Morning Docket

* Defense contractor accused of supplying ancient arms to Afghan army and police…. [CNN]
* While Defense Secretary Gates orders review of nuclear arsenal after accidental shipments to Taiwan…. [Washington Post]
* And AG Mukasey vows to crack down on corruption in wake of PR governor accusations…. [MSNBC]
* Meanwhile, 11th Circuit grants bail pending appeal to former Alabama governor, who claims to be the victim of a politically-motivated prosecution. [New York Times]

Clear Channel Communications Inc Above the Law blog.jpg* Clear Channel and private equity firms sue banks they claim are balking on financing their buyout deal; injunctive relief secured. [WSJ Law Blog; AP]
* Lilly settles Zyprexa litigation with Alaska. [New York Times]
* SCOTUS considers pro se rights. [Washington Post]
* Did KPMG “enable” New Century’s collapse? [New York Times]
* Federal indictment: congressmen allegedly traveled to Iraq on Saddam’s dime. [CNN]
* Homeowners protest Bear Sterns bailout. [MSNBC]
* Claim filed by family of woman who died in airport police custody. [CNN]

* Supreme Court rebuffs claim of presidential power with respect to enforceability of World Court ruling. [Washington Post]
* Meanwhile, other countries’ courts reject U.S. punitive damages. [New York Times]
* Second Circuit shoot down New York State’s Airline Passenger Bill of Rights, on preemption grounds. [New York Times]
* Affirmative action opponents seeking ’08 wedge issue? [Washington Post]
* Sierra Leone war crimes court funding raises questions about whether money’s being well-spent. [Washington Post]
* WMD materials found in D.C. truck, on second check. [MSNBC]

Virginia Tech VA Tech Above the Law blog.jpg* State makes VA Tech families settlement offer to prevent litigation. [CNN]
* Questioning Justice Scalia’s math on innocents in prison. [New York Times]
* New Pakistani PM releases jailed judges. [MSNBC]
* DOJ Antitrust approves XM / Sirius merger. But FCC still needs to weigh in. [New York Times]
* Fox refuses to pay indecency fine, as its litigation against the FCC heads to the Supreme Court. [Washington Post]
* Score 1 for democracy, thanks to the king of Bhutan. [MSNBC]
* Smashing Pumpkins sue Virgin Records for using music in Pepsi commercials. [CNN Money]

* Professor Akhil Amar: Obama and Clinton can take turns being president. Say what? [Slate]
* JPMorgan could raise Bear Sterns bid to $10 a share. [New York Times]
* IOC engages in “silent diplomacy” with China on human rights issues. [ESPN]
* Radical hippie mom accidentally released from jail for a few days. [CNN]
* AG Mukasey to argue before SCOTUS tomorrow. [WSJ Law Blog]

* A defense of feds’ tactics in Spitzer investigation. [New York Times]
* Justice O’Connor, sitting by designation on Fourth Circuit, hears city council prayer case. [Washington Post]
* Paramount head Brad Grey gives (apparently boring) testimony at Pellicano trial. [Deadline Hollywood Daily via Drudge]
* Hearing to be held on recusal request in Massey Energy case. [AP via How Appealing]
* Michigan lawmakers fail to act on bill to authorize new Democratic primary. [New York Times]
* They got a crush on Obama? Curiosity killed the cat — and cost two State Department contractors their jobs. [Washington Post]

* Another prominent plaintiffs’ lawyer pleads. Today it’s Mel Weiss of Milberg Weiss, to plead guilty in an alleged kickback scheme. Any guesses as to the new firm name? Milberg LLP? [WSJ Law Blog]
* SCOTUS overturns conviction of Louisiana death row inmate, due to improper exclusion of African-Americans from jury. Vote was 7-2, opinion by Alito. [SCOTUSblog; How Appealing (linkwrap)]
* Exciting times for commodities investors spell scary times for regulators. [New York Times]
* SEC investigating Bear Stearns options trading. [Reuters]
* Charges filed in girlfriend-on-toilet case. [AP]

Barack Obama small Senator Barack Hussein Obama Above the Law blog.JPG* Collected coverage of yesterday’s Supreme Court oral argument in District of Columbia v. Heller, the Second Amendment case concerning D.C. gun control. [SCOTUSblog (linkwrap); How Appealing (linkwrap)]
* NJ prosecutors subpoena records from (think AutoAdmit for college students). [AP]
* An update on former Lawyer of the Day Kwame Kilpatrick: the Detroit City Council wants him to resign as mayor, but he’s vowing not to leave. [New York Times]
* Olympic gold-medal hottie who had “close personal relationship” with New York’s latest Luv Guv, David Paterson, says he helped her land a government job. [New York Post via Drudge]
* The full transcript of yesterday’s speech by Barack Obama on race. [Washington Post]

Great Depression 2 Dorothea Lange Migrant Mother Above the Law blog.JPG* “Are we headed for another Great Depression?” [McClatchy]
* Quelle surprise: Bear Stearns shareholder lawsuit (filed in S.D.N.Y. by Coughlin Stoia). [Bloomberg; WSJ Law Blog (PDF of complaint)]
* Speaking of Bear Stearns, here are some law firms losing out on BSC business. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Tenth Circuit reverses convictions of former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio. [AP]
* Harvard Law School will pay the 3L tuition of future students who agree to work for nonprofit organizations or government for five years following graduation. [New York Times via Tax Prof Blog; Harvard Law School (news release)]
* Settlement in Paul McCartney-Heather Mills divorce (more on this later). [Legal Week]
* SCOTUS to hear Second Amendment / D.C. gun control case today (more on this later too). [New York Times; Reuters]

* Stocks plummet around the world, in wake of deal by JP Morgan Chase to buy Bear Stearns on the cheap. [New York Times]
Update: If you’re interested in learning which lawyers and law firms slaved away over the weekend on the Bear Stearns deal, see here.
* Fed takes action to fight crisis, but may be too late — economy is f**ked (which everyone already knew). [Washington Post; New York Times]
* Lawyer for whore lectures media on ethics. [WSJ Law Blog]
* “Missed connection” between plaintiffs and appellate victory: Seventh Circuit rules Craigslist not liable for discriminatory ads. [How Appealing (linkwrap)]
* Pro se defendant successfully defends himself — in a murder trial. No, not Jonathan Lee Riches. [Washington Post]
* Defendant doctors prevail in John Ritter malpractice suit. [CNN]
* Ruling expected today in Paul McCartney / Heather Mills divorce case. [AP]
* A compensation overview for in-house lawyers. [WSJ Law Blog]
Update: Thanks for the reminder. Professor Jeffrey Rosen’s NYT magazine cover story, a long and detailed survey of the Roberts Court’s business law jurisprudence, is available here.

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