* We know how he feels about taxes. But when it comes to judicial nominations, Obama is keeping an open mind. [Washington Briefs]
* A law firm in defense of its diversity record: we hold office screenings of Crash. [Lexis Hub / BBLP]
* A Horse Walks Into… the AutoAdmit Litigation? Or: If you want to titty f**k Ryan Mariner, get in line. [Legal Satyricon]
* NFL to $190K? “I finally get to the point where I’m making 150 grand, and they want to put my name and address on the form so the lawyer next door who makes a million dollars a year can laugh at me.” [TaxProf Blog]
* Some wise (if not terribly original) advice to potential layoff victims: live frugally. [Law and More]
* The ABA conference makes for strange bedfellows: Linda Greenhouse, Ken Starr. [ABA Video]
* And speaking of ABA strangeness, don’t forget the musical mock trial. [New York Times]

* The Bear Stearns implosion: a permanent employment act for lawyers? [Dealbreaker]
* Lawsuit of the Day? Even the kickback-receiving Milberg Weiss plaintiffs could establish actual injury. [McGuireWoods (first item)]
* Could judicial hottie Amy St. Eve (N.D. Ill.) someday warm the bench at SCOTUS? [WSJ Law Blog]
* “Cox TV President In S&M Divorce Trial.” [Gawker]
* Blawg Review #172 — with an Olympics theme, appropriately enough. [Ohio Employer's Law Blog via Blawg Review]
* Old news (from March), but just to close the loop on this story: the lawyer and mother seeking a bone marrow donor has found one, thanks to Rihanna (mentioned as a possible running mate for Paris Hilton). Thanks to all the ATL readers who made efforts to donate. [People]

burka burqa burkha burqha.jpg* More on everyone’s favorite topic: OCI! How to bring up the pro bono question in your on-campus interview. [Lexis Hub / BBLP]
* Some news from our ancestral homeland (we’re imagining Stifler’s mom, in a burqa): “Supreme Court stops homeland deal with MILF.” [Southern Appeal]
* Law school faculty as free agents — good for the profs, but not for the law schools? [Tax Prof Blog]
* Bad grandma! [Associated Press via Drudge]
* An interesting use of a claw hammer. [Quizlaw]

Russian nesting dolls Matryoshka doll.jpg* Why does Wall Street get all the juicy scandals? We’re jealous of our DealBreaker colleagues. [Dealbreaker]
* Larry Ribstein’s take: “it’s hard not to think that it’s really all about dispute a few weeks ago between [the NYT's Andrew Ross] Sorkin and Dealbreaker’s John Carney.” [Ideoblog]
* Are you in the top one percent of U.S. taxpayers ranked by adjusted gross income? And which states are home to the richest of rich taxpayers? [TaxProf Blog]
* “Would you trust a law professor to be President?” [Althouse]
* Speaking of law profs, they may boycott the annual AALS meeting, due to the hotel owner’s opposition to same-sex marriage. [National Law Journal via TaxProf Blog]
* An interesting interview of Fried Frank partner Jonathan Mechanic, a superstar of the real estate bar. [New York Observer]
* Russian judge: “If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children.” [Telegraph (U.K.)]

* How long before wrestler Diamond Dallas Page sends Mayer Brown a cease and desist letter? [Unusual Activity]
* How should law school deans deal with a weak U.S. News ranking? [Law and More]
* How can you succeed in law school? [Res Ipsa Blog]
* Blawg Review #171 — with a shout-out to the Material Girl herself. [IP ADR Blog via Blawg Review]

playing card cuff links small.jpg* How summer associates should say goodbye to their law firms. [Corporette]
* Gators seek to sink their teeth into Juicy Campus. [Legal Satyricon]
* $150K for jilted bride. [MSNBC]
* Death and taxes. [TaxProf Blog]
* Cool cufflinks. [Fashionista]

* One helluva sexual harassment suit. Runner-up Lawsuit of the Day? [Jezebel]
* Jerry Springer’s Northwestern commencement speech. Also: Is tax law professor Paul Caron friends with Pete Wentz? [TaxProf Blog]
* The hidden talents of law students: hog wrestling? [Tex Parte]

R Kelly child pornography kiddie porn ATL.jpg* A summary of jury selection in the R. Kelly kiddie porn case: “I haven’t heard of jurors this stupid since the O.J. trial.” [Supreme Dicta]
* Really, there’s no cause for alarm. ATL comes in peace. [Tex Parte Blog]
* Cisco GC Mark Chandler feels the heat on Capitol Hill. [Washington Briefs]
* Recent Fantasy Baseball rulings by the Honorable Marc Edelman, ATL’s resident sports columnist. [SportsJudge Blog]
* For those of you who deal with the Malaysian judiciary (all three of you), take note: “[B]usiness as usual in Malaysia is no longer acceptable.” [Wall Street Journal Asia (subscription)]

yale law school 2.JPG* Which law schools are the most successful at placing their graduates in legal academia? You can probably guess. [Concurring Opinions]
* Speaking of law school faculty hiring, Dean Kagan and Harvard Law School have the hots for Jonathan Zittrain. [Legal Blog Watch]
* Prof. Ilya Somin to Californians: vote no on Prop. 99. [Los Angeles Times]
* Mistress Ruthie — who kinda reminds us of Chelsea Clinton — does Blawg Review (#160, if you’re counting). [Ruthie's Law via Blawg Review]

Lucky Charms Leprechaun ATL Above the Law blog.jpg* “Classes My Top-Tier Law School Should Have Offered as Warnings About the Profession.” Our favorite: “Forwarding E-mails: Theory and Practice.” [McSweeney's]

* An $8 million windfall for WVU Law School, courtesy of unclaimed class-action settlement money. [Charleston Gazette]

* Jessica Utovich, the scheduler / paramour of Ohio attorney general Marc Dann, in an email to her boss: “I try my hardest to make sure you are taken care of.” Maybe she shouldn’t have tried so hard. [Daily Briefing / Columbus Dispatch]

* When you try to give your client basic grooming tips, and he responds by calling you “the Lucky Charms leprechaun,” it’s time to start looking for a new line of work. [Miami Herald]

* Did you know that today is International Midwives’ Day? [The Mommy Blawg via Blawg Review]

* And in other blog carnival developments, check out the May Carnival of Trust, hosted by DLA Piper’s David Donoghue. [Chicago IP Litigation Blog]

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