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    Morning Docket: 10.17.13

    * The fiscal impasse in our nation’s capital is over! The government shutdown is over! Obamaphones for everyone!!!!! [Washington Post]

    * Tim Geithner was recently deposed as part of a lawsuit alleging that the government bailout of AIG was unconstitutional. Muammar Gaddafi was less recently deposed as part of a coup alleging that his female bodyguards were unconstitutionally sexy. [Fox Business]

    * Berkeley Bird Beheader begins boot bivouac. [Fox5 Vegas via Las Vegas Law Blog]

    * Cory Booker (Yale Law ’97) won a Senate seat last night, promptly bumping Lat from the cover of the next Yale Law alumni magazine. It was the Halloween issue — the annual Boo Haven edition. [ABC News]

    * Mark Cuban was acquitted of insider trading charges yesterday. In related news, this basset hound loves fans. [CBS News]

    * Brooklyn Law faces a possible debt downgrade from Standard & Poor’s. The school’s unemployed graduates, substandard and poor, have yet to weigh in. [Crain’s New York Business]

    * In other law school news, Chicago-Kent announces an interesting new initiative (with a Whopper of a name). [IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law (press release)]

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    June Lawyer of the Month: Score One For The Practice Of Law

    So far, our Lawyers of the Month have been a motley crew. Dying helps. So does being incredibly stupid. But this month we have a lawyer who won our Lawyer of the Month competition just for his old-fashioned practice of the law. Yep, in a month where we had naked people and dead people, an […]

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    Lawyer of the Month: June Reader Poll

    Okay, we were really late with the May Lawyer of the Month reader poll. But that was in part because the May candidates were quite dull. There is nothing dull about the June Lawyer of the Month candidates. I count two candidates who would be runaway winners if they didn’t have to face each other, […]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 06.22.11

    * You’d think the following would go without saying, but the kids these days need it spelled out, so here goes: If you are Facebook friends with a hostage taker, DO NOT send him status updates alerting him to SWAT team movements during a standoff. [Legal Blog Watch] * Excellent interview with Mark Cuban’s lawyer, […]

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    Lawsuit of the Day: An ‘Eff You’ Motion to Dismiss

    Have you ever filed an ‘eff you’ motion? Mark Cuban’s lawyers have, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, they decided to graphically dispute Cuban’s alleged reckless leadership of the Mavericks in a court document. Read on for the awesome money shot….

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    Mark Cuban Wants to Pay Government Attorneys to Get Off Their Butts

    I’d love for Mark Cuban to own my basketball team. He’s a self-made billionaire who focuses on the fans and (for all the bluster) leaves the basketball decisions to basketball people. Compare that to current Knicks Owner James Dolan — a man living off of his daddy’s success, who thinks he’s smarter than he really […]

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  • Mark Cuban, Securities and Exchange Commission

    Mark Cuban 1, SEC 0

    We previously covered the Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit against Mark Cuban. Today brings some good news on that front for the billionaire businessman. From Mark Cuban’s brother, lawyer / blogger Brian Cuban: Chief Judge Sidney Fitzwater said in a 35-page ruling released Friday that the SEC had failed to prove that Cuban, who owns […]

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