Gregory Kennedy Greg Kennedy Above the Law blog.jpgOOPS!!! Sorry about that.
The Court’s order vacating its December grant of review explains that it was “advised by Justice Kennedy that he now realizes that he should have recused himself from participation in this case, and does now recuse himself.”
Justice Kennedy contemplated, but ultimately decided against, issuing a separate order explaining his belated recusal, calling his son Gregory Kennedy (at right) “very handsome,” and declaring his intention “to hug him no matter how old he gets.”
Kennedy Recuses From Antitrust Case Involving Son’s Company [Legal Times]
Greg Kennedy bio [Credit Suisse]
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Alexandra Korry Alexandra D Korry Alex Korry Sullivan Cromwell Above the Law Above the Law Aaron Charney ATL.jpgWe tried — we really did. We aggressively solicited reader comments about S&C M&A partner Eric Krautheimer, one of the principal players in Aaron Charney v. Sullivan & Cromwell, to see if he could be made anywhere near as interesting a character as his colleague, Alexandra Korry (at right).
The answer: NO. This comment is representative of many others:

Eric is gruff and abrupt and does not suffer fools or mistakes lightly. I’ve heard him yell and I’ve seen him rant and rave. But at the end of the day he is a genuinely good person who deserves better than being dragged through the mud in this frivolous suit.

We tried to turn Krautheimer into a divo; we tried. But at the end of the day, the dramatic possibilities just aren’t there.
Some folks are rock stars, and other people aren’t. Some people are Scalias, and some people are Souters. It’s that simple.
So back to our favorite S&C partner: Alexandra Korry, the Queen of Mergers and Acquisitions, who most definitely IS a rock star. We love her to the ends of the earth.
After the jump, we discuss this fascinating article about her, from Corporate Board Member Magazine.

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Remember this poll, showing that Americans are better acquainted with Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs than the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices?
We did a little follow-up research this morning, while waiting outside the Supreme Court building at One First Street:

Nine Supreme Court Justices vs. Seven Dwarves [YouTube]
Seven Dwarfs vs. Supreme Court justices [UPI]

Ann Banaszewski Ann S Banaszewski Justice Antonin Scalia drunk driver drunk driving Above the Law.jpgHer high-profile father continues to criss-cross the country, preaching the gospel of originalism.
But Ann S. Banaszewski, daughter of Justice Antonin Scalia, probably won’t be doing much traveling in the next six months. Unless someone else is at the wheel.
(Justice Scalia, as far as we know, hasn’t gotten any traffic tickets lately. But rumor has it that he can be an impatient driver himself.)
Scalia Daughter Won’t Fight Driver’s License Suspension [Chicago Tribune]
Judicial SIGHT-ation: The Wheels of Justice Scalia [UTR]

* “I even got out of community service, suckers!” [AP via HuffPo]
* And somewhere, a torts professor is drafting his “false imprisonment” hypo for upcoming final exams. [Detroit Free Press]
* This is the problem with straight fashion designers. (Serious Note: Sexual violence is one of the few things I NEVER make light of, but I personally see this as a classic he-said/she-said, with a little statutory, which I consider — rightly or wrongly — malum prohibitum, thrown in for good measure.) [Yahoo! News]
* Train wrecks, on the other hand, are free-for-all’s: Lindsay Lohan’s dad is now a free man, and in the past, he’s been such an inspiration in helping her to lay off drugs and to cope with familial dysfunction that there’s no telling what he’s capable of as a redeemed man. [The Showbuzz]

Remember the Michigan Supreme Court benchslappery that we wrote about earlier today? We left out the best part.
Justice Maura Corrigan argues that it would be embarrassing, petty, and just plain silly for a justice to explain each and every recusal decision. She employs a little “reductio ad absurdum” to make her point:
Maura Corrigan Justice Maura D Corrigan Daniel Corrigan Grano Above the Law Blog.JPG
Daniel Grano Daniel Corrigan Grano University of Michigan.jpgWOW. And you thought YOUR mom was embarrassing!
P.S. As for Daniel Corrigan Grano being “very handsome,” you don’t need to take Justice Corrigan’s word for it. As a city councilman, Daniel Grano is a public figure, and his picture is readily available on these internets.
We’ve posted it at right — what do you think? He’s not a bad-looking fellow, in our opinion. But maybe he could do something more interesting with his hair?
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sandbox Michigan Supreme Court Above the Law blog.jpgForget about the proverbial “Girls.” The justices of the Michigan Supreme Court have “Go[ne] Wild,” according to the Detroit News (via How Appealing).
It’s a long and tortured saga. The upshot is that Justice Elizabeth Weaver believes that when a Michigan Supreme Court justice recuses herself from a case, she is obligated to explain the reasons for her recusal. A number of Justice Weaver’s colleagues disagree — vociferously. And they have traded benchslaps over it.
You can read their dueling statements here (PDF). Some highlights (all emphases added):
– Justice Robert P. Young, Jr., asks Justice Weaver to give the recusal issue a rest: “It is well past time for Justice Weaver to end her siege and begin to again devote her energies to the work of this Court rather than the destruction of her colleagues and the reputation of this Court.
– Justice Maura D. Corrigan — who, as Jan Crawford Greenburg reveals in Supreme Conflict, was considered by the Bush Administration as a possible SCOTUS nominee (but withdrew from consideration) — cattily kicks off her opinion by quoting the lyrics to a Broadway show. She quotes Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics for “Comedy Tonight,” which she brings back near the end of her opinion, by imploring Justice Weaver to “cut the comedy.”
– Justice Corrigan addresses Justice Weaver by her first name (yeah, we’re LOVING it): “Betty, can’t we stop wasting the taxpayers’ money on this frolic and detour?… Whatever your goal, this low comedy of your making can only end in tragedy: the public’s loss of respect for this Court and for our state’s judicial branch.”
– And there’s more. In the final paragraph of her opinion, Justice Corrigan calls upon Justice Weaver, “my one-time friend and still colleague, to rejoin the fold of ordinary mortals with the other six of the people’s justice, doing the people’s important work.”
“One-time friend”? OUCH. It’s très playground, but deliciously so.
Justice Corrigan to Justice Weaver: “We are NOT BFFs. And gimme back my fruit roll-up, bitch!”
Mich. top judges go wild [Detroit News]
Feuding justices spar as they work [Detroit Free Press]
People v. Parsons (PDF) [Michigan Supreme Court]
[All links via How Appealing (hefty linkwrap).]
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* Will Yalies respond with an NYU-esque gimmick? [Balkinization]
* And some people say raising kids and taking care of the house is a full-time job. Looks like the monetized value of a stay-at-home mom is not always so inflated after all. [Christian Science Monitor via CrimProf Blog]
* You just know that after a few minutes of official union matters, they’re going to be laughing it up about the stuff they see in our bags, and body parts that accidentally (or not) get felt up during pat-downs. [Yahoo! News]
* Another argument in favor of stronger Second Amendment rights? [MSN]
* I know these are the kinds of stories you want, so occasionally, you’ll get them. [WTHR Indianapolis]

Federal Judges on a Plane.jpgSome time ago, we posted an anecdote about the family travel mishaps of Judge Marsha Berzon, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
Many ATL readers enjoyed the story. But Judge Berzon’s colleague, Judge Alex Kozinski — one of the federal judiciary’s most brilliant thinkers and talented writers — was less pleased. He sent us an open letter criticizing the story and our decision to publish it.
We posted Judge Kozinski’s letter here, and we promised a more detailed response.
We intended to publish a response much earlier. But having to respond to a benchslapping at the hands of a brilliant federal judge tends to induce “writer’s block.” Who’d have thunk it?
Anyway, we finally got over our writer’s block. Our response appears after the jump.

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New York University Law School NYU Law School Above the Law.JPGUp in Cambridge, the students of Harvard Law School are trying to get those pesky undergraduates out of Hemenway gym.
But in New York’s Greenwich Village, the students of NYU Law School have a much more welcoming attitude towards college-age youngsters. In fact, that attitude may be TOO welcoming.
Yesterday a memo went out to all NYU law students from Yvette Bravo-Weber, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. It concerned the upcoming “Spring Fling” party, scheduled for March 8, and various changes being instituted this year — due to some, er, misbehavior from last year.
The memo is mildly amusing, due to the dry, clinical manner in which it discusses what we imagine was a bunch of drunken law students — and their underage guests — puking their guts out. You can check out the full NYU memo — with commentary from us, questioning the wisdom of these “reforms” — after the jump.

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