Morning Docket

the innocent man.jpg* The fiscal crisis continues to escalate. The Fed and Treasury Department are making historic, rapid-fire decisions every hour. But in Congress, lawmakers are just sitting around, twiddling their thumbs. [Washington Post]

* John Grisham is deemed “the innocent man.” Judge dismisses libel suit against him. [Associated Press]

* It’s not just Biglaw sharing office space. Federal judges may have to start shacking up too. [Legal Times]

* In another sign of America’s waning global influence, the world’s courts are losing respect for SCOTUS. At least the world still loves Hollywood movies. [New York Times]

* In “a shocking invasion of the Governor’s privacy and a violation of law,” hackers raid Sarah Palin’s Yahoo e-mail account. Men everywhere despair at the lack of bikini photos. [Slate]

* The Congressional investigation of Judge Thomas Porteous (E.D. La.) is on. Will he become the first impeached federal judge in almost 20 years? Stay tuned. [Associated Press]

aig.jpg* The Fed reverses course and agrees to bail out insurance giant American International Group. [Forbes]

* Alaskan lawmakers file suit to stop the “Troopergate” investigation of Sarah Palin. [New York Times]

* Eight lawyers are on the American Lawyer’s 2008 Lifetime Achievers list for “history-making accomplishments.” [American Lawyer]

* The law against baggy pants is deemed unconstitutional. “Your Honor, we now have the fashion police.” [Palm Beach Post]

* DLA Piper will help raise funds for maglev trains in California. [The Press-Telegram]

snowmobile.jpg* Judge James Peck, the second-most junior bankruptcy judge in Manhattan, will handle the Lehman case, the biggest bankruptcy in history. [Bloomberg]
* No vroom for snowmobiles in the national parks, rules Judge Emmet Sullivan. [New York Times]
* First day of the O.J. Simpson robbery trial. But people are already totally over it. No crowds were there to greet O.J. and friends, just a man holding a “Jesus saves sinners from hell” sign. [Los Angeles Times]
* Former ATL “Lawyer” of the Day, Howard Kieffer, will not defend himself in his lawyer impersonation trial. [Associated Press]
* Manhattan restaurant owner + $5,000 designer umbrella + negligent supermodel = a fed-up judge. New York Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden fines attorney $500 for filing a frivolous claim and wasting judicial resources. [Associated Press]

texting hate.gif* While the vultures descend on Lehman, another big company joins the death watch. Insurance giant American International Group is looking to sell off its major assets. [New York Times]
* Does $10 for unlimited monthly text messaging seem high to you? Maybe it will change. An antitrust class action suit has been filed against the big four: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint-Nextel, and T-Mobile. [Courthouse News Service]
* Roy Pearson is still mourning those lost pants. The appeal in the case of the $54 million pants is set for next month. [Legal Times]
* Are price-gouging investigations during hurricanes the new trend among attorneys general? Florida AG Bill McCollum will investigate gas stations’ response to the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Ike in Texas. [Bay News 9]
* New York AG Andrew Cuomo is more concerned about the student loan industry. [The Ticker]

Sarah Palin Alaska Governor Sarah Palin hottie.jpg* New York criminal defense lawyer Robert Simels has been spending too much time with the bad guys. He was arrested yesterday for trying to “eliminate and neutralize witnesses” in a drug-trafficking case. [Bloomberg]
* Judge sides with the Federal Election Commission, putting the muzzle on The Real Truth About Obama. [Associated Press]
* The jury is seated in O.J. Simpson’s kidnapping and robbery trial. Opening arguments start Monday. We wonder if his attorneys are feeling pressure to come up with something as snappy as the “if the glove don’t fit…” line. [CNN]
* A Florida attorney’s tale of lawyerly ethics, attorney-client privilege, and a hidden body. [St. Petersburg Times]
* Sarah Palin’s first big interview. [New York Times]

obamccain.jpg* Senators John McCain and Barack Obama will appear together today at the September 11 memorial service in New York City. [Time]
* Another scandal from the employees at the Interior Department. Sex, cocaine, and gifts from energy companies. [Washington Post]
* Speaking of sex scandals, toilet stall foot tapper Larry Craig wants to withdraw his guilty plea. [New York Times]
* Superior Court Judge John Suddock tried to warn Sarah Palin in 2005 against pursuing the firing of her trooper brother-in-law. She didn’t heed his warnings, but luckily, it seems like no one really cares about it. [CNN]
* Another suit against the world’s ugliest footwear. [Fox News]

flipphone.jpg[Ed. note: Sorry for the delay. We were experiencing some technical difficulties but now everything is under control. Wait, ... what? Even Nedry knew enough to not mess with the raptor fences. Dr. Arnold? Ahhhhhhh.]
* The investment bank Lehman Brothers fights to survive. [Washington Post]
* SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas says the Constitution is colorblind. [Breitbart]
* Yesterday, we told 1Ls not to bop their classmates. Here’s a lesson to judges and prosecutors: do not secretly get it on, and do not do it during an ongoing murder trial. [New York Times]
* “Cold Case: Civil Rights Era” is not going very well. [CNN]
* Gross legal news: Man sues American Airlines for losing his wife’s corpse. [WCBS TV via Drudge]
* For those of you who miss the flip phone, expect to see a clamshell Blackberry in stores soon. [Wall Street Journal (subscription)]

google.jpg* The DOJ is prepping for its antitrust showdown with Google. It has hired Hogan and Hartson partner (and former legal Mouseketeer) Sandy Litvack for the case. [Information Week]
* Berkeley tree-sitters refuse to comply with court ruling and come down for the sake of a new athletic center. Even after getting immunity for throwing their poo-poo at the po-po. [New York Times]
*The media continue to vet Sarah Palin. She let Alaska taxpayers foot bills for family travel and meals at home. For once, Joe Biden may be happy to be ignored. [Washington Post]
* In her time of woe, Nevada judge Elizabeth Halverson has a friend speak out on her behalf. We want to stop following this story, but we just can’t seem to look away. [Action News]
* J.K. Rowling’s biggest fan has suffered a legal defeat. The man who spent seven years on a Harry Potter lexicon will not be able to publish it, says judge. [New York Times]

freddie mac shakedown.jpg* Big government to the rescue. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be taken over and bailed out, with taxpayer-funded infusions of up to $200 billion. [Washington Post]

* How do you get the youth vote out legally? Virginia says college students shouldn’t register to vote from their college address. If parents claim them as legal dependents, their parents’ addresses should be used. [New York Times]

* The case of the of U.S. attorneys firing continues to drag out. The D.C. Circuit grants the White House a delay in turning over documents, which means Harriet Miers can keep avoiding testifying before Congress. [Washington Post]

* Judge Elizabeth Halverson underwent surgery this weekend for her husband-and-frying-pan-inflicted skull fractures. [San Jose Mercury News]

* A British Muslim lawyer plus an Osama bin Laden joke equals a $1 million dollar payout. [United Press International]

john_mccain.jpg* Senator John McCain had a tough act to follow after the electrifying Wednesday night speech by his VP pick, Sarah Palin. He accepted the nomination and promised that change is a-comin.’ [Washington Post]
* Nearly 400 protesters were arrested outside of the Republican National Convention last night. For singing a Rage Against the Machine song? [CNN]
* A Texas inmate slated for execution next week says the judge and prosecutor in his case were too friendly outside the court. A hearing has been set to investigate the alleged love affair and the fairness of the trial. [New York Times]
* California voters like medical marijuana, but the courts and AG Jerry Brown are not the biggest fans. [Los Angeles Daily News]
* Arthur Culvahouse wins! []
* The Kilpatrick saga has come to an end. This is a look at the three Michigan laws that brought about his downfall. [Detroit Free Press]

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