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A liveblog of a panel about Citizens United at the ACS National Convention, after the jump.

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An Above the Law reader snapped this photo at her law firm, and we think it’s ripe for a caption:

Same rules as always: Submit possible captions for this photo in the comments. We’ll choose our favorites — with preference given to those with a legal bent — and then let you vote for the best one.

Please submit your entries by MONDAY, JUNE 21, at 11:59 PM. Thanks!

* Hillary Clinton spills the beans about a DOJ suit against Arizona over its immigration law. This kind of news doesn’t usually break from Ecuador, but here you go. [CBS News]

* In fairness, Arizona is full of all kinds of crazy ideas. [Going Concern]

* Cash bonuses aren’t very good at inspiring lawyer greatness. [Legal Blog Watch]

* Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff tweets about firing squad execution. I could make a snarky comment at Shurtleff’s expense, but instead I’ll go with Kash’s initial reaction: “DANG.” [ABA Journal]

* The ABA is trying to get the Supreme Court to raise judicial pay. [WSJ Law Blog]

* Instead of a switch that could shut down the internet, how about we just invent a switch that could shut down Joe Lieberman’s mouth? Does anybody (right or left) like this guy anymore? He’d be the most embarrassing failed VP nominee ever if not for… Admiral Stockdale (haha, you thought I was going to say somebody else). [Huffington Post]

First Hogan & Hartson merged with Lovells. Then Sonnenschein merged with Denton Wilde. Now comes news that Mayer Brown is looking for a transatlantic partner — again. (Mayer previously merged with London-based Rowe & Maw.)

The Lawyer reports:

Mayer Brown and Simmons & Simmons have resumed merger talks, with both firms’ management set to brief their respective partnerships next week on the merits of a potential union.

Will this go merger go through? You know what they say: one is an accident, two is a trend, three is a problem…

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We’re attending a panel at the national convention of the American Constitution Society. The subject is marriage equality / same-sex marriage, and the line-up is as follows:

A liveblog, after the jump.

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Ama Dwimoh looks composed here, but is it an act?

Deferred associates spending a year in the Brooklyn district attorney’s office claim that Brooklyn ADA Ama Dwimoh is an abusive boss.

At first blush, one assumes that kids who have been coddled at the best schools and top firms simply weren’t prepared for the rough and tumble world of actual lawyering.

But the Brooklyn D.A., Charles Hynes, is seriously looking into the allegations and has suspended Dwimoh. Can she really be that bad?

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We’re at the Friday luncheon at the American Constitution Society’s national convention. The lunchtime speaker is Janet Napolitano — the current Secretary for Homeland Security, the former governor and U.S. attorney for Arizona, and possible future Supreme Court nominee.

A liveblog of her remarks, plus photos (of the low-quality Blackberry variety), after the jump.

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Lawyers like going the extra mile — and we’re not just talking about meticulousness in contract drafting. For whatever reason, many lawyers like to run. Some go long distances, like the marathon (an event where lawyers excel, especially at young ages). Others are in for the shorter haul — e.g., last night’s Lawyers Have Heart 5K, in Boston. (Congratulations to all the finishers — and to Bingham, whose team raised the most money for the American Heart Association.)

Yesterday we did a quick item on lawyers and law firms participating in the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge in New York. We solicited your tips about interesting attorney participants in the race. Several readers wrote in to identify the finisher they believe to be the fastest runner from a large law firm.

Who is he, and where does he work?

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Ed. note: Have a question for next week? Send it in to

Ed. note II: Holy s**t.

Dear ATL,

I was a summer associate at a mid-sized AmLaw 100 firm in ’07, where I was assigned a mentor (hereinafter “Mentor”) who was a junior associate that summer.  I am now a junior-ish associate at the firm, and Mentor is a mid-level in my department. Mentor continues to be a good friend, and we often hang out outside of work.  At work, Mentor is responsible for channeling a lot of work my way and is my go-to person for questions and review.  Partners and other associates widely regard Mentor as the rising star in our department….

UPDATE: What follows contains adult content. There are no images, but there is description of sexual activity. We’ve placed the rest of the discussion after the jump; if you think you might be offended, stop reading here.

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We’re attending a panel at the American Constitution Society’s national convention, focused on access to the federal courts after Iqbal and Twombly. The panelists:

We’re going to liveblog the panel — after the jump.

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Ignorance has never stopped a federal judge from expressing an opinion.

– Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit, after professing limited knowledge of antitrust law during a humorous speech about (you guessed it) antitrust law, at the annual dinner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute last night.

Things haven’t been easy for Bryan Cave and its associates during this recession. But today is a good day. There is no need for an A.K.

Last night, we received word from tipsters that BC associates across most of the firm’s offices will be told that they are getting a raise:

Bryan Cave announced to associates that associates will be getting a pay raise effective august 1 and another at the “normal” pay raise date of January 1.

Our sources tell us that associates in all U.S. offices, and London, will receive a raise.

However, the salary bump will not affect first years. The BC starting salary will remain at $145K in Chicago.

The amount of the raise will obviously vary by office, but we’ve got some information for the Chicago people…

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