicants in 2009.

You’ve got to love it when the government is the employer of last resort:

It’s difficult to pinpoint the precise reason, but the recession certainly seems to be a factor. Major law firms have laid off thousands of attorneys in the past year, many recent law school graduates have been struggling to find employment and some solo practitioners are having a hard time keeping the lights on.

After the jump, how JAG’s offer of job security has led to a more competitive environment.

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