* Think of this as a compendium of Lawyers and Judges of the Day. [Legal Blog Watch]
* Speaking of judges who do embarrassing things, a Canadian judge insisted that an HIV-positive witness testify while wearing a mask. The judge also “moved the case to a bigger courtroom in order to create more distance between the witness and the bench.” [Toronto Star]
* D.C. power lawyer Robert Bennett has a new memoir coming out — plus a really cute dog! [Washingtonian]
* News you can use, with Super Bowl parties looming: double-dipping in a communal bowl of dip really is gross. [PrawfsBlawg]
* Federal judges to apply their judicial skills to reviewing submissions in the ACS’s Richard D. Cudahy Writing Competition. Deadline is February 15; contest details here. [ACS Blog]

Mary Kate Olsen Above the Law blog.jpg* A PSA for Blackberry Pearl users on the T-Mobile network. Also, Theresa sounds deliciously evil. [PrawfsBlawg]
* “Senator Obama, we knew Jack Kennedy, and you, Senator, are–well, dude, you were two-years-old….” [What About Clients?]
* “Lessons from Mary-Kategate: Why Lawyers Should Not Engage in Media Relations.” And we agree wholeheartedly with this statement: “the ability to get under powerful people’s skin. If ever there was a talent valued among tabloid journalists, that’s got to be it.” [Starkman & Associates]
* DLA Piper to launch an in-house version of Facebook. But can you play Scrabulous on it? [Legal Blog Watch]
* It’s hard out here in a courtroom for a pimp, proceeding pro se. []
* Oregon Supreme Court puts kibosh on unkindest cut. [Blogonaut]
* Blawg Review #144, with a Lord of the Rings theme. [Cyberlaw Central via Blawg Review]

* Where do broken hearts Lawyers for Fred go? Into the open arms of Mitt Romney, who just picked up an impressive group of conservative legal eagles. [Mitt Romney]
* We previously linked to transcripts of the Kumari Fulbright 911 tapes, but now you can listen to them yourself (click here, then scroll down to the italicized link). Says a tipster: “The screams must have been pretty loud if that many people could hear them from their homes and from the street.” [Arizona Daily Star]
* Sangria is illegal in Virginia, so restaurants there serve “a bowdlerized version of the drink.” Ted Frank wonders: “[W]hen is someone going to bring a consumer class action against the Spanish restaurants serving faux sangrias without warning customers?” [Overlawyered via WSJ Law Blog]
* Is IP law sexy? Not to this “curvy,” aspiring actress. [New York Post; Ropes & Gray]
* Speaking of sexy, do you have a crush on Hillary? This kid does. [YouTube via Blogonaut]
P.S. Some of these items are a little stale (from last week). As we just mentioned, we’re clearing a backlog of items we’ve been meaning to write about.
Update: In response to this comment — no, we’re not done for the day. More posts to come.

Green Bay Packers football Above the Law blog.jpg* Does the Supreme Court’s Stoneridge decision give the “getaway drivers” of securities fraud a free pass? [OverHedged]
* Apparently Green Bay fans really like the Packers. []
* Miss Loyola 2L? Meet Kirsten Wolf. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Did Barack Obama receive an illegal endorsement? [TaxProf Blog]
* Speaking of Obama, his minister had this to say about Bill Clinton: “He did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky.” Can someone please remove the cigar from the national vajayjay? [Baltimore Sun]

* Calling all cougars — and the young studs who love them. If you’re a single female who earns more than $500,000 a year (e.g., a Biglaw partner), you should check out this event. [DealBreaker]
* Canadian lawyers are horndogs, too. [Legal Blog Watch]
* “Though I did not think Judge Kopf owed me anything, I was not about to refuse a beer from a federal judge.” [Sentencing Law & Policy]
* Hillary Clinton as Tracy Flick? [Slate TV via Althouse]
* Survivor winner Yul Kwon, with whom we went to law school, contemplates a congressional run. Go Yul! [Washington Examiner]

* How many legal blogs can land an interview with Flea? Oh wait — different Flea. [New York Personal Injury Law Blog]
* How is Stoneridge a victory for investors? Our big sibling explains. [DealBreaker]
* How many former law firm partners can claim the distinction of having appeared on the Tyra Banks Show? At least one. [Top of the Ticket / Los Angeles Times]
* How cool is it to be a lawyer? Susan Cartier Liebel opines, over at Blawg Review #142. [Build A Solo Practice via Blawg Review]

Hillary The Movie Above the Law blog.jpg* Actually, Judge Lamberth, calling a presidential candidate as “a European socialist” constitutes an endorsement — at least at most American law schools. [AP via WSJ Law Blog]

* News you can use: under the “Free File” program, opening tomorrow, the IRS and its private-sector partners will provide free tax preparation and electronic filing services to qualifying taxpayers (AGI of $54,000 or less — sorry, Biglaw denizens). [TaxProf Blog]

* The law school essay question: an unrecognized art form? [PrawfsBlawg]

* Practice pointer: don’t “recreate” correspondence to use as evidence in your case. Dramatic reenactments belong on television, not in court. [Feminist Law Professors]

* We just got called “the Matt Drudge of the legal world.” Our thanks to Neil Squillante for making our day. Now where did we put our animated siren GIF? [TechnoLawyer]

* Banishment? We didn’t know they still did that. But here’s a funny little twist: Can you banish someone from an entire state except for one county? [Fulton County Daily Report]
* Haven’t gotten a response to your FOIA request? Don’t take it personally. Even the kids of a deceased federal judge can’t get their request fully satisfied. [Daily Business Review]
* Blogger / criminal defense lawyer David O. Markus: “Allowing jurors to ask questions is like letting New Englanders call the plays for the Patriots. It sounds like fun, but it’s going to be a disaster.” [National Law Journal (subscription)]
* With whom would you rather dine: a Harvard Law grad or a Yale Law grad? [Huffington Post]
* Speaking of politics, our big sibling also dabbles in election-year commentary. [DealBreaker]

Mark Lanier W Mark Lanier Vioxx Merck Above the Law blog.jpg* Wow, this is wild. Mark Lanier (at right), the prominent plaintiffs’ lawyer leading the Vioxx charge against Merck, gets down and dirty in blog comments (at Overlawyered and elsewhere). [Overlawyered; WSJ Law Blog]
* Lawyer of the Day? Chicago attorney charged with keying a Marine’s car says he merely “rub[bed] past it.” []
* Upset about your bonus? You’re not alone. Goldman Sachs bankers employees are, too. [DealBreaker]
* For current and aspiring legal academics, here’s a quick wrap-up of last week’s AALS conference in New York. [PrawfsBlawg]
* Michael Saltzman, tax partner at White & Case and author of a well-known treatise, R.I.P. [TaxProf Blog]

* Hot lawyers make more money. And we needed a study to tell us this? [Legal Blog Watch via ABA Journal; WSJ Law Blog]
* A truly insane murder case. And yes, Debra Opri — who has represented Michael Jackson and Larry Birkhead, among other boldface names — is on the scene. [DealBreaker;]
* Ann Althouse wonders: “We’ve already seen every possible permutation of Hillary, haven’t we?” (And this is why we adore HRC — she’s the Madonna of modern American politics, constantly reinventing herself.) [Althouse]
* When it comes to law firm partnership, breaking up is hard to do. Especially when criminal charges are involved. [National Law Journal via Blogonaut]

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