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This has turned into one of my favorite posts of the year. We’re calling for all creative law students. We’re calling for all law students who can carry a tune or time a joke to send forth the very best law revue videos to be judged — harshly — by the Above the Law audience.

The creative team behind the winning video will get Above the Law t-shirts and mad respect. The losers will provide entertainment for the masses. This is the time to show them everything. Make sure they remember you.

But, before you start sending us your videos, you should know that there are rules, RULES THAT YOU MUST FOLLOW….

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After the closest vote in (the three-year) history (of the Law Revue contest), we are finally able to crown the best law revue video in 2011.

May all of the pride and good feeling in all the land be sent henceforth to Boston University School of Law, for their winning video submission: I Like The Law.

Their video bested the submission from UC Davis Law, Davis State of Mind, by a mere 47 votes. That’s 47 votes out of nearly 11,000 cast. That’s ridiculous…

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Voting in our Law Revue Video Contest continues through tomorrow night. Don’t forget to weigh in; the voting remains incredibly tight, and things are still up in the air. There’s a fierce East Coast / West Coast rivalry raging right now between BU’s I Like the Law and UC Davis’s Davis State of Mind.

While you ponder the very best videos, we figured we’d give you a little extra. You’ve seen the finalists, and you’ve seen the worst. Now let’s look at some videos that, while good, didn’t quite make the cut.

Have fun with these mildly entertaining videos, our “Honorable Mentions” for this year…

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You have seen our dishonorable mentions; now it’s time to take a look at the very best videos law students were able to come up with. It’s time to meet the finalists in this year’s Law Revue Video Contest.

Some of these videos you have seen before. Others will be new to you. All of them will provide a modicum of fun and a welcome break from the drudgery of finals or whatever post-graduate job you’ve gotten yourself into.

So check them out and prepare to vote. It will work like American Idol: expert judges Kashmir Hill, David Lat, and Elie Mystal will share their thoughts, but the voting is up to you, the viewers.

Who will follow in the footsteps of UVA and Northwestern and bring the funny all across the land? Did your law school or alma mater make the cut?

Let’s find out…

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We started taking submissions for our third annual Law Revue Video Contest way back in March. It’s taken us so long to review the videos because we’ve had scheduling challenges with our special, returning, awesome guest judge. As you’d already know if you follow Above the Law on Twitter, editor emerita Kashmir Hill has returned to her ATL roots, to pass judgment on the funny videos submitted by our wonderful readers.

This year, 25 law schools submitted nearly 30 videos for the contest. Some of them were entertaining, others excruciating less so.

We’ll start with the latter. If we may paraphrase The Simpsons: other legal blogs reward knowledge, Above the Law punishes ignorance.

Aww… just kidding. We really just want to give shout-outs to as many law schools as we can. And we figure the students who submitted these clips are grown adults who won’t mind some gentle ribbing.

Of course, if you submitted a video we’ve singled out for dishonorable mention, you might want to whip out the Astroglide before you read the comments, just to make sure the ribbing feels gentle enough. Your three ATL editors aren’t that harsh, but we can’t speak for the commenters….

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Judge A.P. 'Pete' Fuller

* New Egyptian democracy is already putting critics in jail. Dammit Middle East, this is why we can’t have nice things. [Gawker]

* We must make sure this technology never gets into the hands of clients. [LawyerClock]

* So it appears that South Dakota actually does have one badass living and working there — but now they want to kick him off the bench! [WSJ Law Blog]

* I tried so hard to come up with a meta-joke to go along with Ben Kerschberg’s story about metadata — and then I realized that I did and it’s just not that funny. [Forbes]

* You know what really makes Eliot Spitzer look bad? Andrew Cuomo. [Truth on the Market]

* Our very own Jay Shepherd doesn’t want to bill in six-minute increments, but he can present under such time pressure. [ABA Journal]

* Something tells me the fake law firm of Cromwell & Goodwin is about to get some very real resumes résumés. [Am Law Daily]

* When I was a kid, the only things you had to worry about finding on Long Island beaches were hypodermic syringes. Ah, the good old days. [Village Voice]

* Congratulations to Blawg Review. As Admiral Adama says, “Sometimes you have to roll the hard six.” [Blawg Review]

* Hey kids, don’t forget to send us your Law Revue clips. Share your funny — surely you can do better than this guy — with the rest of the world. [Above the Law]

It’s frigid in the Northeast, but the cold temperatures can’t obscure all the signs that spring is upon us. America is engaged in an unnecessary military action in the Middle East, purported Wake Forest Law students are freaking out, and I’m talking myself into a Mets ticket package. Yeah baby, spring is in the air.

And so it’s time for another rite of spring: Above the Law’s annual Law Revue video contest. For the third year in a row, we will be accepting submissions for the funniest law-student-generated video clip of the year. The Annual Law Revue (or whatever the parody show is called at your law school) allows students to poke fun at law and life. And now, thanks to the wonder of file-sharing sites, the musical creations last beyond the run of the show, and can be enjoyed (or hated) over and over again on YouTube. We’ll watch all the videos, and you guys will vote for the best.

Last year, Northwestern took home the honors with a brilliant parody of an Annie Lennox song. Check it out to see a winning effort.

As in any contest, THERE ARE RULES. The rules are listed below. Since many of you aspire to be lawyers, we trust that you are CAPABLE OF FOLLOWING RULES. Those who do not follow rules will be punished, in this life and the next….

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Over 16,000 votes were cast in our second annual Law Revue video contest. We now bestow the 2010 Law Revue Video Contest crown upon….

Wait, hold on a sec. Unfortunately, there were allegations of voting irregularities.

And according to our friends at Vizu, which hosted our poll, it appears that the allegations may have merit….

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There’s just one day left to vote in ATL’s Second Annual Law Revue Video contest. Check out the seven finalists — from Columbia, Northwestern, NYU, SMU, Wash. U., Windsor, and Berkeley — and vote before midnight on Thursday.

Columbia and Northwestern are currently in a fierce competition for the crown. There have been some not-so-funny allegations of rigging the vote, so we’ve asked our friends at Vizu to monitor the poll and flag any suspicious activity. So keep the voting clean, folks.

We’ve already given out dishonorable mentions. There were three other videos that we would like to footnote, which just missed the cut for final contenders.

GWU and University of Chicago-Kent made this list, as did one of the schools among our finalists…

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(And a reminder to vote!)

On Thursday we showed you the dishonorable mentions from our second annual Law Revue contest. Many of you thought that “les dishonorables” were not that bad.

Hopefully, you’ll like the finalists even better.

This year we chose seven finalists from seven different law schools. But there will be no repeat for last year’s champion, UVA Law’s Con Luv. This year, the school didn’t even submit an entry.

Without further ado, we present the seven finalists — along with commentary from your ATL editors. We each ranked the videos, 1 through 7. The entries are listed in order of worst ATL-editor-combined-score to best. Voting closes on Thursday night…

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