orange faced honeyeater.jpg* Work life balance … now with testicles! []
* Heller Ehrman continues to bleed people. [ABA Journal]
* Biglaw associates, count yourselves lucky. At least you are not interning for the New York Sun. [Gawker]
* People cite Wikipedia? In class? To a professor? [PrawfsBlawg]
* Everybody thinks they’re an expert on interviews, even the experts. [Legal Times (subscription)]

manhattan skyline lawfim realtors.jpg* The vetting of Sarah Palin continues. As mayor of Wasilla, she hired Steven Silver. Silver was a client of Jack Abramoff at Greenberg Traurig, then was chief-of-staff for Ted Stevens. [Talking Points Memo]
* The vetting of anybody that has ever laid eyes on Sarah Palin continues. In today’s crosshairs is Thomas Van Flein, the lawyer Palin retained to help her with the ethics investigation involving her in Alaska. [WSJ Law Blog]
* At least realtors care about the struggles of Biglaw associates. [Crain's via New York Observer]
* A lawyer completely forgot about his client for two years. But I bet he’ll remember him now. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
* Marquette University Law School has started a new faculty blog. [Marquette University Law School]
* A barbecue Blawg Review. [Austin DWI Lawyer via Blawg Review]

gustav warning.jpg[Ed note: Though Non-Sequiturs is our traditional sign-off, posted at or near the end of the day, we're not quite done -- more posts will follow. We just wanted to give a quick round-up for those leaving the office early.]
* If you happen to be stuck at work over the long weekend, Paul Caron has you covered. It’s much better than trying to figure out which non-contiguous state you like best. [Tax Prof Blog]
* Chief Justice Roberts will be judging a moot court competition. If that sounds odd, consider that the competition is in Florida, home to 27 sweet electoral votes. [BLT: The Blog of Legal Times]
* The Veoh ruling might not help YouTube as much as they hoped. Maybe they should try garlic to battle with Viacom and Sumner Redstone []
* Wait, pole-dancing isn’t exercise but beach volleyball is an Olympic sport? I’m so confused. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Gustav. Seriously. Running away is always a good option when dealing with nature. [Washington Post]

hillary duff birthday decision.jpg* Rick Reilly continues his transition from inane blather on Sports Illustrated to inane blather on ESPN. []
* Taxpayers in Texas had to pay money for a judge to deal with Hilary Duff’s birthday party. [Houston Chronicle]
* Target will pay $6 million in damages and make their website accessible to the blind, having already succeeded in making their website perfectly accessible to those who are poor and have low standards. []
* The Justice Department is apparently going to try the Joanne Galloway “I strenuously object” argument with SCOTUS. [SCOTUSblog]

rick ross beats down rappers courts of law.jpg* DJ Vlad is suing Rick Ross for an alleged beatdown administered by Ross and four other … creative consultants. You can almost hear DJ “punk-a$$” Vlad’s record label screaming “Noooooooooo.” [MTV News]
* The WSJ’s Ashby Jones wonders if summer programs — and the hiring timetable they’re tied to — are to blame for Biglaw’s financial predicament. [Wall Street Journal (subscription); WSJ Law Blog]
* Sadly, this should come as no surprise: Kafka sheds light on the legal profession. Move over, Above the Law; now there’s Before the Law. [Lexis Hub / BBPL]
* Really, really old laws will soon make it on to the internet. Moses would be so proud. [The Guardian via HuffPost]
* Former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan saw his child support payments reduced. The appellate court invoked the “three pony rule,” as in: “no child, no matter how wealthy the parents, needs to be provided [with] more than three ponies.” Maybe now Strahan can afford to fix his teeth. []
* Did Hillary Clinton misquote Harriet Tubman? [The Caucus / New York Times]

Derek Jeter Clarence Thomas David Tuason.jpg* Every time a law blogger gets sued subpoenaed, our sphincters tighten up just a little bit more. [Legal Blog Watch]
* Students at Delaware’s Widener Law School hoping to take Con Law with Biden may be sorely disappointed. [WSJ Law Blog]
* And here I thought it was impossible to express dislike for Clarence Thomas and Derek Jeter with the same train of thought. [Cleveland Plain Dealer via How Appealing]
* ATL’s comma police keep it together far better than the average bear. [Gawker]

Jimmy Page.jpg* It appears University of Iowa political science professor Arthur H. Miller has met an untimely end. [Ace of Spades HQ; TaxProf Blog]
* Joe Biden’s reputation for never shutting up is already the stuff of legend. [The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times]
* More expectation management with Biden. [Supreme Dicta]
* Oh, now I see, those summer outings were really tests. [Portfolio]
* No theme from Blawg Review this week, but at least now we know why Jimmy Page and his titanium replacement hips were invited to the closing ceremonies. [Texas Appellate Law Blog via Blawg Review]

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie.jpg* Say what? UT isn’t the top law school in Texas? [TaxProf Blog]
* As of now, Barack Obama hasn’t named his running mate. But who wants to be VP anyway? As Peter Feld observes, “in recent years, the vice presidential nomination has become a near-certain ticket to oblivion.” [Gawker]
* Mickey Mouse isn’t protected by copyright? Woo-hoo! Let’s use a picture of him to decorate this post. [Los Angeles Times]
* Supreme Courtships, the TV show, didn’t pan out. But maybe Supreme Courtship, the new Christopher Buckley book, will fare better. [Washington Post]
* How to go to law school like a porn star. Traci Bryant — an adult-film actress, licensed prostitute, and 1L — says it’s all about “thinking outside the box.” We have no doubt. [Bitter Lawyer]

jury trial John Morgan.jpg* More advice for young lawyers from the good professor. [Punditry - Stephen Bainbridge]
* Consistent with that advice, when it comes to email, “think before you write” — or risk losing the protection of attorney-client privilege. [Business West]
* Think juries suck? You’re right. [Swordplay]
* A shout-out to ATL Idol, from the ABA Journal. [ABA Journal]
* Seven notable New Yorkers — including our colleague, Dealbreaker EIC John Carney — opine on presidential politics. [Time Out New York]
* Professor Jonathan Adler, on the AALS boycott. [Volokh Conspiracy via TaxProf Blog]
* If our length limit for this piece hadn’t been so short, we probably would have written something more like this (since we had a lot of the reporting). [New York Times]

Nanny Diaries movie poster.jpg* Nationwide Layoff Watch: Nannies. [Dealbreaker]
* Was Findlaw gaming Google? Bad, Findlaw, bad. [Real Lawyers Have Blogs]
* Stupid Patent Case of the Week? [Mendelson's Musings]
* We knew him way back when: a profile of Atlanta AUSA Jon-Peter Kelly (with whom we went to high school and college). [Fulton County Daily Report]
* Blawg Review #173 — with a swimming theme. [Chicago IP Litigation Blog via Blawg Review]

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