Morning Docket

freddie mac shakedown.jpg* Big government to the rescue. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be taken over and bailed out, with taxpayer-funded infusions of up to $200 billion. [Washington Post]

* How do you get the youth vote out legally? Virginia says college students shouldn’t register to vote from their college address. If parents claim them as legal dependents, their parents’ addresses should be used. [New York Times]

* The case of the of U.S. attorneys firing continues to drag out. The D.C. Circuit grants the White House a delay in turning over documents, which means Harriet Miers can keep avoiding testifying before Congress. [Washington Post]

* Judge Elizabeth Halverson underwent surgery this weekend for her husband-and-frying-pan-inflicted skull fractures. [San Jose Mercury News]

* A British Muslim lawyer plus an Osama bin Laden joke equals a $1 million dollar payout. [United Press International]

john_mccain.jpg* Senator John McCain had a tough act to follow after the electrifying Wednesday night speech by his VP pick, Sarah Palin. He accepted the nomination and promised that change is a-comin.’ [Washington Post]
* Nearly 400 protesters were arrested outside of the Republican National Convention last night. For singing a Rage Against the Machine song? [CNN]
* A Texas inmate slated for execution next week says the judge and prosecutor in his case were too friendly outside the court. A hearing has been set to investigate the alleged love affair and the fairness of the trial. [New York Times]
* California voters like medical marijuana, but the courts and AG Jerry Brown are not the biggest fans. [Los Angeles Daily News]
* Arthur Culvahouse wins! []
* The Kilpatrick saga has come to an end. This is a look at the three Michigan laws that brought about his downfall. [Detroit Free Press]

Kwame%20Kilpatrick%20Mayor%20Kwame%20M%20Kilpatrick%20Above%20the%20Law%20blog.jpg* Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani were in attack dog mode during the Republican convention last night. [New York Times]
* A look at the laws that govern Facebook. Being too active can get you banned, as our very own David Lat discovered. [Washington Post]
* Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick heads to court today for his criminal perjury case. Will he plead guilty and resign? Or will he keep dragging this thing out? Stay tuned. [Detroit Free Press]
* Perhaps Kilpatrick’s extramarital text messaging behavior has a genetic component. He could be one of the men carrying the “commitment-phobia” gene. [Los Angeles Times]
* Disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff will be sentenced today in his corruption trial. [Associated Press]
* Pizza delivery man to be tried for the murder of his teacher wife’s teenage lover. [CNN]
* Emergency budget crisis for courts in England. [The Times]
* An argument against lawyers for president. “The problem is that lawyers usually do not run companies, defend the country, lead people, build things, grow food or create capital.” [San Jose Mercury News]

oj-simpson.jpg* Former Tyco execs Dennis Kozlowski and Mark Swartz, of $6,000 shower curtain fame, are back in court, looking to overturn their convictions. [Business Week]
* O.J. Simpson, of glove-don’t-fit fame, heads to court in Las Vegas next week for his alleged gunpoint robbery incident. [Associated Press]
* The Republican Convention rolls on. Sarah Palin prepares to speak tonight… [Washington Post]
* … and prepares to speak to Alaskan investigators next month about her alleged abuse of power. [CNN]
* Construing the Wartime Suspension of Limitations Act of 1942, Boston Judge Richard Stearns rules that a fraud case against Big Dig contractor employees can proceed. The running of the statute of limitations was tolled during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. [Associated Press]
* An analysis of former AG Alberto Gonzales’s latest problems, in case you “don’t recall.” [Associated Press]

Sarah Palin Alaska Governor Sarah Palin hottie.jpg* The Republican Convention kicks off this week in St. Paul. They were worried about Hurricane Gustav, but Hurricane Sarah Palin has been the talk of the weekend. The Republican Veep candidate revealed that her 17-year-old daughter is a baby mama. [New York Times]
*… And O’Melveny and Myers partner Arthur B. Culvahouse, Jr. is to blame. Not for the baby, but for the vetting process. [New York Times]
* …And here’s almost everything else you want to know about Sarah Palin and the law. [American Lawyer]
* Former attorney general Alberto Gonzales can breathe a sigh of relief. The Justice Department says he made some mistakes with classified information, but that criminal sanctions are unlikely for him. [Washington Post]
* In Texas, they like their justice blind… and aroused. Judge Samuel Kent has been indicted for federal sex crimes, but he’s going to continue hearing cases. [Houston Chronicle]
* More details in the human trafficking lawsuit against Iraq contractor Kellogg Brown & Root. Worst bait and switch ever. [Courthouse News Service]

Barack Obama small Senator Barack Hussein Obama Above the Law blog.JPG* The Democratic love fest peaked last night. Senator Barack Obama addressed more than 80,000 people in a Denver football stadium. Our favorite line was his take on “it’s not me, it’s you.” [New York Times]
* A reporter for ABC News wasn’t feeling the love at the Democratic convention this week. Denver police arrested him Wednesday for trespassing while he tried to get interviews on a public sidewalk. His attorneys and the ACLU want all charges dropped. [The Blotter/ABC News]
* Under new Justice Department rules, “federal prosecutors will no longer be able to strong-arm corporate targets to reveal protected conversations with their attorneys.” [CNN]
* Florida lawyers acting badly may make it hard for workers to file overtime violation suits. [National Law Journal]
* Embattled Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is suing to stop the hearing that would remove him from office. [Washington Post]
* … We hope his lawyers are making him prepay for that. An attorney has filed suit against Mayor Kilpatrick for allegedly stiffing him on a $79,000 legal bill. [Detroit Free Press]
* Tom Cruise is being sued for $11 million by a bunch of German actors who say they were injured in the filming of his last movie. Show me the money! [Onlinewire]

biden.jpg* Barack Obama and Joe Biden accept the love of the Democratic Party. [Washington Post]
* Sobering news for the lovefest: “A potential conflict of interest involving Biden and one of the nation’s biggest asbestos litigation law firms.” [Politico]
* Bad Citibank! It owes 53,000 credit card customers $14 million for stealing their positive balances. According to one executive, “Stealing from our customers is a business decision, not a legal decision.” [Courthouse News Service]
* Child killer smiles as he hears death sentence. [CNN]
* Mexican Supreme Court upholds Mexico City’s abortion law. [Guardian]
* A Nepalese family is suing Iraq contractor KBR for human trafficking. [BBC News]
* Beach nudists sue for the right to be naked. [New York Times]
*… Fortunately for them, Orange County Superior Court Judge Shelia Fell likes nudity. [San Diego Union-Tribune]
* Expect McCain’s Veep pick today. [Politico]

Mayra Lizbeth Rosales Mayra Rosales.jpg* Those Bratz got a spanking, but not as severe a spanking as Mattel hoped. The jury awarded Mattel $100 million, rather than the $1 billion Quinn Emanuel’s John Quinn had requested. [CNN]
* U.S. District Judge John D. Bates rules Harriet Miers must testify before Congress. The big moment could come as early as next month. [Washington Post]
* Eight of the sixty judges sacked by former Pakistani president Pervez Musharaff have been reinstated. The others are still twiddling their thumbs. [BBC News]
* Barry Bonds wants to knock his case out of the park. His lawyers have moved to dismiss most of the government’s case against him for lying to a grand jury about steroid use. [Associated Press]
* In Mexico City, abortion is legal in theory, but not often in practice. Now the Mexican Supreme Court is considering overturning the one-year-old abortion law. [International Herald Tribune]
* Colorado U.S. attorney files charges in the Obama murder plot. The last name of one of the accused is Adolf. [Smoking Gun]
* How is Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick still in office? [Washington Post]
* Update in the case of the alleged half-ton murderess. Her attorney says she’s too fat to have killed her nephew. [CNN]

michelle obama convention speech.jpg* Some of you might have already noticed, but a former Sidley Austin associate had a big night. [ABA Journal; MSNBC]
* More reasons to dump Internet Explorer if you haven’t done so already. [Res Ipsa Blog]
* Maybe instead of professional responsibility, they should teach “internet scams for dummies” in law school. [ABA Journal]
* I’m pretty sure we were promised tactile feedback toys back in Real Sex 1. I’m sure we’ll get them just after the flying cars start rolling off the assembly line. [Legal Pad]
* Fun with Biden over at Legal Times. At this point, if his convention speech comes in under the 8-hour mark, he will claim victory. [BLT: The Blog of Legal Times]

WWE logo lawsuit.png* A 72-year-old accountant from Minnesota challenged the IRS, and won. The accountant now wants a second Boston Tea Party. [Associated Press]
* Wilmer Hale has launched a series of associate blogs as part of a new recruiting effort. [BLT: The Blog of Legal Times]
* The Olympics aren’t the only thing bailing on Beijing. The managing partner for Cadwalader’s Beijing office is moving to Allen & Overy in Shanghai. []
* Wrestlers Chris Kanyon, Raven and Above Average Mike are trying to smackdown the Vince McMahon in court. The three brought a class-action lawsuit against the WWE claiming that they are employees, not independent contractors. [Connecticut Employment Law Blog via Overlawyered]
* D.C. Circuit upholds constitutionality of Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. [Bloomberg via WSJ Law Blog]
* Former L.A. Times editorial page editor sues ex-girlfriend over “Grazer-gate” controversy; she claims it’s retaliation for a restraining order. [THR, Esq. via Gawker]

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