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In-House Counsel

How Much Money Can You Make In-House?

And which industries pay their lawyers the most? Read more »
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    A Settlement Reached in the UBS Case

    It’s legal, so it’s within our jurisdiction. But our sister sites have written it up already, so we’ll simply refer you to their coverage. UBS is Naming Names (Finally) [Going Concern] UBS Eagerly Pays Extortion Money [Dealbreaker]

    / Aug 12, 2009 at 12:14 PM
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    Open Thread: Fall Recruiting for 3Ls
    (Or: Abandon hope all ye who enter here?)

    Are green shoots sprouting in Biglaw? Preliminary reports on summer associate offer rates suggest that the news isn’t all bad. But even if things are improving, there’s no denying that the job market is still tough. Not every firm can boast a 100 percent offer rate (as we’ll be reporting in the weeks ahead). So […]

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    The Paper(less) Chase

    Back when we worked at a law firm, one partner was obsessed with the concept of the “paperless office.” He wanted to have as many documents as possible scanned and stored electronically, in order to eliminate any unnecessary use of paper. It was a bit OCD of him, and his jihad against paper was viewed […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 08.12.09

    * Drug case witness seduced and then killed, a practice happening with increasing frequency in the D.C. area. The killing that is, not the seducing. [Washington Post] * Former Heller Ehrman partner denies allegations of $9 million in false profits. [Recorder] * More ex-WolfBlockers find homes. [ABA Journal] * ‘Biglaw will never be the same […]

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