Morning Docket

* Lawyers arrested in Pakistani protests, as government suspends constitution and declares martial law. [New York Times; CNN]
* Tonight’s talk shows to be awkward, slightly less funny, as execs hold out on e-profits. [CNN]
* Actor sentenced to 40 months in a hopefully high-security prison. [MSNBC]
* Wal-Mart lawyers to below market! [WSJ Law Blog]
* Wireless company gets litigious. [Engadget]

* Yeah, but SCOTUS will stay the executions. [AP via How Appealing]
* Tuna : Chicken of the Sea :: ______ : Law of the Sea? [Jurist]
* Drug sentencing still separate, now a litte more equal. [ New York Times]
* Here we go again with the veto and the whole bit. [New York Times]
* Look, he’s a lawyer and everything. I don’t know why you have to ask all these convoluted questions about “torture” and stuff. Just confirm him already, jeez. [Jurist]

* Jury thinks that idiots from Kansas church doth protest too much at funeral; $10.9 million for father of killed Marine. [Baltimore Sun via How Appealing]
* Justice department fails in prosecution of its (former) own. [New York Times]
* Senate Judiciary to vote on Mukasey next Tuesday. [ Jurist]
* Execution back to Cali – I don’t think so. [Jurist]
* Some lateral benchslappery in Georgia. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

staph infection staphylococcus Above the Law blog.jpg* Family to sue NYC over staph death. [CNN]
* Nader sues DNC for trying to win 2004 Presidential election conspiring against him in 2004. [AP via Breitbart]
* Should law school be more like business school? [WSJ Law Blog]
* Georgia to $336,000 in child support! [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
* Yep, de facto moratorium. [New York Times]

* The war on punitive damages continues. [USA Today via How Appealing]
* Suspect from Burning Man burning to burn something else. [Reno Gazette-Journal]
* Senators want clarification from Mukasey on waterboarding. [Jurist]
* Lerach pleads guilty. [Los Angeles Times]
* Do we have a de facto moratorium on executions pending this term’s SCOTUS lethal injection case? We should find out today. [New York Times]

* Genarlow is school shopping. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution via How Appealing]
* She judges you when you use poor grammar; she has that in common with a lot of ATL readers. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Defendants in China now actually get to meet with their defense lawyers; better than Gitmo. [Jurist]
* Lawyer, Senator, President, woman. Hillary Clinton? No, not yet, but it looks like this Argentine woman is now all of those things. [BBC]
* Death sentence for fetus snatcher. [CNN]

* White House offers to share secret documents on the NSA surveillance program with the Senate Judiciary Committee. [New York Times]
* Mandatory arbitration clauses affecting litigation? [Red Tape]
* U.S. soldier acquitted in Italy. [CNN]
* Seventh Circuit refuses to rehear Gov. George Ryan’s appeal en banc; three judges dissent. [How Appealing (linkwrap)]
* Innocence Project frees innocent man incarcerated for 20 years. [CNN]

Garrison Keillor stalker crazy lady Above the Law blog.jpg* Dems to propose new surveillance bill? [Newsweek]
* Only a Garrison Keillor stalker would call it “transcendental love.” [CNN]
* Pearl drops lawsuit against terrorists. [MSNBC]
* Law firm World Series. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Today’s stupid crimes from Court TV. [CourtTV]

Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman blind sheik Above the Law blog.jpg* Mistrial in case against Muslim organization; retrial likely. [AP; New York Times]
* California wildfires lead lawyers to flee from their homes and offices… [The Recorder via]
* … and may give rise to insurance battles, too. [CNN]
* Ex-stripper convicted in “Last Seduction” trial. [MSNBC]
* White House accused of doctoring environmental testimony. [MSNBC]
* Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) retracts her expressions of concern over the prosecution of an L.A. councilman. [Washington Briefs]

Volkswagen Fahrvergnügen Porsche Above the Law blog.jpg* Some Fahrvergnügen for Porsche, courtesy of the European Court of Justice. [How Appealing (linkwrap)]
* Surprise surprise: a Yale law professor has issues with Michael Mukasey. Professor (and novelist) Jed Rubenfeld questions the nominee’s views of executive power. [New York Times via WSJ Law Blog]
* If confirmed, Mukasey has his work cut out for him. “Clearly the Justice Department has lost its mojo,” said WilmerHale partner Reginald Brown. [Legal Times]
* Obama criticizes Hillary in Iowa mailing. [Politico via Drudge Report]
* A (very close) vote is expected this week on Leslie Southwick’s Fifth Circuit nomination.
[Fox News via How Appealing]
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