the happy kangaroo.jpg* McKinsey & Co. doesn’t care about your law firm’s operations, but these 100 people do. [Lawdragon]

* Bruce MacEwen explains exactly why the era of Wall Street is over. New York City is going to have to find a new tax base. [Adam Smith, Esq.]

* Taking a picture of Jamie Lynn Spears breast feeding shows incredibly poor taste. But is it also child pornography? [TMZ]

* Should shareholders really be that important? [Prawfs Blawg]

* Blawg Review comes from a land down under. You better run, you better take cover. [Freedom To Differ via Blawg Review]

lap dancer and idiot.JPG* Maybe I’m a prude, but I really don’t understand how lap dances are socially acceptable. Somebody walks by and puts their butt in my face. If I give them money, they keep doing it; if I slap it away, I get in trouble? At the very least, shouldn’t it work the other way around? [WSJ Law Blog]

* Yes, NYU Law professors, we are laughing at you. No, not with you. At you. [TaxProf Blog]

* Good job, ATL readers. Our collective level of panic forced the eighth-richest man in America to tell his company “get back in there and chill them n***$$ out!” []

* This should be an interesting weekend out in Heller-land. [Heller Highwater]

chimp communicates with Elie Mystal.jpg* Monkeys are funny. But chimps on a porsche are just weird. [Tulkinghorn / The Lawyer]

* I do not think that word means what John McCain thinks it means. [Firedoglake; Stephen Bainbridge]

* Are firms suffering from a generational divide? [The Complete Lawyer]

* For those interested, USC has started a Charlie Whitebread Scholarship Fund. And the dean pens a nice tribute. [Gould School Of Law]

Antonin Scalia headshot Justice Antonin Scalia Above the Law blog.JPG* Yeah. Justices are “impartial” all the time. You’ll never ever see a respected SCOTUS Justice openly campaigning against a particular political candidate. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Projected 2009 tax brackets are out. Plan your charitable giving accordingly. [TaxProf Blog]

* Female paralegals don’t get paid as much as male paralegals. There is not even an acceptable bad “reason” for this. [The Common Scold via Legal Blog Watch]

* Fellow legal blogger Lavi Soloway, who covered L’Affaire Charney so thoroughly, gets a shout-out in an article about gay dads. [Time Out New York]

* Merger abortions would never happen if law firms had family values. [Wired GC]

jimmy walker.JPG* Cyrus Mehri is ready to take on the advertising industry for its depiction, or lack thereof, of African-Americans. Dyn-o-mite! [Gawker]
* Need help picking out a work appropriate nail salon on your lunch hour? Might I suggest a partial frontal lobotomy instead? [Corporette]
* Who is going to replace financial services clients? Tech firms? Green industries? Or nobody at all? [Law and More]
* A bunch of radio talk show hosts are being sued for violating FCC obligations “by using their radio license to discuss only Republican issues.” [Overlawyered]

anna torv fringe law.JPG* The many beautiful lawyers of Boston calendar is available. None of them are as beautiful as Anna Torv, the star of Fox’s new hit Fringe, but you have to dig the beautification of Boston. [f/k/a]
* Global warming as a defense for eco-terrorism? Not in America, at least not yet. [The Independent]
* The legendary Canadian sense of humor does not apply to file sharing. [IsoHunt]
* A family feud about whether drug companies and compassion can live in the same house. [Drug and Device Law]
* Look people, stop bringing your BlackBerry to bed. Just stop. Your partner does not like it. At all. Unless your partner is a fellow Biglaw attorney, in which case you have badder fish to fry. [NY Post]
* Big business isn’t doing so hot, so this week’s Blawg Review is looking at small businesses. [Small Business Trends via Blawg Review]

madden lawsuit.JPG* Now you see this? You see Electronic Arts coming around the corner making their video games, not bothering anybody? Then BOOM, Lucian Bebchuk comes in right here and WHAP knocks EA down with a harassing lawsuit move. [Business Associations Blog]
* See. The police really do hassle people in big cities. [Simple Justice]
* Law Profs? 95%. Biglaw? $22 Million. Never having to say “yes” to public financing? Priceless. [Word of Mouth via Point of Law]
* Yale > The Truth. [Bitter Lawyer]
* … speaking of Yale, at least the Yale Law women get it. [Law Fuel via Ms. JD]
* Go Blue! Screw SCOTUS! [WSJ Law Blog]

Kanye west smashes stomps.JPG* Trial lawyers think the discovery process is broken. Don’t worry first year associates, nobody listens to silly trial lawyers. [BLT: Blog of the Legal Times]
* Some people like to use plagiarism detection software to figure out which briefs SCOTUS justices find persuasive. We’d like to use it to make fun of lazy SCOTUS clerks. [The Conglomerate via SCOTUSblog]
* This story includes four words that should never be in the same sentence. I’ll jumble them up because I don’t want to flippantly scar people for life: home, tape, sex, nursing. [How Appealing]
* Not everybody can go to a top 50 law school. Find out which schools outside of the top 50 have the most “productive” faculty. [Brian Leiter's Law School Reports]
* Anger Management. Look into it, Kayne West. [Gawker]

Sarah Palin Alaska Governor Sarah Palin hottie.jpg* Picking up on the law professors for Obama issue, Stephen Bainbridge produces evidence that the link between higher education and party affiliation actually favors the Republican party. The link between readers of “My Pet Goat” and party affiliation also favors the Republican party. [Stephen]
* Pepper Hamilton may have no offered 26% of their summer class, but the ones that made it will be well-fed. []
* It might not always seem like it, but getting a law degree is still a better investment than dropping out of high school. Barely. [Law and More]
* Somebody bothered to look at Sarah Palin’s tax returns. There aren’t any shotgun deductions, so everything else will probably blow over. [Jack Bog's Blog via TaxProf Blog]

atticus finch hates puppies.JPG* Some sage interviewing advice for women that doesn’t involve cleavage, but sadly does involve proper ring placement. [Lexis Hub / BBPL]
* Can fighting anti-trust lawyers be sexy? Or are they just the Klingons at a Star Trek Convention? [Antitrust Review]
* Nicolas Cage settled his tax troubles for $666K. But he owes the American public a lot more than that for: Matchstick Men, The Weather Man, The Wicker Man, (sensing a theme), both National Treasures, Ghost Rider, Next, Bangkok Dangerous, and whatever the hell he is thinking of right now. [Tax Prof Blog]
* Illinois passed a good samaritan law for animals. So that settles it, Atticus Finch would totally be going to jail if he pulled that rabid target practice crap today. [Animal Law Blog]

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