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Celebrity Skin: a great album, by the way.

Last month, we asked: Who are this year’s celebrity summer associates? In recent years, major law firms have hosted famous figures as summer associates, including a successful author, a not-so-successful author, and a reality TV beauty.

This year, the celebrity wattage is considerably lower. But there are still a few notable names floating out there (and we welcome additional submissions, by email). For example, we recently wrote about actor Wai Choy, a former co-star of Lindsay Lohan who is now summering at Proskauer in New York.

Our next celebrity summer associate isn’t super-famous in his own right (even though he’s as good-looking as many a Hollywood actor). Instead, he derives his celebrity from a famous father.

So who is he, and where does he work?

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legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGLast week, we opened the polls in our October 2006 Couple of the Month competition. And today — Election Day, natch — we closed ‘em.
It was an exciting race. Lori Alvino and Matthew McGill took an early lead, which they held through the weekend. But Katherine Dowling and Marc Axelbaum started gaining on them — fast.
This morning, Katherine and Marc moved within striking distance of Lori and Matt McGill. And then, earlier today, they overtook them. So congratulations to Above the Law’s newest Couple of the Month:


For all of you election junkies, here’s the final tally:
october 2006 couple of the month.JPG
Congrats again, Katherine and Marc. You’re fabulous!!! (And photogenic, too.)
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lori alvino mcgill matthew mcgill matt mcgill lori alvino.jpgYesterday Lori Alvino and Matthew McGill crushed their competition in Legal Eagle Wedding Watch. And perhaps their margin of victory should have been even larger.
We would have given them extra points had we known about these legal celebrity sightings at their wedding:

Not that Matt McGill and Lori Alvino McGill need more praise from you, but FYI: their wedding was attended by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, for whom Matt clerked back when he was on the D.C. Circuit; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for whom Lori clerked; and Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg of the D.C. Circuit.

Other guests of note: former Solicitor General Ted Olson, and former D.C. Circuit nominee — and possible Supreme Court nominee — Miguel Estrada. (Both are now partners in the elite D.C. office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.)

So, if you think about it, you’re talking about two legitimate Supreme Court justices and, but for the cruel hand of fate, three other contenders for the Court.

WOW. Not much else to say, except: WOW.
If you were a guest at this star-studded gathering, and can offer an eyewitness report on the festivities, please drop us a line. We have so many questions. For example:

Was Chief Judge Ginsburg accompanied by the special lady friend very nice guest he took to the Yankees-Orioles game last year?

Did the abstemious Justice Ginsburg eat any wedding cake?

Did Chief Justice Roberts and Jane Roberts cut the rug at the reception — and if so, how were their moves? Is the Chief ready to appear on Dancing With the Stars?

Enquiring minds want to know!
Weddings & Celebrations: Lori Alvino, Matthew McGill [New York Times]
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legal eagle wedding watch david lat above the law legal blog law blog david lat david lat atl.JPGWe’re still a little behind here at Legal Eagle Wedding Watch, but we’re working diligently to catch up. This post reviews and rates couples featured in the New York Times weddings page on October 1, 2006.
The weekend of September 30-October 1 was not a big one for lawyer weddings. But we did find three couples worthy of review:

1. Lori Alvino, Matthew McGill

2. Carrie Girgenti, Gregory Sheps

3. Eunice Hong, Gerald Neugebauer III

Numerical scores and commentary for each couple, after the jump.

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