Lady and the tramp.JPG* The Disney-induced anthropomorphism of pets and the stunning decline in standards for law schools has come to its logical conclusion. There’s now a dog with a J.D. [Legal Blog Watch]

* Lawyers are rats! But only in Canada. [Law is Cool]

* Somebody did actual research to determine that “narcissists” lead most major law firms? Next, somebody should study whether lawyers are “risk-averse” or “risk-loving?” [ABA Journal]

* Morgan Stanley memo warning employees not to leak Morgan Stanley memos is leaked by Morgan Stanley employee to Dealbreaker. Because that’s just how Bess rolls in the 2-1-2. [Dealbreaker]

* Counteroffers are a bad idea. Just ask the experts. [Lateral Link]

Golden Calf Iphone.JPG* Another take on the terrible legal job market. [BBLP/Lexis Hub]

* Michael Hausfeld was dismissed from Cohen Milstein Hausfeld & Toll via a note on his chair. Wasn’t this a Sex in the City episode? [Drug and Device Law].

* Obama is already doing his part to help IP lawyers. Great. Because those are the guys that need even more work. [The Smoking Gun]

* Top Public Interest Law Schools. Good luck to the coming class of public interest graduates. [Tax Prof Blog]

* A new iphone application checks your blood-alcohol level and calls you a lawyer. “Then Moses said to Steve Jobs, ‘What did these people do to you, that you have brought such great sin upon them?’ And Jobs said, ‘Do not let the anger of my lord burn; you know the people yourself, that they are prone to evil. For they said to me, Make a God for us who will go before us.” — The Gospel according to iPhone. [Legal Blog Watch]

Barney Bush lawsuit.JPG* New ideas to make the LSAT useful. [Tax Prof Blog]

* Clients want staff to “buy into” the idea of client services. Meanwhile, staff want clients to stop folding and ruining their livelihoods. [What About Clients?]

* What should you wear to a Sunday brunch with a partner? Anything involving a “Kick Me” sign will probably go over well. [Corporette]

* Hackers, roaches, and class action complaints all in one case. If somebody had gotten naked or urinated inappropriately we would have posted about it ourselves. [Drug and Device Law]

* It would be pretty funny if Barney ends up being the only Bush family member to be sued. [Legal Blog Watch]

Havard Lampoon Cass Sunstein.JPG* The Harvard Lampoon years of possible SCOTUS nominee Cass Sunstein are revealed. [Holly Hullabaloos]

* Voodoo > Economics. [Law and More]

* Remember that part of American history when Texas was its own country? Wasn’t that cool? Couldn’t Texas and the rest of America just have an amicable, no-fault divorce? Texas can keep custody of Oklahoma while America gets to repossess everybody from Austin. [Legal Pad]

* An IP Blawg Review. Or: a Blawg Review for lawyers with jobs.

[IP Think Tank via Blawg Review]

ball of confusion.JPG* Ball of Confusion. That’s what tax law is today. [Tax Prof Blog]

* I told you that dating partners ends badly. [Sweet Hot Justice]

* The Governator seeks to terminate one day of wages a month for state workers. [Wage Law]

* Melissa Ethridge is threatening to not pay her taxes because of Prop 8. Anybody else think that this issue has been “settled?” [Popsquire]

* Let me get this straight. The Airline industry is suing the TSA for unfair and arbitrary fees. This would be the same Airline industry that now charges you a fee for looking out the window? And they’re suing the TSA over … fees? Only in America. [The BLT: Blog of the Legal Times]

Obama foot in the door.JPG* The end of white supremacy? [The Volokh Conspiracy]

* Can managing partners learn something from future COS Rahm Emanuel? [What About Clients?]

* There were many successful female judges on Tuesday. [Ms. JD]

* Is law professor apathy one reason Prop 8 passed? [The Shark]

* You know what they say, the hardest part is getting in. [Ridiculum]

white house profs.JPG* Two law professors in the White House for the first time ever. We’ll see if they understand the whole “Constitution” thing. [The BLT" Blog of the Legal Times]

* A non-election, cocaine addled roundup. [Legal Blog Watch]

* Virginia is still trying to catch up with Brown v. Board of Ed. [Supreme Dicta]

* Billing by the hour doesn’t really make sense, does it? [The Non-Billable Hour]

jesse the body beat norm coleman too.JPG* What’s a “golly waddle”? Ask Justice Scalia. [Doyle Reports]

* The year that was in celebrity endorsements. [Popsquire]

* DLA Piper and Patton Boggs are among the many firms pitching in to help with election law issues today. [The BLT: Blog of the Legal Times]

* Al Franken’s final funny campaign pitch. If Norm Coleman loses, he will have lost to both Al Franken and Jesse Ventura in his political career. [What About Clients?]

* Fun with federal sentencing guidelines. Or, why those ex-AIG execs are probably going away for a long, long time. [Dealbreaker]

Obama Palin dance off.JPG* The professional dress code for well endowed women. [Corporette]

* Law students are more prone to cheating? Maybe so, but they are also more prone to getting out of it with clever arguments. [Legal Blog Watch]

* I love the ponies too. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Commenter #33, come on down and claim your prize. [ABA Journal]

* Time for an election review. I mean a Blawg Review. I mean a Blawg Review of elections. Oh, well, you get the point. (Hat tip: Guy Kawasaki for posting the picture above to twitter.) [The Faculty Lounge via Blawg Review]

Wendy Savage hot lawyer.JPG* Wendy Savage (pictured) is turning into Boston’s version of Joe the Plumber. [f/k/a]

* Samuel “Pyro” Pontier has finally been disbarred. [Legal Blog Watch]

* The law lags behind science. Especially weird science. [Drug and Device Law]

* Sarah Palin is sure the First Amendment applies to her. She’s not so sure about whether or not reporters should be protected though. [WSJ Law Blog]

* “Basically Kenny, you’re Keanu Reeves.” [Popsquire]

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