conflicts resolution day.JPG* Even if pro-bono work is masturbatory, can it be any worse than fellating paid clients? [Legal Blog Watch]

* A quick history lesson. [Cracked]

* Chief Justice Roberts has some fun with his dissent. [The BLT: The Blog of the LegalTimes]

* Nichols Kaster could help laid off Heller Ehrman employees get their accrued vacation time. [Legal Pad]

* Shameless plug: If you are in Charlottesville tomorrow, feel free to attend Lat’s talk at UVA Law. [Facebook (registration required)]

* Happy International Conflict Resolution Day. Here’s Blawg Review #181. [Mediation Channel via Blawg Review]

heller drone no more.JPG* Another book about law school, this time from an NYU grad. Fat Black Pussycat > Off the Wagon. [Law School Story]

* So, who is going to be the next USAG? [Law and More]

* Absentee ballots allowing people to vote for “Barack Osama” were mailed to about 300 residents of Rensselaer County, NY. That would be the longtime district of former New York State Senate Republican leader Joe Bruno. “Whoops.” [Albany Times Union]

* Will tighter ABA accreditation standards harm minority students? Only if you believe that minorities are disproportionately benefited by the low-end law schools getting squeezed by the ABA. I’m not sure if that stands up to empirical scrutiny. [The Shark]

* Online dating guide for lawyers. [Sweet Hot Justice]

* Apparently, informing associates and staff about their rights and options has been deemed “non-essential” by Heller management. [Heller Highwater]

escape from the market crisis.JPG* O’Melveny & Myers has added a new securitization partner. Funny, I thought those guys were all dead. [The BLT: Blog of the Legal Times]

* Is going to law school better than working? In this economy? I have to think that cash money is better than debt. [The Shark]

* If you’re in need of CLE credits, and if you’ll be in D.C. on October 29, this star-studded event on legal reform may interest you. [Institute for Legal Reform / U.S. Chamber of Commerce]

* Marc Edleman, late of ATL, begs the Court to clarify the fair use of player statistics in fantasy sports. Obviously that LaDainian Tomlinson pick is not going as he had hoped. [Overlawyered]

* U.S. News has sent around its surveys as they start compiling next year’s rankings. [PrawfsBlawg]

* Yes. The markets are at the point where we should start hoarding water and ammunition. Just don’t forget the medical supplies. Snake Plissken always seems to forget the medical supplies. [Dealbreaker]

bratislava casTTTle.jpg* Nebraska, Arizona, and Arizona State law schools have been accused of discriminating against white applicants, as do many white women at those schools. [TaxProf Blog]

* If you still need a job, we suggest taking all the interview help you can get. [Lateral Link]

* A firm offering the “best representation on Earth” apparently wishes most Earthlings would just go away. [Legal Blog Watch]

* I encourage all rejected 2Ls to do this. Don’t send it, just type it out. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel right as rain. [Ridiculum]

* Linklaters is closing its Bratislava office. [WSJ Law Blog]

jack mccoy hero eyebrows.jpg* Is it important to look good in front of fellow associates? [Sweet Hot Justice]

* Slip and fall cases for dogs have the support of mothers everywhere. Well, at least mothers of the plaintiff’s attorney. [Animal Law Blog]

* Judges want to be paid more. Associates want to work less hours. Grass wants to be more green. [Legal Blog Watch]

* George W. Bush: Constitutional Scholar. [Washington Briefs]

* Hero lawyering, first pioneered by ADA Jack McCoy, is alive and well as real life AGs look to find new causes to propel them to governor help the people. [Law and More]

oktoberfest.JPG* Vince McMahon tags a motion to dismiss to quash wrestlers Chris Kanyon, Raven and Above Average Mike. If that doesn’t work it’s the steel jury box all the way. [Connecticut Employment Law Blog]

* The latest from the Citi/Wachovia/Wells Fargo cock fight is that they have agreed to a standstill on all litigation until noon on Wednesday. They will cease formal discovery until then. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Corporate attorneys might be interested that Delaware is starting an internet based “talk radio” station. [Delaware Talk Radio]

* It’s German-American day so we’re in for an Oktoberfest Blawg Review.

[LawPundit via Blawg Review]

women playboy want wall street.jpg* The real Spiderman gets hit for tax evasion. Times are tough so I guess the IRS can’t just go after black actors and rappers anymore. [TaxProf Blog]

* A chance meeting with Sandy Dee. [Dr. Frank's]

* A sneak peak at the Simpson’s upcoming Treehouse of Horror episode. [io9]

* I knew Eliza Doolittle. Eliza Doolittle was a friend of mine. Madame, you are no Eliza Doolittle. [What About Clients?]

* If your firm’s janitor stops coming around, your firm might be trying to help you. [Law and More]

* The Beautiful Lawyers of Boston Calendar launch party was last night, and their photo gallery is now online. Until GULC does a “women of K street issue” I’m not going to get too interested. [f/k/a]

* I speak from some experience here; when breaking media says they are looking for new writers, they are totally serious. [Dealbreaker]

Mayor Michael Bloomberg.jpg* If they pass the bailout bill, should they also close capital gains loopholes? Slow down, we’re not socialists are we? [TaxProf Blog]

* An interesting view on LGBT diversity initiatives at law firms. [Lexis Hub / BBLP]

* A possible end to securities fraud class actions. [Drug and Device Law]

* Bloomberg is going to try to run for a third term, “laws” be damned. [City Hall News]

Boies the thinker.jpg* David Boies reflects on his culpability for the last 8 years. [Superlawyers]

* There are some delightful exemptions in the bailout bill that the Senate will vote on later tonight. [Dealbreaker]

* No death penalty unless you actually murder somebody. State-sanctioned killing has gone so soft. [SCOTUSblog]

* What judges really talk about. [Wage Law]

* Online research just got a little bit easier thanks to Zotero. [Futurelawyer]

* If you are a 3L without an offer, getting laid might help you pass the time. [Ridiculum]

gossip girl.JPG* Would somebody please design an appropriate scoring system so we can gamble on this bracket? [TechCrunch]

* Corporette continues their ongoing series of things every girl needs in her office. Apparently, one pair of panties isn’t enough for today’s working woman. [Corporette]

* Congratulations to Allyson Newton Ho, a member of the Elect (OT 2002 / O’Connor) and wife of Texas Solicitor General Jim Ho, who joins Morgan Lewis as a partner — the latest addition to former Texas SG Ted Cruz’s appellate litigation dream team. [Morgan, Lewis & Bockius]

* The first duty of an in-house counsel really needs to be CYA. [Law and More]

* xoxo, Yale. [Gawker]

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