madden lawsuit.JPG* Now you see this? You see Electronic Arts coming around the corner making their video games, not bothering anybody? Then BOOM, Lucian Bebchuk comes in right here and WHAP knocks EA down with a harassing lawsuit move. [Business Associations Blog]
* See. The police really do hassle people in big cities. [Simple Justice]
* Law Profs? 95%. Biglaw? $22 Million. Never having to say “yes” to public financing? Priceless. [Word of Mouth via Point of Law]
* Yale > The Truth. [Bitter Lawyer]
* … speaking of Yale, at least the Yale Law women get it. [Law Fuel via Ms. JD]
* Go Blue! Screw SCOTUS! [WSJ Law Blog]

Kanye west smashes stomps.JPG* Trial lawyers think the discovery process is broken. Don’t worry first year associates, nobody listens to silly trial lawyers. [BLT: Blog of the Legal Times]
* Some people like to use plagiarism detection software to figure out which briefs SCOTUS justices find persuasive. We’d like to use it to make fun of lazy SCOTUS clerks. [The Conglomerate via SCOTUSblog]
* This story includes four words that should never be in the same sentence. I’ll jumble them up because I don’t want to flippantly scar people for life: home, tape, sex, nursing. [How Appealing]
* Not everybody can go to a top 50 law school. Find out which schools outside of the top 50 have the most “productive” faculty. [Brian Leiter's Law School Reports]
* Anger Management. Look into it, Kayne West. [Gawker]

Sarah Palin Alaska Governor Sarah Palin hottie.jpg* Picking up on the law professors for Obama issue, Stephen Bainbridge produces evidence that the link between higher education and party affiliation actually favors the Republican party. The link between readers of “My Pet Goat” and party affiliation also favors the Republican party. [Stephen]
* Pepper Hamilton may have no offered 26% of their summer class, but the ones that made it will be well-fed. []
* It might not always seem like it, but getting a law degree is still a better investment than dropping out of high school. Barely. [Law and More]
* Somebody bothered to look at Sarah Palin’s tax returns. There aren’t any shotgun deductions, so everything else will probably blow over. [Jack Bog's Blog via TaxProf Blog]

atticus finch hates puppies.JPG* Some sage interviewing advice for women that doesn’t involve cleavage, but sadly does involve proper ring placement. [Lexis Hub / BBPL]
* Can fighting anti-trust lawyers be sexy? Or are they just the Klingons at a Star Trek Convention? [Antitrust Review]
* Nicolas Cage settled his tax troubles for $666K. But he owes the American public a lot more than that for: Matchstick Men, The Weather Man, The Wicker Man, (sensing a theme), both National Treasures, Ghost Rider, Next, Bangkok Dangerous, and whatever the hell he is thinking of right now. [Tax Prof Blog]
* Illinois passed a good samaritan law for animals. So that settles it, Atticus Finch would totally be going to jail if he pulled that rabid target practice crap today. [Animal Law Blog]

brady byebye.jpg* The new Dean of Texas Tech school of law will be …? Well it should be Bobby Knight shouldn’t it? [Res Ipsa Blog]

* Yale Law Women announced their top ten family friendly firms. [Yale Law School]

* Mike Cernovich tries the end this meme that associates should pay their law firms. He uses math. [Crime & Federalism]

* … Of course, if firms wanted to drop the billable hour altogether we could talk. []

* Is it possible that lawyers in Great Britain are even more out of touch with reality than their American counterparts? [Legal Blog Watch]

* J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! Want a legal angle? Tom Brady had his knee non-sequitured. [ESPN]

* It’s international literacy day! Thanks to the editor of Blawg Review and all the loyal ATL readers for chipping in to get me my very own Hooked-on-Phonics master reader set. You guys are too kind. [Legal via Blawg Review]

mechanical bull toys.jpg* No offer, no problem. Just hang a shingle. Or work for a small firm. Or … dear God could somebody please fix this economy? [Greatest American Lawyer]
* Just once I’d like to see a judge run on a platform of “In my court, families are the real criminals.” You know, like they do in China. [f/k/a]
* If you get drunk and ride a mechanical bull, people laugh with you. If you get drunk and fall off the mechanical bull and hurt yourself, people laugh at you. If you sue the mechanical bull operators for your public display of drunken buffoonery, lady justice weeps softly in the night. [Eater]
* What kinds of deductions can pimps claim? [TaxProf Blog]
* The LPGA backed off their proposal to suspend non-English speaking golfers. []

abramoff kilpatrick and bears.jpg* Bad news for Jack Abramoff: he got four years. Good news for Jack Abramoff: they’ll stipulate that “Tiny” can only bend him over and [redacted] then begin [censored] right before he [dear god no] and tosses his salad. So he’s got that going for him. [WSJ Law Blog]
* A Texas judge invalidated the patent of NuBra, suggesting that a strapless bra that enhances cleavage yet can be worn under sheer clothing is not one of the top ten greatest inventions of this decade. [Fox Business via ABA Journal]
* Is Sarah Palin in favor of jury nullification? [Volokh Conspiracy]
* How come we never hear anything about building a wall across our Canadian border? [Overlawyered; Inside Toronto]
* Is the plaintiff in this case Svetlana Kirilenko from the Sopranos? [Supreme Dicta]
* A lawyer’s guide to reading to your kids, in case you’re up for partner. [National Law Journal (subscription)]
* Detroit, your long sexual nightmare is at an end. Finally the denizens of the city can go back to wishing they were somewhere else in peace and tranquility. [Detroit Free Press]

orange faced honeyeater.jpg* Work life balance … now with testicles! []
* Heller Ehrman continues to bleed people. [ABA Journal]
* Biglaw associates, count yourselves lucky. At least you are not interning for the New York Sun. [Gawker]
* People cite Wikipedia? In class? To a professor? [PrawfsBlawg]
* Everybody thinks they’re an expert on interviews, even the experts. [Legal Times (subscription)]

manhattan skyline lawfim realtors.jpg* The vetting of Sarah Palin continues. As mayor of Wasilla, she hired Steven Silver. Silver was a client of Jack Abramoff at Greenberg Traurig, then was chief-of-staff for Ted Stevens. [Talking Points Memo]
* The vetting of anybody that has ever laid eyes on Sarah Palin continues. In today’s crosshairs is Thomas Van Flein, the lawyer Palin retained to help her with the ethics investigation involving her in Alaska. [WSJ Law Blog]
* At least realtors care about the struggles of Biglaw associates. [Crain's via New York Observer]
* A lawyer completely forgot about his client for two years. But I bet he’ll remember him now. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
* Marquette University Law School has started a new faculty blog. [Marquette University Law School]
* A barbecue Blawg Review. [Austin DWI Lawyer via Blawg Review]

gustav warning.jpg[Ed note: Though Non-Sequiturs is our traditional sign-off, posted at or near the end of the day, we're not quite done -- more posts will follow. We just wanted to give a quick round-up for those leaving the office early.]
* If you happen to be stuck at work over the long weekend, Paul Caron has you covered. It’s much better than trying to figure out which non-contiguous state you like best. [Tax Prof Blog]
* Chief Justice Roberts will be judging a moot court competition. If that sounds odd, consider that the competition is in Florida, home to 27 sweet electoral votes. [BLT: The Blog of Legal Times]
* The Veoh ruling might not help YouTube as much as they hoped. Maybe they should try garlic to battle with Viacom and Sumner Redstone []
* Wait, pole-dancing isn’t exercise but beach volleyball is an Olympic sport? I’m so confused. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Gustav. Seriously. Running away is always a good option when dealing with nature. [Washington Post]

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