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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 12.28.15

    * The lawsuit the Bernie Sanders campaign filed against the Democratic National Committee is far from over. Will a “full investigation from top to bottom” reveal that the DNC was trying to burn the Bern in the polls? [Yahoo!]

    * It seems like the whole two-year law school gambit isn’t working out as planned, but maybe that’s because it hasn’t been properly executed yet. Sorry, Northwestern, but we’re really not sorry for saying that. [DealBook / New York Times]

    * DraftKings and FanDuel threw the challenge flag after Illinois AG Lisa Madigan declared that daily fantasy sports betting was illegal in her state. Gibson Dunn and Boies Schiller hope review of the play won’t result in another “Fail Mary.” [Chicago Tribune]

    * “I thought I was the only person who felt that way.” Feeling left out at law school? USC Law is trying to make legal education a little less intimidating for students who are the first in their family to attend institutions of higher education. [Los Angeles Times]

    * iDamages: If you thought Apple liked gouging its customers, then you should see what it does to its adversaries. Samsung just paid the company more than $548 million in patent infringement damages, but Apple wants about $180 million more. [Reuters]

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    Associate Bonus Watch: West Coast Power Decides Not To Disappoint Its Associates This Year

    After raising some ire last year, this Biglaw firm is keeping its associates happy this year.

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    Non-Sequiturs: 12.11.15

    * We’ve been super lucky that Old Man Winter hasn’t pelted us with terrible, bitter cold weather… yet. But as Westerosians know, it is coming. Here’s how to look good — and professional — when it does. [Corporette]

    * The sad state of immigration law in this country is a big ball of tragedy and comedy. Not exactly an ideal policy. [Huffington Post]

    * We already reported on Freshfields announcing holiday bonuses today, but another Magic Circle firm is also in a giving mood. Slaughter & May bumped up its “new solicitor bonus” in time for the holidays. That should make this year’s Christmas party almost as fun as 1981’s. [Legal Cheek]

    * An historical analysis of how prohibition law led to the modern right wing. Fascinating stuff. [Slate]

    * Following up on a benchslap from back in April, Judge Charles Rendlen suspends another lawyer as “dishonest and dangerously incompetent.” Feel free to read the whole thing here. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

    * Gibson Dunn’s Debra Wong Yang, who has billed NJ taxpayers more hours in connection with the Bridgegate investigation than any other lawyer, is now hosting a big-dollar fundraiser for Christie 2016. Time for some traffic problems everywhere! [WNYC]

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    Did This Biglaw Firm Get Benched In Daily Fantasy Sports Litigation?

    Two leading law firms will be working as co-counsel on this case.

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  • Justice Antonin Scalia (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 11.16.15

    * DraftKings and FanDuel aren’t going to take a knee and allow New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to rip away their gamblers clients. Both daily fantasy sites have refused to stop conducting business in New York, and have instead filed suit against Schneiderman with some hefty Biglaw backing. [WSJ Law Blog]

    * During a recent speaking engagement at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, Justice Antonin Scalia explained why he writes such scathingly quotable dissents: “I’m writing dissents mainly for you guys—for law students. I know it will be in the casebooks.” [University of St. Thomas NewsRoom]

    * SCOTUS granted cert in a challenge to Texas abortion laws, and some wonder how this decision will affect other states’ laws. If the justices don’t think these restrictions represent an undue burden, then women may as well hang up their ovaries and go home. [Reuters]

    * We’ll have to rely on old faithful, Justice RBG, to raise the torch for women. She recently sat down for tea with Gloria Steinem to discuss women’s rights. “Ruth is better at getting along with people with whom we profoundly disagree,” says Steinem. [New York Times]

    * The “least sexy” part of a merger? If you want to know what took the Dentons / Dacheng merger so long to be formalized, Dentons CEO Elliott Portnoy says it had to do with website, logo, communications, and marketing issues. [Big Law Business / Bloomberg]

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  • Shown (from left) are some of the 2014-2015 Supreme Court law clerks Jones Day has hired: Benjamin Flowers, Vivek Suri, Andrew Bentz, Lauren Pardee, Brinton Lucas, Ryan Snyder and Robert Stander. Not shown are Ilana Gelfman, Amanda Rice and Eli Savit.  HANDOUT.

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    Which Law Firm Won The SCOTUS Clerk Sweepstakes?

    You can probably guess the firm, but can you guess the number of SCOTUS clerks it picked up?

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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 09.23.15

    * In a story we’ve been following for years, a federal judge has put down the most notorious copyright troll in the world: “Happy Birthday To You” is now in the public domain. [LA Times]

    * Former SMU Dean John Attanasio, hit with a prostitution arrest back in February, is looking at a pre-trial diversion program if he’s willing to admit the charge. [CBS DFW]

    * Just weeks after his brother took over hosting duties on The Late Show, Edward Colbert has been named managing partner of Kenyon & Kenyon LLP. [Law360]

    * The Republic of Guinea may have to cough up a lot of guineas in unpaid legal fees to Dentons after Judge Royce Lamberth rejected its sovereign immunity request. [Legal Times]

    * Honestly, who doesn’t bring a couple dildos along when visiting a Rent-A-Center? [Courthouse News Service]

    * Dewey know what horrors await law firm managers if convicted? It’s more than a little troubling that a couple million people face this fate, but we only get glossy coverage of these conditions when some millionaire lawyers might end up there. [The Am Law Daily]

    * Gibson Dunn under fire for not keeping original notes of its Bridgegate interviews because defense lawyers don’t know how these new-fangled “computer” things work. [The Record]

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    Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 08.25.15

    * Baker & McKenzie was dethroned by DLA Piper as the the Biglaw king of gross revenue. The firm is blaming its poor performance — a 4.3 percent drop — on “currency fluctuations.” Better luck on snatching back glory next year. [Am Law Daily; Big Law Business / Bloomberg]

    * It’s hard out here for a pimp with an allegedly small peen: Terrence Howard’s divorce settlement was overturned by a judge after evidence was brought forward to suggest the actor was coerced into signing it. Apparently his ex was blackmailing him over the size of his manhood. [ABC News]

    * There’s a new sheriff judge in town, and he’s cleaning up the Ferguson, Missouri, courts. His first order of business was to wipe out all arrest warrants issued before December 31, 2014, in the wake of the Michael Brown police shooting last August. [Reuters]

    * Dean Philip Weiser of Colorado Law has announced that he’ll be stepping down from his position in July 2016. He’ll be remembered for keeping costs low and putting asses in seats during a time when it was difficult to do both concurrently. [Denver Business Journal]

    * “On one level I give them kudos for playing hide the ball.” Gibson Dunn is fighting a subpoena issued by defense attorneys for computer metadata related to its Bridgegate report that cleared New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie of all wrongdoing. [Bergen Record]

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    Is Your Firm On The ‘Most Fun’ Summer Programs List? (2015)

    Which firms cracked Vault’s list of best summer programs?

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    Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Love Wins

    Summer is here, so Legal Eagle Wedding Watch is back in full force!

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